Jeff Gannon Discusses McClellan Book, Potential GOP Smears

Michelangelo Signorile talked to fake news reporter/escort Jeff Gannon on his radio show yesterday about the GOP smear machine coming after Scott McClellan over his tell-all memoir and the possibility of attacking McClellan on gay rumors that have surfaced in the past.

GannonGannon said yesterday that he “knew Scott [McClellan]better than any other White House correspondent or Washington reporter.” He didn’t elaborate to Signorile on the context of that relationship, but suggested that attacks were coming and are fair play.

Writes Signorile: “I found this odd, considering that Gannon has been outraged in the past at even the speculation about his own past, calling it horrible prying, and McClellan did get married in 2003, and Gannon, as reported back during his debacle, had sent McClellan a wedding card! You’d think he’d adamantly deny it — as someone who claims to know McClellan — and vehemently attack the speculation.”

Listen to it here.


  1. Zeke says

    Is this not the same Guckert/Gannon who has, in numerous commentaries, railed on and on against “outing” closeted Republican legislators who promote and vote for anti-gay legislation?

    Is this not the same Guckert/Gannon who chastised Mike Jones (the prostitute who spilled the beans on Ted Haggard) for breaking the number one rule of “escorting” when he divulged personal information about one of his clients?

    Everyone’s saying McClellan isn’t talking like the man they knew.

    I would suggest that Guckert/Gannon doesn’t sound at all like the man we’ve come to know.

    More Republican situational ethics on display.

  2. Landon Bryce says

    I’m a little disappointed in Signorile for giving Gannon this outlet. Why on earth is Gannon’s opinion on McClellan relevant or interesting? Why is Signorile giving him a chance to push the current right wing agenda of discrediting McClellan by painting him pink? It seems like this moves from exposing the GOP’s hateful use of bigotry to actually furthering their goals.

  3. Jack says

    Gannon’s picture is in the dictionary, under the word “hypocrite.” Let’s ignore this loser and sent him back into obscurity where he belongs.

  4. nic says

    it is hard to think of any living creature more rancid, more purulent, more crepuscular, more made of dross than this piece of detritus. well, outside of the bush inner-circle, of course.

  5. peterparker says

    I’m not sure why anyone considers any statement coming out of the mouth of Jeff Gannon to be ‘odd’. The man is clearly batshit crazy. Odd is to be expected.

  6. Bob R says

    Jeff Gannon is what I scrape off the soles of my shoes when I’ve just walked through the barnyard. I can imagine him on those unaccounted for WH sleep overs butt fucking Rove and repeating the insipid phrase, “tell me Turd blossom, who’s your daddy?”

  7. FunMe says

    Poor “Jeff” – gone are his days as a hooker for the closet queens in the republiCON bush administration like KKKRove, bush and McClellan. I’m sure he’s wishing he still had the body above to make money and of course to have inside to the “private workers” entrance.

    Looking fat, old and stupid like he does now will not ever bring back his “hey” days.

    Poor “Jeff” – NOT!

  8. David R. says

    The only real news re; Gannon/Guckert is how he got his White House press credentials. Was it because he was shtupping Rove or McClellan or anyone else inside? Or was it just because he was willing to be a propaganda whore?

    That would be a real scandal deserving of exposure.

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