1. Paul R says

    I was wondering the same thing—is that really his body?

    And does anyone read Interview anymore? It stopped being readable around the time it shrunk from its former super-big format…and that was probably 15 years ago.

  2. Tonic says

    The sad clown on crack motif is very fitting, but who’s going to read this “interview”? I’d venture to say that anybody interested in this guy probably doesn’t read much anyway.

  3. Turtle says

    Effing hilarious summary from

    “He wants you to look at him. He’s begging you! Marc Jacobs looks like he ransacked Kelly Osbourne’s make-up bag for his spread in Interview Magazine. Actually, he looks more like Ronald McDonald’s cross-dressing brother. Rory McDonald. You know, the one we’re not supposed to talk about. I think the McRib was inspired by him. I could be wrong.”

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