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Archuletaroad.jpg Archuleta dad banned from American Idol rehearsals.

road.jpg Civil union efforts in Illinois boosted by student-generated Facebook group: “At first, his site detailed the bill’s progress for friends, who began inviting hundreds of other friends. Within weeks, Miatkowski and students from across the state organized online ‘rallies’ to flood legislators with e-mails, faxes and phone calls. Members also have held petition drives at train stations, written editorials and set up campus events. The group’s efforts made enough of an impression that Illinois lawmakers mentioned it to Harris, sponsor of the civil unions bill. Harris contacted Miatkowski and other student leaders to discuss how to gather more momentum on the bill.” The group’s Facebook address is here.

road.jpg Chris Evans leaves the foxhole.

road.jpg Possibility of constitutional same-sex marriage ban pushes Floridians into action.

road.jpg Mork and KT: Does wearing rainbow suspenders make you a gay icon?

Paddickroad.jpg Brian Paddick’s diaries during his run for London mayor revealed.

road.jpg Catholic leader in the Philippines says being gay not a sin, but acting on it is: “Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros, chair of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Office on Bio-ethics, said on Sunday the Church had learned to accept homosexuality as part of reality. ‘We try to be compassionate and understand homosexuals and guide them towards the right path where they should not act out on their desires,’ the bishop told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.”

road.jpg It’s official: Ugly Betty moving to New York.

Nickroad.jpg Are street artists Banksy and Nick Walker one and the same? That’s what some people are saying.

road.jpg “Ex-gay” and Exodus spokesman accuses “Ex-Gay” watchdog organizations of being hate groups. Stephen Black: “There are actual GAY hate groups who wish to silence the voices of ex-gays. These groups are like the brazenly named ‘Ex-Gay Watch’ and their klan of bloggers who use hatefully sarcastic words in addressing ex-gays.”

road.jpg Carson Kressley to make visit to Big Brother Australia house this week: “The pink thinker, famous from his days as a makeover queen on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, won’t be bedding down with the BB housemates, limiting his visit to a few hours of fashion critique.”

road.jpg British Big Brother contestant Chanelle gets the gong at G-A-Y in London.

road.jpg Cycling with Scott Speedman.

road.jpg Malaysian police raid gay sauna, seize 14 men, and 1800 condoms.

road.jpg Justin Timberlake producing reality show called The Phone: “The series, which is based on a Dutch reality show format, begins each episode with two hidden cell phones ringing at opposite ends of a major city. Contestants who answer the phones will have five seconds to decide if they want to play along for a cash prize, and a guide on the other end of the line then gives contestants a mission to complete before time runs out. As they race through the city on their adventure, a helicopter tracks their every move. MTV described the show as a wild and cinematic ride reminiscent of such films as ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Game.'”

road.jpg Sean Cody interested in whites only”? (warning: site NSFW)


  1. John says

    Casting calls are typically exempt from the anti-discrimination statutes, which is why Hollywood studios continue to get away with discriminating against actors on the basis of race/ethnicity and gender. Although I’m not sure if internet pornography would qualify as a “casting call” per se.

    And while it is morally questionable to publish such an advertisement, it is also likely that the customers at Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher are mostly white men…who want to see other white men naked. They can get away with a couple of Latinos (but even those are mostly Spanish or Italian descended Hispanics). However, producers tend to go with what sells.

    Personally, I would prefer more variety. It’s not that these college-age white male models are ugly. They’re quite good looking. But after a while, they become “good looking” in a very interchangeble manner. Same fraternity voices, same fraternity attitudes, same fraternity mannerisms, and same fraternity sex. It gets terribly dull.

  2. Rafe says

    All-white casts are sadly typical of most gay productions, gay or legit films. It’s just a sad reflection of racism in the gay community.

    Straight porn and legit films are the same way. There are tons of movies and TV shows where no brown face is scene other than in a background scene or in a subservient role (waitress, best friend, etc.)

    The classic example in TV is friends. A story about yuppies in New York City where no brown people exist until the final season. Who would have thought that in NYC there would be no Asians, Arabs, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Indians, or African-Americans.

    Sean Cody’s models are kinda creepy in that they all look alike in general: Same height, build, dishwater blonde hair, etc. Although a ringer is thrown in every so often (Patrick). Otherwise, they’re all pretty boring.

    Most major sites like Chaosmen or Straight College Men also seem to have whites-only policies.

