News: Charlton Heston, Rickroll, Woody Harrelson, Singapore

road.jpg Canadian PM Stephen Harper urged to repudiate gay slur by Saskatchewan MP Thomas Lukiwski: “The prime minister needs to deal with this issue directly and try to put it behind him as soon as possible. I think the prime minister has to personally say, ‘I don’t accept these comments, I repudiate them and it’s not part of the party or the government or where its mind is at on a lot of these issues right now.”

Guinearoad.jpg New book Uncle Bobby’s Wedding teaches children about same-sex marriage: “Cute guinea pigs stand in for humans in this sensitive story in which Chloe is not concerned that her favorite uncle is marrying another male, only about how it will affect her close relationship with Uncle Bobby. When he assures her that they can still have fun together, she relaxes and gets into her role as flower girl. Sarah S. Brannen takes a calm, straightforward approach to this hot-button issue, as when Chloe asks her mother, ‘How can Uncle Bobby get married?’ Mama answers, ‘When grown-up people love each other that much, they want to be married.'”

road.jpg Woody Harrelson goes skinnydipping with Owen Wilson.

road.jpg New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in slush fund scandal: “Chris Quinn could well become the first lesbian mayor of the largest city in the United States, but she could just as well end up indicted in a fiscal scandal that threatens to unravel what has been a political career marked by political savvy and unbounded ambition.”

Hestonroad.jpg Charlton Heston dies at 83: “Although Heston talked about and praised the “brilliantly talented homosexuals” he worked with during his career, he was often accused of being homophobic, especially later in his life. In a 1997 speech at the Free Congress Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala, Heston was criticized by gay rights groups, including GLAAD, for derogatory remarks made toward the gay community. In the speech, Heston demonstrated both tolerance and discrimination against gays in almost equal measure. ‘Many homosexuals are hugely talented artists and executives… also dear friends. I don’t despise their lifestyle, though I don’t share it,’ Heston stated. ‘As long as gay and lesbian Americans are as productive, law-abiding and private as the rest of us, I think America owes them absolute tolerance. It’s the right thing to do. But on the other hand,’ Heston continued. ‘I find my blood pressure rising when Clinton’s cultural shock troops participate in homosexual-rights fund-raisers but boycott gun-rights fund-raisers… and then claim it’s time to place homosexual men in tents with Boy Scouts, and suggest that sperm donor babies born into lesbian relationships are somehow better served and more loved.'”

road.jpg Censor board bans four films at Singapore Film Festival: “It said the films ‘exceed the Film Classification Guidelines’. Board of Film Censors chairman Amy Chua said ‘Arabs and Terrorism’ and another film, ‘David the Tolhildan’, were “disallowed on account of their sympathetic portrayal of organisations deemed terrorist organisations by many countries…Another rejected film, ‘A Jihad for Love’ by gay Muslim film-maker Parvez Sharma, is about homosexual people living within Muslim communities, the festival said. In a statement, Chua said the film was disallowed because of ‘the sensitive nature of the subject’.”

road.jpg JC ya later: Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood broke up via text message.

Rickastleyroad.jpg The ugly homophobic truth about the RickRoll.

road.jpg Protest as “ex-gay” group Exodus International holds convention in Fresno, California: “The opposing viewpoints echoed a debate that has played out across the country. The Orlando-based Exodus and a handful of other groups have sought to present what they describe as a Christian alternative to a gay lifestyle. But their efforts have inspired a backlash from people who say such an approach can lead to self-loathing. Saturday’s protest was cordial. The protesters — about a dozen — kept their distance, and at one point, Exodus president Alan Chambers offered to bring them coffee. It was the last day of a three-day conference. About 150 people from all over California attended. It included talks by the mother of actress Anne Heche, who had a relationship with openly gay Ellen Degeneres, and Chambers, a formerly gay man who has since married a Fresno woman. They have two children.”

road.jpg Death by blogging: Can’t say I don’t relate.

road.jpg Head of security for Siegfried and Roy details Roy Horn’s instructions for him to cut up their deceased tiger Sahara and cremate it.

road.jpg Moment of truth: Perez Hilton takes lie detector test over John Mayer make-out session.


  1. says

    Crap. I thought Rickrolling was funny because you think you’re gonna see something interesting or porn or something and what you get is a quintessential lame-ass video from a lame-ass music era I’d just as soon forget.

    Or, ok, maybe it’s because he looks “gay”. I honestly hadn’t considered that.

    Heck, my alternative to Rickrolling would have been Karma Chameleon, since it’s an equally “ugh” video, but there’d be that gay thing again.

  2. crispy says

    RE: The ugly homophobic truth about the RickRoll.

    That is quite possibly one of the stupidest blog posts I have ever read. And that’s quite an achievement! RickRolling has become a phenomenon because its such a complete non-sequiter and because that song sucks so hard. It has zero to do with homophobia.

  3. says

    The most fabulous gay man sporting his “best gay look” couldn’t kiss PigHilton for 10 seconds much less 5 minutes without retching.

    I don’t believe Hilton for a second. This is a perfect example of why lie detector results are not admissible in court – any f*cked up sociopath can fool them.

    Hilton will do or say ANYTHING to keep his name in the press and, apparently, Towleroad gleefully cooperates…

  4. John In Manhattan says

    Charlton Heston was the first naked man (besides my two older bros) I’d seen. One could say he made me gay. That was until I discovered Yul Brenner as Pharaoh Ramesses II. WOOF!

