Royal Blackmailers Found Guilty in Britain


Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan, the two men at the center of a £50,000 extortion plot targeting a member of the British royal family which involved taped recordings of the Royal discussing gay sex and drug use, were found guilty today by an Old Bailey jury, the BBC reports:

“Strachan, 31, of Fulham, west London, and McGuigan, 41, of Battersea, south London, had denied charges of demanding money with menaces. Among the claims in the recordings were that the married royal, referred to as witness A, performed a sex act on his employee, witness D, at a party. Strachan and McGuigan had used the tapes to demand money from the royal after trying, unsuccessfully, to sell them to newspapers. The two men were arrested in a sting operation at a London hotel by undercover police officers last September.”