1. Miles says

    Ha ha, nice choice of accompanying vid. We HAVE heard this controversy before, ad nauseam.

    Btw Morrissey was also accused of pedophilia, early in the Smiths’ career, because of some (obviously misconstrued) lyrics.

    Looking forward to the new album this fall!

  2. Paul R says

    I’ve lost quite a lot of respect for him, because as one who mocked other bands for “reissue, repackage..” he has been the most blatant act doing exactly that aside from perhaps David Bowie (who has a much longer career to draw from). Releasing yet another greatest hits based on his past two albums, adding two songs to force his most ardent fans to buy it, and using a cover shot that is at least 15 years old is pathetic. He may not be racist, but he’s certainly greedy.

  3. Miles says

    I agree, the new Greatest Hits album is a bit silly. He has definitely been a hypocrite about “reissue, repackage..” But if you want the two new songs without paying again for a bunch of older ones, there are ways to get them for free…I think this collection is more for his ego, though, than his pocketbook. It collects his UK top 20 singles, and most of those (believe it or not) are from the recent albums, so putting this out is a way of showing that he is more popular now than ever.

  4. Tonic says

    King of recycling with nothing new to say. I love the old SMITHS songs, but truly I do wish someone would now stop him, because we have “heard this one before.”

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