Larry Craig Writing Tell-All Book About Men’s Room Arrest


Wait, hasn’t that already been published?

The AP reports: “Craig, 62, is retiring in January after 18 years in the Senate and a decade in the House. He told KTVB-TV in Boise, Idaho, the book will focus on “the state of politics” in Washington, but also will review his career, including his arrest by an undercover officer in a men’s room at the Minneapolis airport. ‘There will be a bit of what’s happened in the last year and the way it evolved,’ Craig said. ‘I think that’s important for Idaho and those outside Idaho who are interested to know.'”

Don’t forget the movie adaptation!

Minneapolis Baseball Team Hands Out Larry Craig ‘Bobblefoot’ [tr]


  1. Disgusted american says

    First off don’t bother…wouldn’t waste mymoney on your book Bigot! Whats to tell anyway Larry? Enter Stall, take down pants…sit down, start feeling horny, see another man’s feet in next stall over…start tapping Your Feet…reach down and give hand gestures/signals for Mansex….BAMMM, Badge is flashed from other stall – you’re arrested. THE END

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “Gone With The Stall” by Senator Larry Craig.

    Soon to be a major motion picture starring US Senator Larry Craig and Posthumous Charlton Heston (that’s his new screen name due to circumstances…he’s the only actor they could get to play opposite Craig’s size twelves).

  3. Sebastian says

    Sorry Larry, a book by a 62 year old man who trolls filthy toilets for sex just does not seem like he next best seller on the NY Times book list.

  4. says

    OMG – for his own good, that guy needs to just shut up! He keeps bringing up the issue when nobody else is talking about it anymore. He’s his own worst enemy. He’s the one who’s keeping it in the media.

  5. Jack says

    Larry’s book will include photos of him demonstrating different stances, all designed to attract the kind of guy you are looking for! It’ll be a hit!

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