    Racism like this is approved tacitly like it is with the GOP. Everyone knows

    Yeah, there are sites that focus on blacks and “Latinos,” but most of them are usually fetish sites that focus on “thugs” or some fantasy.

    The whites-only sites are just a reflection of the men who created them and their generation. They probably have no friends of color in their lives and don’t see brown folks as attractive. Looking at those sites, the owners occasionally have sex with their models. So, the models reflect their tastes.

  3. BRUNO says

    Once again, the gays are trying to make everything ‘racist’ and ‘bigotry’. There are plenty of black only porn companies that make videos of just black porn actors having sex – not a white actor at all. What’s the big deal in casting whites only. It’s not a political campaign, just sex.

  4. Alex says

    ugh. Sean Cody is like the A&F of porn. i find those guys totally unappealing because they just look like porn stars created by focus groups. I’m surprised anyone is surprised about the whites only thing.

    while we’re talking about ethnic diversity in porn, it does seem that traditionally you get a lot of stereotypes–big dicked black thugs, latino gangsta thugs, sub Asian bottoms. i’ve been seeing the tide turning a bit where there’s more diversity without resorting to stereotypes. Not that there’s anything wrong with people being turned on by stereotypes (porn isn’t there to enact social change, after all), but as a latino that’s never fit the thuggish stereotype, it’s nice to see a bit more variety.

  5. says

    The Sean Cody issue is such an interesting situation from a legal and social situation primarily because it does involve porn.

    In a typical merchant situation, you tailor your product line for the market to which you are selling. You don’t sell Smart cars in Montana but pick-up trucks. (I’m generalizing here I know and I apologize to an eco-friendly Montanans.)

    The really interesting part about porn is that you are selling people or maybe more accurately a fantasy about people. People have specific things that push their buttons and Sean Cody clearly markets to one segment of that market.

    So in essence by telling SeanCody that he must be more diverse in his “product offering” you are making a comment about what his clientele should find sexually arousing. This is equivalent to telling a supermarket they need to carry Vegemite regardless of whether customers will buy it.

    The real challenge is because the product offering is people the tastes are the buyer do potentially reveal the racial / ethnic likes of the buyers. I find it interesting that many people assumed that SeanCody featured whites only because whites were the target market — an assumption based on facts not in evidence. Effectively this means that minority porn buyers would prefer to buy porn with minorities in it over porn with whites only.

    I don’t know that I’ve settled this in my own mind because this is like an onion with so many layers but it does make a challenging issue.

  6. Alex says

    I find it interesting that many people assumed that SeanCody featured whites only because whites were the target market — an assumption based on facts not in evidence. Effectively this means that minority porn buyers would prefer to buy porn with minorities in it over porn with whites only.

    excellent point, Ed.

  7. Blue says

    If you go to the Sean Cody website and want to be a model it clearly states that race doesn’t matter. Even though he has had mostly white models he has had other races on his site too. I doubt Sean is racist but maybe the A&F look is what really sells for his site. Could he add a bit more diversity to his site? sure.

    With that said the ad sucks because there are plenty of good looking guys who aren’t white and probably would have made a splash.

    At least Randy Blue knows how to mix things up.

  8. says

    The amount of venom being hurled around about David Archuleta is a little bewildering. I think a lot of people are actually a little threatened by the idea of someone who can be so vulnerable in a public setting, it’s kind of frightening. The vast majority of people in entertainment have such contrived personae that when we see someone truly genuine we assume there must be something wrong.

    As for Daddy Dearest, I think people are getting confused between whether he is abusive to David or just a pain in the ass to the productions David is involved in.

    But let’s at least let David speak for himself, as he does in this week’s issue of TV Guide:

    “I’ve heard some of the weird things that people have been saying, and it’s kind of a bummer,” he says, not gigging at all. “I think I, of all people, would know what’s going on, and he’s been great. He’s given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I’ve felt really blessed to have someone like that.”

    David seems a bit worked up now. “I don’t really care what people say,” he continues, “but I know it’s affected him and stressed him out.” As for reports that his dad withheld water from him during a recording session, the Idol insists, “That’s kind of stupid. I’m seventeen. I think I’d be able to stand up for myself if he were to take my water away.”

  9. DC ARNOLD says

    Sean Cody is such a non issue because he prefers white models. Have you been to his site? Dull is the most positive adjective I can come up with and his past use of ethnic models can be downloaded with file sharing (if you will). If you waste your money on Sean Cody I might see where you can be offended but really Mary…

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