1. brett says

    I was sort of surprised that Amy Pohler would perform this sketch after “Bitch is the new Black”. When Tracey Morgan said about Tina Fey: “Bitch may be the new black, but Black is the new president, bitch.” Amy sort of squirmed as though she was insulted. Maybe she’s cooler than that, though.

  2. K says

    The viciousness of Hillary put-downs is deeply troubling.

    And saddening.

    The Obama victory is diminished by the nastiness of all this sort of thing.

    And American discourse is diminished as well.

  3. says

    Hillary brought it on herself. I used to admire her (and Bill) and was one of their most passionate supporters and strongest defenders, and think Bill’s presidency the best of the last three decades. But this campaign has shown them to be absolutely Rovian in their campaign tactics. Sure, Obama had to fight in order to stay in the race, but he never retreated to the racist, homophobic, Dixiecrat tactics that the Clintons did.

    If anyone diminished American discourse, it was Sen. Clinton, her husband, and the goons in her campaign.

  4. johnny says

    In a quest for laughs, SNL has no boundries. It’s uncomfortable (and unfunny) to watch the same comedian who welcomed HRC onto the show, later put her down so blatantly.

  5. Thom says

    It is a sketch comedy show. They have went after Obama, McCain, and Clinton. Everyone is fair game in the world of SNL. If it’s funny, then it’s funny. This is not a statement on Senator Clinton or her supporters.

  6. Lito says

    This is how SNL has consistently played Clinton ever since Amy began playing her. the skit with Tina was out of the blue and the first time they portrayed Hillz as a victim instead of crass manipulator.

  7. says

    I disagree, Wayne. I voted for Hillary in the NY primary and regret it. She and her husband have stooped to surprising depths in their ineffective efforts to undermine Barack Obama. The racial codes used are so obvious, you’d have to be stupid or—like the Clintons—not racist but ready to use racism in order for her to win. Check out Bill in WV lately, talking about how Hillary understands “people LIKE you.” Oh, yeah, that’s supposed to mean working-class people, not whites only. She had that sketch coming.

    Also, I read that when Tina Fey did the very funny “bitch is the new black” sketch, it was supposed to end the way Tracey Morgan’s ended, with a correcting “but black is the new president, bitch,” but they opted for a more positive ending. So that to me implies Tina and SNL were never fully on the HRC empty-talk express.

    I’m so disappointed to be upset with the Clintons.

    One thing I’m excited about—if Obama’s the nominee, as he is presumptively now, he is going to win the presidency, and he will do it without FL, a state that needs to be put in its place.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    Overly harsh? YES

    SNL being a comedic enterprise that tries to skewer everybody without exception? YES

    This should have been expected. SNL has never played favorites for long. Though Like I said, it is overly harsh in trying to play for cheap laughs.

    That all said…

    McCain delivered unity of the dem party and a landslide win on a silver plater with his recent NO exceptions to allow abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

    The so called maverick has sold his soul and in the process left no female Hillary supporter and friends of females room to vote for him. 73% of all americans (including repubs and most especialy indies) want exceptions for at least rape, incest, and life of the mother.

    Thanks McCain for delivering eventual dem unity to us on a silver platter.

  9. Christopher says

    I completely agree with you, Matthew. She did have this sketch coming. I think the suggestion that this is particularly “vicious” is naive. Politicians are open to satire based on their positions, words and actions and based on all three of these, this is a spot on portrayal of Senator Clinton.

  10. Cadence says

    K, the skit wasn’t funny, even though some of the things said were true. But how is this any more offensive than some of the Obama sketches that they’ve done. He’s been depicted as an idiot and uneducated, mainly because Fred Armisen doesn’t know how to play him in a believable manner, and not because Obama has shown himself to be either of those things.

    Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s accomplishments are not dependent or lessened by the actions of people who aren’t affiliated with either candidate. It’s idiotic that people would use things like this, or what people write on message boards to attack either candidate.

