McCain Gets Crudest Health Care Question of the Campaign

Iowa Politics reports:

“Clive businessman Marty Parrish was escorted from Sen. John McCain’s town hall meeting by Des Moines police and members of the Secret Service after asking McCain if he had called his wife Cindy an expletive in 1992…Parrish said his intentions were simple in posing the question to McCain. The former Joe Biden campaign worker stressed he is very concerned about the Republican presidential nominee’s temperament. ‘We have a man whose temper can get the best of him,’ Parrish said. ‘What I am worried about is his temper. Our country is in a serious crisis. This election is the most significant one since 1860. It appears America is asleep — so I stood up and asked the question.’ Parrish signed in as a Huffington Post contributor and was taking pictures at the town hall meeting. He handed out a leaflet prior to the event alleging McCain called his wife the name in 1992 while on the campaign trail running for re-election in the Senate. The leaflet asked members of media why they were focusing on the controversial statements made in the past by Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright and ignoring the alleged comment McCain made to his wife. ‘Barack Obama spent three weeks defending that,’ Parrish said afterwards. ‘Why does the news media continue to ignore this outrageous statement by John McCain, but fixates on Barack Obama’s truthful observation that some people are bitter?’ the leaflet reads.”


  1. johnny says

    John M’s temper has been his trademark for years. Imagine his finger on the button (among a million other reasons) and you start to see why there’s no way he can be a good president.

  2. Shane says

    He actually remained really calm, which surprised me.

    Why didn’t the dumbass say “C-word?” What did he think the response would be when he said cunt other than ‘ignore’?

  3. jimmyboyo says

    The c word incident is the least of mccains reported outbursts

    He is going to have to be heavily medicated during the future repub dem debates.

  4. queendru says

    Only makes them LOOK like idiots, James?

    As Johnny said, McCain’s explicative rich vocabulary and, at times, abrasive manner is not at all unknown. I say he earned the right to be an asshole at the “Hanoi Hilton.”

    It’s widely acknowledged Bill Clinton had a temper and foul mouth too, I don’t remember people worrying whether he couldn’t handle “the button” or blow up the world or not.

    I thought we were moving on from the “politics of personal destruction” and battling in arena of ideas.

  5. Jack Scribe says

    What an absolute disgrace. McCain handled the gross insult with dignity and I Ditto James’ comment.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, what did he call her? Cunt or coochie?

    If your going to blame the entire Democratic Party for what one brave soul had the balls to ask, then we should blame the entire Republican Party for the prick in the White House.

  7. The Ghost Of Gay Rights says

    It never fails to amaze how many gays are conservatives – and post at Towleroad.

  8. anon says

    The trick when questioning someone’s integrity is to never do it to their faces, as they then look like victims or can call security as above. Calling people names is what the media’s for.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Interesting point, ANON.

    “your, you’re” Lord, I can be such a stupid cu…(misogynistic slur).

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    The Ghost Of Gay Rights


    It is like a black KKK member, a Jewish Nazi, etc

    Go figure

  11. Kelly L says

    After watching the video the only thing I can say as a fact…

    John McCain refused to deny he called his wife a cunt.

  12. dback says

    OK, this was a cheap shot. It would’ve been so much more effective to have confronted McCain with the joke he told a Republican crowd in the late 90’s: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?…her father is Janet Reno.” (Newsweek has him saying this on tape.) That’s something he really needs to own up to that could affect his campaign.

  13. LightningLord says

    >>It never fails to amaze how many gays are conservatives – and post at Towleroad.

    So pointing out the crass nature of a question makes someone a conservative?

    And what’s wrong with being a “gay conservative” anyway? If you’re gay and you believe in lower taxes, a strong national security, and cutting wasteful social programs, what are you supposed to do? Vote Democrat?

    It seems the gay community loves to extol its “diversity” – except when it comes to diversity of thought.

    It’s like Fascism but with prettier parades in June.

  14. John in Manhattan says

    Ah, the twisted mindset of the gay conservative… putting the value of lower taxes before your dignity as a gay man. As McCain would say, “You cunt.”