J.C. Chasez on Chace Crawford: We’re Not Dating

J.C. Chasez called in to 104.7 KISS FM morning show JohnJay and Rich today and the hosts asked him about his frequent companion and BFF Chace Crawford.

Chace2_2Said Chasez: “Well you know what, it’s stupid, really…for the record, we’re both straight, we’re not dating. Lets clear that up real quickly and the thing is, we don’t even get to hang out that much. We are friends, absolutely, the guy is a super nice guy and he’s a friend of mine but you know the only time people would usually see us together is in some kind of photograph so they just assume that it’s like that. You know people hang out with their best friends every day……and I don’t even see this guy every day. He’s a friend of mine, like I said, but it’s just ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, if I’m standing next to a girl and I don’t have a girlfriend all the sudden I’m dating her. If I’m dating a girl and I’m standing next to another girl I’m having an affair, so now since there hasn’t been any of that smoke out there in a minute. Now if I’m hanging out with a guy they’re going to make up a rumor, it’s just stupid now. You know what, I don’t have any control over [the rumors]. You know, they’re not saying anything that’s based on fact or at least not in their minds. People say, ‘they were standing next to each other so in my opinion it’s blah blah blah’. It’s just stupid, it’s pretty much a waste of everybody’s time. Ya know.”

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  1. Nate says

    I don’t know how I feel about this whole thing. They have a right to privacy, but be closet cases wouldn’t help anyone.

    Maybe it is just my bias, but why feel a need to dispute the claims if they are entirely false? It isn’t like JC still has a music career to keep in tact…

  2. CJ says

    “…for the record, we’re both straight, we’re not dating. Lets clear that up real quickly”

    So J.C. had to be sure to state that “we’re both straight”, rather than just stating that the stories are fabricated. It’s unfortunate that society still puts so much pressure on guys to explain away what we’ve come to prescribe as atypical male behavior. Two guys, straight/straight, straight/gay, or gay/gay, can have a legitimate close relationship without it being construed as sexual. If we could all just stop sitting ready to pronounce judgment, and let everybody just live their lives, we’d progress far along the evolutionary timescale.

  3. says

    I think they (and their agents) know that their taking “kinda a little too close to each other” photos is good for the both of them in terms of getting press so they keep it going. I mean JC isn’t gonna have a music career so there’s no other reason to talk about him, right?

  4. anon says

    JC: Hey, dude, let’s get the homos and gossip bitches to talk about us. They love starting those gay rumors. We need to keep my, I mean, our names out there before people forget who we are.

    CC: Um, OK.

    JC: Now, roll over onto your stomach.

  5. paul says

    Well, I just read Lance Bass’s book and he said that he was straight too. so…you do the math. I don’t know how true it is that these guys have something going on, but why even defend it?

  6. Cain says

    I really don’t understand people who say “well, if it’s not true then why bother to refute it?. uh, because it’s not true.

    For some reason, gay men are suppose to be out and proud and proclaim they are gay to refute the whole “people just assume you’re straight thing”, so you must set them, er, straight. But a straight guy can’t say he’s straight, because then, “he’s protesting too much.”.

    if somebody calls you gay, and you are not, in fact, gay then you have every right to refute it.

    you also have every right to be closeted, but that’s a whole other issue.

  7. Daizy says

    Is he looking for hot large girls? It’s said his profile was found on a celebrity and plus size people dating site called “www.largesingle.com “.Many fans are talking about it now..

  8. nic says

    well, it does seem at least a little odd. i don’t know many straight 30+ guys who hang with other guys 10 yrs their junior. and, it does seem like his denial was a little over the top.

    i’m just sayin….

  9. says

    Can’t say I even know who this guy is LOL but his statement doesn’t seem homophobic, so I say take him at his word. It’s the self-righteous gay-bashing closet cases that need to be addressed. Others will come out as they get the courage and self-respect to do so.

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