  11. clarknt67 says

    I think those of you who are offended have some pretty thin skin. SNL has always included sharp political satire. So what? Hil earned this anyway, her campaign has been waged from the gutter.

  12. Landis says


    I strong disagree with you. I think what the Clintons did was rightly protray Obama with all his flaws and deficiencies. If you think about it, it was prescient that they raised it in February, and Obama had the Wright-Gate fallout in March.

    Look – lots of Americans in small towns and red states are, pardon me for saying this, racist. As a visible minority, I had experienced it in America. I think what Clintons are saying is that given this, it would be a mistake for Dems to vote him in primary.

    The question is – do you want to protray Dems as diversity driven party, or do you want to win the presidency?

  13. 24play says

    While being black is often a liability—as it no doubt will be in a national election in America in 2008—it is neither a flaw nor a deficiency.

    Given the massive advantages the Democrats have in the race for the White House this year (economy in the shitter with a Republican incumbent, that incumbent having the lowest approval ratings ever measured, a strong majority of Americans desiring an end to American military involvement in Iraq, a Republican nominee who is in favor of virtually all of Bush’s unpopular and unsuccessful policies, etc.), I don’t know that we’ll ever see a better opportunity to elect a qualified black man president.

    It’s time for people to choose either to side with the racists or stand against them.

    Do Senator Obama’s progressive policies and positions align better with your own than McCain’s? If so, then what are you willing to do to help him get elected?

    Let’s not use the racism of others to excuse our own cowardice.

  14. Lil Tuffy says

    I cannot understand why anyone in the GLBT community honestly thinks Clinton is a supporter of gay rights. As a New Yorker, she has done nothing especially different in pioneering to give us more freedoms. Queer leaders from Melissa Ethridge to David Mixner (who was a part of the Clinton team) all make the same complaints, she makes empty promises. Showing up at Pride parades and photo ops with us and the rainbow flag does not mean she’s going to lift a damn finger to help any of us. At least with Obama, he’s not pandering to be our best friend and with him there is a deep and significant personal context in his life that helps him to understand our issues of discrimination that he would champion. Thank you to SNL for showing the truth about Hillary Clinton, she will say and do anything to win.

  15. Landis says

    24Play: I am referring to his association to Wright, his policy-lite campaign, his liberal track record as liabilities. He is not the best candidate. I think Obama could have make it work, but he needed to not drop the bomb on so many items.

    Lil: I dont think that either candidate will actively “support” gay rights once in office. What you can expect is that they will put a supreme that is not right of center like Alito, Thomas, or Scalia. I mean, seriously, do you think the first thing Obama would do is to support full marriage. This is America with lots of “value” voters. Don’t be naive.

  16. 24play says


    It no longer matters if you think Obama’s the best possible candidate. He is the presumptive nominee, heading into an election in which the Democrats hold every advantage. And the difference between Obama’s positions and his opponent’s could not be more stark.

    You can either work to get him elected or, by continuing to badmouth him, work to get John McCain elected.

  17. Aeres says

    Actually, it DOES matter whether or not you think he’s the best possible candidate.

    If you think (as I do) that HRC is the better candidate, and BHO isnt, why then is it expected that HRC supporters should vote for BHO simply because he’s the “presumptive nominee”?

    Isn’t that the same partisan singlemindedness that keeps Republicans voting for Bush?

    You vote for President based on qualifications – not based on party.

    Haven’t we learned anything over the last 8 years?

  18. Landis says


    What I meant was that Obama’s history would likely scare off voters. I think Obama could play very well in large and diverse states like NY and Cali in a general election, but once he is vetted by Republicans, he will get hammered. You know as well as I do that Republicans play dirty in a fight.

    If anything, Obama should have waited until the nation is accustomed to him. Once he puts his name in the hat and loses, he will be damaged property because he has built up so much expectation for him.

  19. Jimmyboyo says


    Your sisters, daughters, neices, female friends will thank you profusely for forcing them to use coat hangers by voting for mccain.

