1. jason says

    Spitzer was all talk on gay marriage. He and Paterson merely pander to the dumb gays who keep falling for the notion that the Democrats are somehow all for gay marriage. The Democrats are into pandering, pure and simple.

  2. rjp3 says


    This guys seems like he will be one to do it in New York.

    Go Patterson.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Sure I love Governor Patterson too. But I still love Eliot Spitzer(even with his hypocrisy on the issue of prostitution). Why? Because he stood up against Wall Street and the Banks: the epitomy of Republican hypocrisy on the issue of a fair & just society.

    The greedy Conservative Republicans & the business establishment hated Spitzer more than they could ever hate Obama & Clinton. Spitzer knew that thieves just didn’t exist in organized crime & among drug dealing trash. He knew that the biggest thieves in this country will be at the Republican Convention this summer.

    If Bill Clinton can come back, hell, maybe Spitzer can to. I hope so.

  4. says

    A very good start, governor.

    And, Jason, if the “dumb gays” are supporting “pandering” Dems like Governor Paterson, just who are the smart gays like you supporting?

  5. Zeke says

    Damn EARNIE, you beat me to it!

    Tell us Jason, who on the Republican side should we dumb gays be supporting instead?

  6. Peter says

    Gov. Paterson’s clip gave me governor’s jealousy. Over here in California, we’re stuck with anti-marriage equality Ahh-nold. Go, Gov. Paterson!

  7. Eric Land says

    Viewing the Patterson video just after reading about the imprisonment of gays in Egypt restored my faith in humanity…..Oh wait,..Dr. Laura’s on Fox…she’s saying something about values or some s***. On second thought, it might be a while before a homo candidate could win the primary in Iowa. Lots of work is still to be done.
    We love you sight challenged male black Governor who likes chicks and respects gay people !