Finalists Announced for VMan/Ford Models Model Search


So, these are the three finalists for the VMan/ Ford Models model search.

One contestant laments: “Ultimately, though, the final decision of picking three finalists (from a pool of over 1000) came down to industry professionals. Let me just say that I am not bitter at their decision. It is what it is. And it is symptomatic of the fashion industry in this moment… supposedly. They picked three white boys from Ohio, Alabama and Tennessee, all in their teens, all 6’1″…My mother responded ‘they all look like druggies’ when shown their pictures. ‘Crack, Meth and Budweiser’ responded someone else. They all share a sort of scrawny muscular bad boy not intimidating types who could be spotted on a street corner in a hoodie, smoking a cigarette…”

Given the homogeneity of the finalists, and the cornucopia of beauty in these pages, one wonders why anybody might bother next time around.

The finalists are winging their way to L.A. for a shoot with Hedi Slimane this weekend.