    He said this weekend he will not oppose at all the repub platform of NO exceptions even for rape, incest, or life of of the mother as far as abortion goes. He has stated what kind of judges he will appoint.

    The next president will get to appoint at least 2 judges to the supreme court making roe v wade unconstitutional if mccain appoints those judges.

    For the sake of the lives of the females you know and unborn females, you have no choice. It is Obama or death by coat hangers for them.

    If you do not consider that a huge issue then were you ever a dem to begin with?

  20. Charles says

    “Actually, it DOES matter whether or not you think he’s the best possible candidate.

    If you think (as I do) that HRC is the better candidate, and BHO isnt, why then is it expected that HRC supporters should vote for BHO simply because he’s the “presumptive nominee”? ”

    First off, ‘the best possible candidate’ is like the ‘best possible boyfriend’-it’s a mirage, it does not exist. They all have weaknesses.

    And you should vote for Obama because…

    …some people don’t want to be in Iraq for 100 more years, or don’t want abortion banned, or don’t want what little gay rights there are rolled back, or don’t want the Constitution gutted further, or want decent handling of the economy, or…must I go on?

    But if you want all that, then take your toys, go home in a huff and vote for McCain out of selfishness and spite.

    Seriously, it’s *over*. She lost. She had an incredible chance to win the whole thing and she and her team *blew* it-like books will be written about how badly she botched this. And she threw everything at him and basically vetted him for the Repubs-and he still won. If she had anything more on him, she would have thrown it at him too.

  21. Jimmyboyo says


    It just became a nightmare for Mccain

    “Former Republican Rep. Bob Barr has announced that he’s running for president as a Libertarian”

    Ha! perot pt 2

  22. Jimmyboyo says


    Turns out rep Bob Barr was a repub rep of georgia. He was/ is much loved by repubs in Georgia

    At the very least he should be able to take enough of a chunk from mccain in Georgia that Dems could easily take it. WOW, georgia has become competitive.

    Sucks to be mccain

  23. indypol says

    SNL did no such thing. That skit, delivered by the most pro-Hillary member of the current cast, made an absolute mockery of Obama supporters who want to reduce Hillary’s continued candidacy to a bunch of simplistic bullet points like ‘my supporters are racists’ or ‘I’m a sore loser’. It was clever and brilliant, and it made Obamabots look like 13 year idiots, which is what most of them are. I’m not surprised that Towleroad, yet another air-headed pro-Obama gay site that ignores Obama’s frequent pow-wows with anti-gay ministers, missed Amy Poehler’s sophisticated humor.

    Hillary ’08

  24. Charles says

    I swear to God,after everything that has happened these past years in America, some of these pro-McCain comments just confirm the psychosis and rampant self-loathing among so many gay men in this country. We are so fucked.

  25. Landis says


    This is not pro-mccain, but a lamentation of a missed opportunity. I think it is a forgone conclusion that Obama will win the nomination. I think it is a high risk strategy that the voters did not consider when voting for Obama.

  26. FunMe says

    It really is sad that it had to end like this. Hillary tried so desperately to get the nomination becuase damit, it was “owed” to her. Her arrogance and winning at all costs for her OWN selfish reasons as oppose to what is best for ALL Americans is what has brought her down. Her continued lies (like Bosnia), taking a racist road at the end without remorse, and trying so hard to act like a republican righ-winger (voting for Patriot Act, the war, etc.) is what has brought her down.

    I started liking her but at the end realized she only cares about herself and not the country.

    Any Democrat who supported Clinton but is so upset she is losing that they’ll vote for McSame because of spite, is part of the problem of America.

    McCrazyCain = bush once again.

  27. says

    The funniest thing about this sketch is that they’re practically her talking points to superdelegates and on the campaign trail. And the insinuation that the superdelegates should override the caucuses, primary results, delegate counts and popular votes is a direct quote from Mark Penn…

    As to all of you who believe that nominating Obama is a ‘risky’ move, I have an appropriate cliché for you: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Kerry was a safe choice, Bill Clinton was not. We know how each of those turned out. I, for one, am willing to take that risk if it means that Barack Obama simply has the chance to take our country in a new direction. I voted for him because I want to be proud of our country again.

