1. David D. says

    I thought David Cook deliberately handed it to the Wee Enchilada. David A. will be one of the better American Idols though–he’s like the lost Jonas Brother.

  2. Chux says

    Simon was on Ellen on Monday and summed up David A. best, “A conversation with him… once you get past the the ‘gee’ and the ‘gosh’ there isn’t much left.” But damn the kid is talented. I have been squarely behind Cook all season but last night I felt that he blew it. I think Archy is gonna win it.

  3. bostonbear says

    I think Cook laid back and let Wee Davey take the prize. This way Cook can ride the acclaim and exposure without that “IDOL!!” target on him and his records. Best career decision he could make. I like Wee Davey, but I do find myself wondering if all that innocence is for real – of course I’m old and jaded. From his emotional responses to the comments, they better have a counseling team handy in case he loses.

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    yeah, david A is now locked into a shitty contract while David C gets to write his own future.

    Look at Chris Daughtry. He totaly scored with the top selling post Idol album ever and is raking in more per sale than idol winners.

  5. says

    Cook is talented, but I can reel off the names of 20 artists who bring what he does to the table. Cook may be a rocker, but Archuleta is the real rebel; he is his own category. I think the assumptions about what he can or should do are short-sighted. He’s young and cute so people immediately think “Disney” or Jonas or whatever, but I think we’re gonna be surprised by just how versatile this kid ends up being. It’s telling that his biggest fans (aside from the tween girl constituency) are music people.

    Don’t underestimate him; you heard it here.

  6. crispy says

    “Archuleta is the real rebel; he is his own category”


    You are on crack, Mary! Well, it’s telling that David Archuleta is already developing a Clay Aiken-style fanbase of crazies.

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    Lets not forget that David A is a mormon. Most likely a closeted gay mormon, but a mormon whose church EXCOMUNICATES practicing gays.

    I feel sorry for the kid. If he isn’t an emotional wreck yet, he will be thanks to his being mormon. And since when did latinos start joining such an anglo-centric church?

  8. Pugzz says

    uhhhh…they both suck! Who would buy a record by any of them when there are so many more soulful crooners out there? David A. is totally Disney and David Cook is so NOT a rocker. They both have great voices…but no depth.

  9. Jack Scribe says

    Simon said it best last night. A knock-out. David Cook is a free spirit, I think, and his choice of material bears that out. David A’s handicap is combination of being under the thumb of a dominating father and being a teen who is less than articulate. They’re extremely talented and will probably both enjoy a solid career in music. This comes at an odd time in a performer’s life. The recording industry is falling apart because of the Internet and I suspect the two Davids will be concert entertainers.

  10. tommy says

    David A has a real “pure”voice. He will be great in Christian rock. David C will make it in the real world.

  11. CK says

    Crispy, your response made me laugh just as hard as you did… totally agree with you! :-)

    I think Cook is a better all round entertainer, even if Archuleta is a very talented singer… I can just see David A being driven down the Disney road in a long sleeve white jacket never to be taken seriously again!

    Cook on the other hand has 1000’s of directions he can go in and he gets my vote but sadly, throngs of squealing panty-throwing pre-teen maniacs will have voted David A as the idol. blah!

  12. DKNATL says

    When David A. ever hits puberty, that voice is sure to change and then what will the fatehr do?
    His overbearing father won’t allow him to be himself because he only sees dollar signs in the kid and that will ruin the career before it ever takes off.

  13. says

    Cook threw the fight to his advantage, and will enjoy a genuine and creative music career.
    No doubt Archuleta, the droopy Tiger Beat “one-note-pony” with the syrup-sap Vegas material will ride the Star-Search wagon far off into a mediocre sunset over the Utah desert.

  14. john says

    Fetus Archuleta will have a career very similar to Sam Harris’s.
    David Cook will do well without the AI B.S.
    And, you don’t fuck with the lyrics to a John Lennon song. Imagine there’s no heaven?
    Imagine there’s no crazy-ass stage father to dictate what words you can sing…

  15. michael Mohrlang says

    i feel sorry for david archuleta, the look on his face is terror.
    if he doesn’t get good feedback from the judges or if he doesn’t win he’s gonna get the biggest ass whoopin’ from that ‘mama rose’ dad of his…
    i voted for david cook about 20 times. david a is so boring.

  16. wetcnt says

    DKNATL, David A is 17. Unless he’s a medical freak, I’m pretty sure he’s already hit puberty.

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    Great Brittan has laws that mandate that a HUGE/ majority % of a child star’s money gets taken by the government and put into trust till the child is 18-21 before checks are even cut

    America has no such laws preventing “stage parents” from spending through every last penny till a child star is 18-21

    If I am correct, I’m pitying David A even more

  18. Paul R says

    I have really never understood the appeal of these and other “talent” shows. But I will make a few predictions.

    Chance that David A. will win: 100 percent.

    Chance that David A. is gay: 200 percent.

  19. Tom says

    Imagine!?! That’s so the Gas Tax of songs! Pander, pander pander. That pederast-dreamboat is the Hillary to Big Dave’s Barack. Whoever wins is a bellweather for the convention.

  20. Vi Agara says

    Teenage fame whore sings “Imagine” on American Idol. Be assured Lennon’s rolling in his grave.