1. daveynyc says

    Love Jerry Mitchell, this show looks a little random tho. I saw him a while back at the Astor Place Starbucks, he’s much cuter in person.

  2. banjiboi says

    “Must be funny not having people cum on you”

    “It’s a Ver-sayce”

    “I’ve HAD dog food. I used to LOVE Doggy Chow”

    “I used to love Doggy Chow too”

  3. says

    She “looooves that she was in that movie?”

    That movie ended her film career and apart from it crossing the boundary from “complete and utter shit” (as one critic memorably called it when it premiered) to enjoyably camp – it’s a pretty excruciating film to watch if you’re not fucked up.

  4. no-no says

    I don’t know what that girl is good at, but if it’s at the “Cheetah”, it’s not dancing,
    I know that much…

    (You don’t know SHIT! etc…)

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