  28. Joshua says

    Jimmyboyo….Barr may or may not have an effect on McCains numbers. He no longer holds the views that made him a popular Congressman from Georgia. He was and ran as a conservative for many years. Now he favors legalizing pot and many of the fringe Libertarian issues. Those Georgia conservatives won’t be rushing to the polls for him.
    At the moment McCain leads Obama in Georgia by 14%. If Obama gets that with-in 2 or 3% by Novemeber, then Barr could hurt McCain.

    To many people look at Obama’s votes in the primaries and among Blacks and think he has a good chance in the South. It just isn’t true. Only 2 states in the South have a big enough Black vote to overcome the white vote. Mississippi is one and Virginia. Right now(a full 5 months before the election) McCain is well ahead, as any Republican would be, in both of those states.

    Barr might pull 4% on a good day nationally and I can’t see any state where he could actually hurt McCain. The one who could really hurt McCain was Ron Paul, but he decided to not run for the Libertarian Party nomination this time. But he has said he probably won’t vote for McCain, even though McCain was the only Republican running that treated him with respect.

  29. Aeres says

    I never said I’d vote for McCain – I simply said I thought HRC was the better candidate when compared to BHO – and that to lecture HRC supporters about how they “must” vote for BHO because he’s the “presumptive nominee” is not only presumptuous – its the same mentality that keeps 25% of Americans supporting Bush.

    There seems to be an assumption that BHO is the only candidate with passionate supporters. The stark reality right now is 49% of the Democratic party (not to mention FL and MI) didn’t pick BHO. To assume that 49% is now going to vote for him based simply on party affiliation alone – is insulting.

    Lest you forget, Nader and Barr are running as well.

    Not to mention, if one doesn’t support any of the candidates, one can still vote down ticket and simply not vote for President. This isn’t picking up your toys and not playing – its simply saying you don’t believe in the candidate. What’s wrong with that?

    My point is that the attitude taken by Obama supporters that HRC voters “must” support Obama is extremely single minded.

    Not everyone has drunk the BHO Kool-Aid. Not everyone is a partisan liberal Democrat.

  30. Jimmyboyo says


    1yr is the prediction now for the supreme court of mcshame to overturn roe v wade.

    The article doesn’t mention revisiting sodomy laws or ruling states legalizing gay marriage as unconstitutional, but you can bet your life savings that as soon as they overturn roe v wade then it is onto issues that directly affect you.

    Your choice


    Keep your complaining to yourself when mccain’s supreme court overturns roe v wade, reinstates sodomy laws as constitutional, and rules states legalizing gay marriage as unconstitutional.

    Remember you will have no one to blame but yourself unless you vote the dem nom 08

  31. Jimmyboyo says



    The polls are showing Obama quickly regaining his lead over mccain everywhere now that the dem nomination contest is drawing to a close. 6 months, expect Obama to trounce mcshame in a number of surprising places.

  32. John says

    Hillary was my first choice. But I will vote for Barack Obama.

    I’ve said it before. Senator Obama is a smart, likable man.

    However, his worse enemy isn’t McCain or Hillary. His worse enemy is his own legion of adoring fans. With the exception of the California fundraiser gaffe, most of Obama’s campaign problems have stemmed from overzealous surrogates (like Jeremiah Wright, Arianna Huffington, and Samantha Power) rather than the senator himself.

    If he’s going to challenge McCain in states like Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, and Georgia, it is especially important that he tells those folks to shut up. Left-wing pundits harping on about “racism” and “islamophobia” isn’t going to help Obama in places like Savannah.

  33. Jimmyboyo says



    I wasn’t making that point. My point was to gay dems saying they won’t or aren’t sure they will vote for the dem nominee 08.