  5. banjiboi says

    I tend to agree that RickRolling has more to do with what people think of as a cheesy 80’s jam than anything else. And that for some, it makes them realize that they might have been dorks for liking it.

    That said, I guess I’ll have to go on record and say that I like Never Gonna Give You Up. As a DJ, I liked most of the output from British producers Stock-Aiken-Waterman throughout the mid-late 80’s. This particular production style was as popular back then as Colonel Abrams’ club hits “I’m Not Gonna Let” and ‘Trapped” which were produced by fellow Brit producer Richard James Burgess, right before or about the same time as the early clubheds was starting to take notice of the Chicago/Ware house revolution.

    And as for Perez Hilton, please radiate and fade away.

  6. John C says

    “In interviews for the 1986 book Celluloid Closet, and later the 1995 documentary of the same name, screenwriter Gore Vidal asserts that he persuaded director Wyler to allow a carefully veiled homoerotic subtext between Messala and Ben-Hur. Vidal says his aim was to explain Messala’s extreme reaction to Ben-Hur’s refusal to name fellow Jews. Surely, Vidal argued, Messala should have been able to understand that Ben-Hur, his close friend since childhood, would not be willing to name the names of his fellow Jews to a Roman officer. Vidal suggested a motivation to Wyler: Messala and Ben-Hur had been homosexual lovers while growing up, and then separated for a few years while Messala was in Rome. When Messala returns to Judea, he wants to renew the relationship with Ben-Hur, but Ben-Hur is no longer interested. It is the anger of a scorned lover which motivates Messala’s vindictiveness toward Ben-Hur. Since the Hollywood production code would not permit this to appear on screen explicitly, it would have to be implied by the actors. Vidal suggested to Wyler that he would direct Stephen Boyd to play the role that way, but not tell Heston. Vidal claims that Wyler took his advice, and that the results can be seen in the film. Vidal is the only person ever to make this claim, and Heston insisted that Vidal had little to do with the final film. However, Vidal responded by producing extracts from Heston’s 1978 biography An Actor’s Life, in which the star described Vidal authoring most of the final screenplay.”

  7. Frank L says

    The blog post about the “ugly truth” of RickRolling — when there are so many other things that are far more boring but also far more harmful going on, like anti-gay legislation — is a case of overreaction for the sake of overreaction.

    As other people have said, the RickRoll is more about a quintessential cheesy 80s song than about any “homophobic” intent. “Family Guy” actually uses the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” in a lot of contexts, and those contexts aren’t homophobic — if you watch the show, you know that “Family Guy” makes as many gay-friendly references as it does “homophobic” ones.

    The bottom line is, it’s just a song, and it’s just a TV show. Focus on things that matter.

  8. Mike B. says

    Adding to the agreement: Rickrolling is totally not homophobic. The guy writing that long and painfully earnest blogpost might be — but everything about the “Never Gonna Give You Up” is ridiculous. From the fact that Rick Astley is three apples tall, to his left-foot-right-foot dancing, to the entire conceit of the video — all that is why it’s funny.

    To suggest that it’s funny because Rick Astley looks gay is really retarded. And seems to be provocative-baiting.

  9. says

    The Rick Astley post on Pam’s House Blend is the stupidest and most alarmist thing I’ve read in weeks. The good thing is that Pam didn’t write that garbage and the majority of commenters are like, “WTF?”

  10. patrick nyc says

    Perez Hilton is so disgusting. Andy why do you promote this idiot? They left out one question though. ‘How long did John Mayer throw up in your mouth?’

    Charlton Heston offered quite a bit of masturbation material for a 9 year old boy in Planet of the Apes. Too bad he soiled a career with his homophobia and his NRA role.

  11. Adam says

    My favorite part of the rickrolling blog post is how the uncle forcibly extracted a “Is it because he’s gay? HUH? IS IT?!” from his nephew, who was probably like, “um, no, it’s just ridiculous?” Ahh, nothing like horrendously awkward and uncalled for drama in the family over absolutely nothing.

  12. Paul R says

    God it’s absolutely impossible to imagine anyone kissing Perez. He really is a wretched person, and if he really does make $800K a year, it’s a very sad statement on this world.

  13. David T says

    Um, I can’t stand Ms. Perez, but let Andy post what he wants to post. I for one thank Andy for providing a place where I can appreciate the disdain that I thought only I had for him, er, it.

  14. the queen says

    the late great charleton heston was every inch a star of the first magnitude… as a young girl in my teens how i thrilled to the imposing presence, the virile voice, the commanding manner…. who else could have played such heroic roles: ben hur, moses, el cid (with the fabulous sophia loren!) — he was also in the great 55 days at peking, the orson welles classic touch of evil among so many other fine films… and let us not forget the famous planet of the apes… who else could have intoned “get your stinking paws off of me you damn dirty ape” with such conviction, such bravado? r.i.p. my prince…

  15. cora says

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    i am wrong.

  16. Tom says

    As another poster commented on another site about Heston: Perhaps now they can pry that rifle from his cold, dead hands.

    POSTED BY: PETERPARKER | APR 7, 2008 3:04:57 PM

    Was that you, “another poster” that closed down the HuffPost thread (yet again) on Heston because of excess bile and hate?

    Heston was marching for civil rights while Bobby Kennedy was wiretapping Martin Luther King, Jr.

    What an asshole you are, PETERPARKER.

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