1. the queen says

    ah but wouldn’t you love to see the real thing on you tube as those beautiful boys renact this homoerotic pagan ritual when they nightly climb eagerly over each other’s greasy poles?

  2. virgoboy says

    PHEW!! I hope no one here at work needs me for the next few minutes while i try to calm down this chubby o’ mine! HOOF!!!

  3. Paul R says

    This event is so gay. What’s the logic behind not wearing shirts? You can’t climb a pole unless you’re half-naked? Not that I’m complaining.

    These guys wouldn’t mind showering with the gays—they’re all exhibitionists.

  4. Jaimie says

    Oh, yes Andy! Thanks so much for covering this! Incredibly important to me as a gay man, this endlessly interesting series of photographs! You ARE my go-to for truly relevant GLBT news. And I’m sure these boys would be more than flattered to be so lovingly showcased on your blog.

  5. anthony says

    Jaimie, why the hell are you here? if you want your politics without flesh there are many many places to get that. Andy brings a unique take on this stuff, and it’s a take I like, which is why I come here. I somebody holding a gun to your head?

  6. anthony says

    Jaimie, why the hell are you here? if you want your politics without flesh there are many many places to get that. Andy brings a unique take on this stuff, and it’s a take I like, which is why I come here. I somebody holding a gun to your head?

  7. Chad says

    Jaimie, might I suggest you visit for your blog viewing pleasure. There you will find an intelligent discussion of current events hosted by another gay man with no gratuitous photographs of half naked college men climbing a greasy pole. Towleroad has never aspired (thank god) to be a 100% political or social issues blog and while Andy covers those topics diligently, there is also entertainment news here as well. Or did you only just notice?

  8. Joshua says

    Jaimie get over your uptight self.

    This blog offers some of the most serious gay news and coverage of gay issues of any blog out there. All work and no play makes Jaimie a dull gay boy.

    Now that you have proclaimed yourself to the gay world as a *serious* and *concerned* gay citizen you can go back to masturbating over the photo’s.

  9. Derek says

    Jaimie is venting because he is unhappy, bitter and in real need of getting laid. Either that or he is just a total cunt.

    Dude if you don’t like the posts Andy chooses, go somewhere else. Towleroad could use one less dipshit.

  10. Timothy says

    Paul R: They take of their shirts and use them as rags to degrease the obelisk.

    Jaime: Who farted in your handbag?

    I’m just kicking myself for missing the climb this year!! Thought it was next week! Crud.

  11. DAVID says

    Markos Moulitsas isn’t gay, and the discussion on his site isn’t particularly intelligent.

  12. Paul R says

    I just viewed a montage of this and last year’s climb on Youtube. Not a single one of these could-be porn stars has a single body hair.

    Since that’s next to impossible naturally, one can only assume that a lot of shaving is going on—unless hairy guys avoid this event to avoid the pain of having their chest hair pulled out! But what about their leg hair?

  13. DAVID says

    MILKMAN, that was hilarious! Sometimes we all need some Pamprin, though…I could’ve used it at work all week!

  14. Jay says

    The reason why a lot of the same men who would be uncomfortable showering with a gay man yet would have no problem participating in an activity such as this is because they don’t perceive it as a sexual situation. Just because an image has the ability to turn you on does not make it gay. Insinuating homoeroticism in non-sexual all-male activities is part of the reason why homophobia has become so widespread. Please stop.

    But, yes, these guys are gorgeous.

  15. Jaimie says

    Wow, the responses to my comment were truly hilarious. I should expect such a vitriolic repsonse from queers who probably see more sexual action from their right hand while behind their laptop then they do another human being.

    Don’t worry ladies! No one’s gonna take away your soft-core photos of straight boys!

    I never made any sort of plea for dry, PBS-style politics coverage, BTW. (And just for shits and giggles, I’ll add that I’m without a doubt the only commentator here who could score a guy similar to the ones featured in the photos above 😉

  16. Paul R says

    Wow, Jaimie, great retort. And so entirely credible. I won’t get into a pissing match with an asshole, but we’re not all ugly trolls on this site—I can send you my picture if you like. And you know what? Older gay men are just as entitled to comment as you are. I’m 36—and you?

    But what does it matter—you seem to revel in maintaining some notion of pseudo-intellecutal credibility while insulting people who point out that you’re reading the wrong blog. That makes you neither engagingly bright nor brightly attractive. It just makes you seem like an irritating prick.

    Most of my friends are straight, and I could probably “score” any one of them. So fucking what?

  17. So Left I'm Right says

    Hey Jay, nice work on vomiting the moronic reasoning of the homophobic right. How did showering get to be perceived as a sexual situation? Showering next to someone is no more or less “sexual” than getting greased up and climbing all over other men to get to the top of a giant pole, unless one chooses to make it so.

  18. BreckRoy says

    Actually in further proof that all the concern about “safety” was more about how gay the event seemed (which, if you’ve been around the military it really isn’t…the gay aesthetic is just a pleasant side effect for those of us who care), notice the ONLY change this year appears to be a ban on the uniform of choice for the Herndon climb…boxer briefs and socks. All the boys are dutifully in their PT shorts…every single one of them. Sounds like a dress code was enforced…you know, for “safety.”

  19. Jay says

    I love this. You accuse me of using the reasoning of the homophobic right and then ask a question of which the answering would lay the blame, at least partially, on the type of gay men who visit this blog. Most of the responses here are about how gay or hot this event is. Gay men it seems are “choosing” to perceive it as sexual.

    Okay, So Lefty, you’ve had your chance to play the amusing jackass. Now quietly fade away.

  20. Chad says

    Sorry about the miss on Markos Moulitsas being gay. I had him confused with someone else. I should have said MOST of the commentary is intelligent, but that could be debated as well. is at least 100% focused on politics and social issues (whether or not you agree with the viewpoints presented) and if you want to read about politics without seeing skin, it is probably a better destination.

    Jaimie, get over yourself.

  21. Brett says

    Having just watched(on Youtube) two USNA midis lipsync “Endless Love” to one another, I too wonder about the hairless body shaving thing. In my day in the military,post-Vietnam, pre-Desert Storm, no guy would be caught dead shaving his legs and armpits. Must be a generational thing in the Abercrombie influenced culture, and says alot about the way straight men–admit it or not– are under the influence of gay culture.