Chace Crawford Used as Pretty Photo Prop on Bar Crawl


The Gossip Girl actor was recently spotted out amidst a gaggle of young gals (including a co-star). It’s not known whether they propped him up for this photo or whether any face licking ensued, but he’s certainly in a desired state — pliable.


(via oceanup)

Tom Cruise Coming Between Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley? [tr]


  1. peterparker says

    ANDY…I know you are just joking…and I’ll bet I won’t get a whole lot of support here for what I am about to say…but the suggestion that Crawford could be had by one of us because he is ‘pliable’ is about the same as a straight guy saying ‘Hey, she’s passed out. Let’s see if we can fuck her now!’. In other words, it treads pretty close to advocating taking sexual advantage of someone who is unconscious. Which is otherwise known as ‘rape’. Again, I know you are joking…I just don’t think it is very funny.

  2. Harrison says

    Yeah… I’m going to go with Peterparker on this weekend. Taking advantage of people under the influence is not cool, and neither is joking about it. I’m sure some others will say “Can’t you take a joke?”, but it’s not funny when it hits close to home.

  3. Paul R says

    Oh yeah, POOR Chace. He got wasted in public, and his “friends” leaked the pictures. Plus he’s got nothing to worry about anyway—there’s not a male anywhere near him.

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