1. mike says

    Smart move on his part. Guy can now get some privacy, which he and any other celebrity deserves. All these cell-phone snoops with their phone-cams have gone too far. Like the Van Gogh, Ricky. You are still my fave latino singer.

  2. says

    That b*tch stole my damn idea! And you know what? I will be on an overnight flight to his “private” little island off the coast of Rio just as soon as my private jet is up and running again! (I’m having it re-draped and installing new carpeting…)

    Can anyone else imagine the HOTNESS that will be that island?!? I can’t be the only one…fresh pineapples, warm weather year round, white sandy beaches under an aquamarine sea…

    Oh, and did I mention the SEX?! With the hot, banana leaf clad Brazilian manservants running around the island doing Capoeira and serving me…fresh pina coladas, that is…

    And he bought it for $8 MILLION DOLLARS?!? That’ll get you a two-bedroom condo on the fourth floor here in San Francisco!

    Ooh. This story got me all worked up! I may need a moment.

    And P.S., isn’t Capoeira a Brazilian sugar rum? How come I can drink all the rum I want and not look like that hot sexy butch b*tch?!

    Life is not fair. ;P

  3. says

    Google wins again. A Caipirinha is a drink made with the Brazilian sugar rum Cachaca… Add some more “C”s to the list of things I’ll be trying while on Ricky Martin’s private island! >;)

  4. Noel says

    Oh sweet, he’s staying at the hotel a stones throw away from my apartment. I think I’m gonna go stand there with my “I <3 Rickyyyyy” sign now.

  5. tj says

    I think its really sad how majority of people care more about Rickys sexuality than all of HIS HUMANITARIAN FEATS….
    I dont care where he lives, what he buys, who he dates – I think HIS DEDICATION & COMMITMENT to make this world a better place is truly AMAZING, considering how major % of other celebrities is (mis)using their influence.. he is simply awesome.
    way to go Ricky! thumbs up!

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