    The abortion issue though does resonate with average voters. 73% of all americans (including repubs and indies)do want at the very least abortion allowable in cases of rape, incest, and or life of the mother.

    For us gays, if one doesn’t care about female family members and or friends then realizing that after roe v wade is overturned…..mcshame’s supreme court will very likely revisit the sodomy laws issue and put foreword a vastly different stance as well as visitng gay marriage and not in our favor.

    Any gay dem that doesn’t care about their female friends and family members as well as not caring for themselves… all measn vote for mccain, barr, or nader. BUT never ever whine about the outcome when it affects you.

  34. Joshua says

    In any election, the Democrat is usually ahead by 6 to 10 points at this time of the year. For reasons we all know that didn’t happen this year. So for Obama to pull ahead now that it’s almost a certainty he will be the nominee isn’t unusual or unexpected. McCains top guy Black said 2 weeks ago that Obama would get a big bounce when he clinched it. And unless some more stuff comes out about Obama, he should hold his lead until after the Republican primary in late August.

    As of now, I look for Obama to take Colorado, Iowa and very possibly Virginia from the Republicans. But I also see McCain taking Michigan, Wis., and Pennsylvania from the Democrats.

    Once the general election voters start paying more attention, just how Liberal Obama is will become apparent and will hurt him a lot in states like Ohio, Mo., Florida.
    Lots to happen over the next 5 months. But I believe the Republicans will take a major hit in the House and Senate, but McCain will win the Presidency comfortably.

  35. Joshua says

    McCain said a month ago that he wasn’t going to change the party platform. For him it’s a good move because the far right would battle him like he was Hillary or something. They are the only ones who take the party platform seriously anyway. So he decided why stir the pot when he dosen’t have to. His position on Roe V Wade has always been that it’s a states issue and he’s correct. Roe was settled by using a *privacy* clause in the constitution, the flaw being that there is no privacy clause in the constitution. Roe is faulty law and may be overturned one day.
    As for sodomy laws, thats just BS…..for 1 thing McCain believes the law should stay out of your bedroom. Another is those laws were overturned because they WERE unconstitutional. Not one of the conservative judges want them overturned and McCain isn’t going to appoint that crazy of judges. They will be conservative and strict traditionalists, period.

    I’m a conservative, I am against abortion(also the death penalty)but I also believe as McCain does that it’s not the Federal goverments place to say yes or no on this issue. I fully support a women’s right to choose, and because I’m against abortion that can be hard to deal with sometimes. But, it’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell women or men what they can or can’t do with their bodies.

    In this age, when cloning and genetic issues are being advanced so rapidly, I worry about abortion on demand, because I see a time not to far off when people will know if the baby is *viable* or not perfect, or want a certain gender or to know if they might be Gay, and abort accordingly. If you believe Americans are pro-gay, you just might be surprised when you find out that 67% of those asked said they would abort the baby if they KNEW it would be gay, or with Downs Syndrome or a sex other than what they wanted. That is scary to me. It’s why I don’t support euthenasia, eventually voluntary euthenasia will become a *choice* more or less forced on the elderly to get out of the way for the younger generation. If you think I’m off base, just look around you at how people treat those who are different or not in the mainstream today.

  36. FunMe says

    McCain will certainly not win especially with stats like this:

    “Eighty-two percent of Americans now say the country’s seriously off on the wrong track, up 10 points in the last year to a point from its record high in polls since 1973. And 31 percent approve of Bush’s job performance overall, while 66 percent disapprove.

    The country’s mood — and the president’s ratings — are suffering from the double whammy of an unpopular war and a faltering economy. Consistently for the last year, nearly two-thirds of Americans have said the war in Iraq was not worth fighting. And consumer confidence is near its lowest in weekly ABC News polls since late 1985.”

    McCain = bush = McSame (actually McWORSE)

  37. John says

    Even among Republicans, there’s little doubt that the GOP will not retake Congress this year.

