News: David Blaine, Spiders, NFL Draft, Methodists, George Bush

road.jpg Bush disapproval rating breaks Gallup poll record: “President Bush has set a record he’d presumably prefer to avoid: the highest disapproval rating of any president in the 70-year history of the Gallup Poll. In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, 28% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing; 69% disapprove. The approval rating matches the low point of his presidency, and the disapproval sets a new high for any president since Franklin Roosevelt.”

Blaineroad.jpg Breathe: David Blaine to attempt record-breaking inhale on Oprah.

road.jpg Queer Month at Rhode Island College plagued by vandals.

road.jpg “Possesses a V-shaped torso with a well-defined upper body, good bubble, developed calves and good chest thickness.” Craigslist ad or NFL Draft profile?

road.jpg Gay joke ban rejected by British House of Lords: “The television stars Rowan Atkinson and Christopher Higgins, who is himself homosexual, are among the prominent figures to have spoken out against the proposal to create a new offence of incitement to ‘homophobic hatred’. …Peter Tatchell, the prominent homosexual rights campaigner, also spoke out against the measure, arguing that freedom of speech should be sacrosanct.”

Pittroad.jpg Brad Pitt is a ruff rider.

road.jpg Gay-straight alliance challenged in Janesville, Wisconsin.

road.jpg David Beckham to strip for Ellen Degeneres?

road.jpg Market: Clay Aiken will premiere his new album to audience of housewives on QVC.

Spiderroad.jpg Plague of venomous spiders shuts hospital in Australia: “The black spiders with a red stripe, close relatives of the black widow, are about 2-4 centimetres (0.8-1.6 inches) long and common across Australia. Their bites can cause severe pain, muscle spasms and death, although no fatalities have been recorded since an anti-venom was introduced in the 1950s.”

road.jpg Methodists hold convention in Fort Worth, brace for debate on homosexuality: “…there will almost certainly be another round of heated debate and contentious votes over whether the UMC should change its official position that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching and withdraw its ban on noncelibate gay pastors. Recent General Conferences have seen protests by gay-rights supporters. Eight years ago in Cleveland, some 200 demonstrators, including two bishops, were arrested for disrupting proceedings. Still, most experts believe the big tent of the UMC will hold, however the winds blow in Fort Worth. Some even say the denomination has turned a corner toward unity.”


  1. Oscar says

    Show me where in the Gospels Jesus Crist condemns gays.It is not anywhere in the 4 Gospels because Jesus loved everybody: gay,straight or transexual.Only afterwards did the hate for non-straights was introduced into the catholic (later christian in general)believes.That is why all these haters will never enter into the presence of God.Jesus Christ is love for all,not hate for some.

  2. says

    The UMC — the church to which Hillary belongs and otherwise supports — does not bless gay marriage, ordain gay clergy or approve gay sexuality. In fact, the UMC has conducted church trials akin to Salem witch hunts to expose those promoting the gay agenda. The UMC at the general conference this week also is voting to defrock a minister who underwent a sex change.

    Hillary should stand up and fight for us as one of the UMC’s most prominent members since she says she’s on our side, right?

    Unfortunately, I never hear anything from her on these issues within the UMC although she does seem to spend an awful lot of time talking about Obama’s pastor — Rev. Wright — whose church actually does allow gay marriage and ordain gay pastors.

  3. says

    Red-Back Spiders are less a ‘close relative’ of Black Widow Spiders than the Australian species of Black Widow, hence the proper name, Red-Back Widow. They’re interesting in that the male commits sexual suicide during copulation, deliberately somersaulting into the females chelicera- talk about post-orgasmic depression!!

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