Spain’s Zapatero Wins Reelection

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero won reelection over the weekend, but his party fell seven seats short of a secure majority, winning 169 seats against 153 for the conservative opposition Popular Party.

Zapatero“The Popular Party conceded defeat, but took consolation in the fact that their party also picked up seats. But both the El Pais and El Mundo newspapers said the result could lead to Rajoy’s resignation as party leader given that it was his second consecutive electoral defeat against Zapatero. The results were a firm endorsement of Zapatero’s policies, which included reforms such as legalizing gay marriage and granting on-demand divorce, once thought unthinkable in the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country.”

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  1. JTluvr says

    I’m an American living in Barcelona and happy to have Zapatero as Prime Minister again. Spain might have been a staunch Roman Catholic bulwark — and still is in many areas — but the country is modernizing and very forward-looking. Recent polls say more than 64% of adult Spaniards no longer attend mass.

    Under Zapatero, more women are working (including in his government). He has confronted illegal immigration with dignity and compassion (there was a blanket amnesty here — try that America!), and the Basque terrorists problem. Spain’s economy has grown, and he pledged to increase the minimum wage and invest more in education, research and technology.

    People are progressive here. Madrid’s gay pride celebration is huge. Torremolinos in the south is a costal gay hotspot, too. The Barcelona-Sitges area has moved ahead of Amsterdam as the new gay European destination. Guys holding-hands and PDAs are common here. I feel very open and free here.

    We do not want the racist, classist, elitist, right-wing Bush-supporting Partido Popular to regain control. We do not want to go backwards.

  2. D. says

    Well said, Jtluvr

    This is also proof that a politician can go all the way for gay rights and still win the next election. Hopefully others will follow soon

  3. John says

    So, “Bambi” has won two general elections.

    The conservatives in Spain underestimated Zapatero, and they continue to pay dearly for it. They mistake compassion for weakness. They confuse open-mindedness with compromise.

    But beneath the mild-mannered demeanor and smiles, Presidente Zapatero has proven himself quite a warrior. Unlike the spineless Democratic Party here in America, Zapatero boldly took on the PP opposition with regards to same-sex marriage, feminism, immigration, and religious freedom. He actually kept his campaign promises.

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