    The Democrats are projected to win 240-245 House seats (which means the GOP will drop below 200 for the first time since the 103rd Congress). Democrats are also favored to have 53-55 Senate seats, as Democratic pick ups in Virginia and New Mexico are likely due to two unusually strong candidates (Warner and Udall).

    Even if Lieberman joins the GOP, as everyone expects he will sooner or later, they won’t need him anymore.

    So, we’re either looking at a majority government for Barack Obama. Or a minority government for John McCain. In any case, the heady “Republican Revolution” days are definitely over. The war and recession has seen to that.

  38. sugarrhill says

    Anyone making a case for McCain needs to stop calling themselves a Democrat. Regardless of who wins the nomination, the Democractic candidate should be supported wholly. There is a major difference between McCain and Obama/Clinton. If you don’t see the difference then you’re being petty and vindictive that your choice didn’t snag the nomination. It does matter who is voted in as president. Too many people thought otherwise in 2000 and Bush was handed the presidency. Look how well that turned out. People thought is was harmless to vote for Nader back in 2000, but guess what it wasn’t. Voting for congressional seats then obstaining for presidential vote is just being a sore loser. As a Hillary supporter, even I accept there is a slim chance she’ll wrestle the nomination from Obama’s hands. I believe she should soldier on until the last primarary so that every state is given a voice, but if she’s no closer to the nomination she should concede for the good of the party. To fight this out at the convention would be political suicide. Hopefully, the superdelegates will decide this before we get to convention though.

  39. Joshua says

    Jimmyboyo….I went to that link. His method is a good one and in fact it’s similer to Rasmussen and Gallup for their tracking polls.
    Believe it or not(it has been very wildly off this season) Zogby had N.C. right on the button and showed Obama winning Indiana by 3%(he lost by 1%)….but what Zogby didn’t factor in was the Limbaugh *Operation Chaos* thing, where he has been encouraging Republicans to register as Democrats and vote for Hillary. According to exit polls in Indiana she got 3 to 4% of the Republican switch voters. If she hadn’t, Obama would have won by about 3%, putting Zogby right on the money again.

    In the states they list as Clinto takes from McCain I agree with them all, but Florida….she polls even or 2 or 3% behind McCain there, but Obama polls so far behind they can’t find him. In the states they have Obama taking from McCain I have problems with. First, Oregon is not a Republican state and hasn’t gone Rep. since Reagan. Obama is polling badly in Michigan and is behind McCain in Wis. Obama leads in Minn., but thats another regular Democratic state. He will probably take Colorado and Virginia can either way. Ohio will go McCain if Obama is the nominee. Nevada will go McCain and is polling that way already. New Mexico is a real toss up.

    What I saw there was an attempt to make Obama look good, but for anyone who knows politics, giving Obama Oregon, Minn., as take aways is a joke, they already are solid Democratic. As I said before, Obama will probably take Colorado, maybe Virginia, and even N.M…..but McCain will offset those with Michigan and Pennsylvania.

    As for the black vote….it is always 90% or more for any Democrat, McCain isn’t counting on any of that. Where McCain will make up his deficit is among Hispanics, (40 to 44%)and Independents(48 to 54%)both groups Obama must win big to win.

    A lot of people look at McCain and see just another Republican, but most people see him as a true Independent person. He is conservative, but also a maverick, and enviromentally progressive and progressive on immigration. Plus, he is a real hero(from back when *hero* really meant something)and is looked at as honest trustworthy. Obama scores good marks in the trust, and honesty areas as well, but McCain beats him in all of them.

    If Obama gets off his pedestal and stops screaming racist, or distration or old politics everytime someone disagrees with him, and actually debates the issues with McCain, this could be a good election(the dirt will fly from the outside groups).
    But I don’t see it happening….he agreed last summer to take public fianancing to get the money out of politics and now is backing off that as fast as he can. I laughed about a week ago, he told reporters he was reconsidering that pledge to take public fianancing, and that night in a speech, ranted about getting the money out of politics and how he would clean it up…..what hypocrisy.

  40. jmg says

    A lot of you Obama supporters are careful to make the distinction between Hillary’s “exploiting voters’ racism” and her being racist herself, which you don’t seem to think she is. What really is the difference?

    What exactly is the definition of “racist” anyway?

  41. anon says

    The reason Libertarians are popping up this year like daisies is that both Bush and McCain are fiscally liberal and socially conservative–the exact opposite of philosophical libertarians. Barr, however, is libertarian only on a couple of issues, as I think he supports the war in Iraq and is against abortion. He lost his seat because of his role in the Clinton impeachment. I don’t see him getting Ron Paul’s 7-10% of the Republican vote. He’s also going to cancel out Nader this year. Probably a complete non-factor in the election. The one thing he could do is better articulate against Obama’s fiscal policies than the rather incoherent McCain. In this sense he might get independent voters to question Obama’s high-tax and spend agenda (as much as the base might approve of it). In a year when gas prices and food prices are high, increasing taxes to pay for yet more govt. programs is going to be a tough sell in the general election. “Can’t afford to fill your car up? Wait–we need nationally funded preschool! Please ante-up on March 15th…” See what I mean? McCain wouldn’t even know where to begin (“Let’s give Mexicans American driver’s licenses!”).

    As for abortion and Down syndrome, well that cat’s already out of the bag. Because the test for Down syndrome is so routine and simple, abortions to eliminate Down syndrome babies are extremely common, resulting in a vast reduction of infants born with that trait. If you are pro-abortion based on the notion of privacy then you must go along with any eugenics that that implies or allows. You can’t argue: “You can have an abortion, but only if…” Now, as for eliminating gay fetuses, well, there is no science to support that as yet. The number of genes for sexual orientation are probably large, depend on environmental factors and coordinated with other traits. In other words, even though parents probably would have abortions to eliminate gay fetuses, it’s not going to happen any time soon. The real danger is that some abortion doctors in conservative communities (where abortions are normally seen as a crime) might try to sell snake-oil tests for gayness in order to drum up business. Think of it as a merger of ex-gay ministries and pro-choice doctors. Yahoo!

  42. John says

    Libertarians are basically lite-Republicans (who don’t want to face the uncomfortable reality that they’re one Bible Camp away from being Pat Robertson).

    While libertarians often claim to hate both major parties, the surveys show that they overwhelmingly break in favor of the Republicans on election day. This remained true long after the GOP became “The Party of God.” Money apparently speaks louder than principles.

    Bill Maher was one of the few left-leaning libertarians. But he refers to himself as a full-blown “liberal” these days. He pretty much abandoned the libertarian pretense when he endorsed Kerry in 2004.

  43. Sean H says


    A Democratic state is a Democratic state. Michigan isn’t suddenly going to vote for Republicans. Both bodies of the State Legislatures are controlled by Democrats. The Governor, Lt. Gov. and both Senators are all Democrats. They voted for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 04. You think that just because Obama is running that they’re going to vote for McCain?

    That being said, Rasmussen has just released their newest polls…revealing that for the first time in years, my home state of Virginia and North Carolina are actually competitive with Obama vs. McCain. Not so much with Clinton.

    Here is something that many of us are forgetting with the election of 2004: All we’ve got to do is pick up one more state. With Obama, we’ve got the chance to do that.

    Are Michigan and Pennsylvania going to be hard fought? Yes. They always are. But here are two things that Democrats have been trying to do for years with little success: 1) turn out the black vote in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit and Cincinnati. 2) turn out the youth vote in cities across the country.

    So far, that has happened. In Virginia alone, 100,000 more young voters turned out to vote in Virginia’s Democratic primary than they did in 2004. I fail to see how anyone can argue the fact that Obama gets voters excited and what’s more, he gets them to the polls.

    What else could you ask for in a candidate?

    Besides leading in every single possible capacity as a Democratic nominee…

  44. Zohan says

    Why is adam sandler still allowed to make movies? This looks like just another awful movie where he plays some ridiculous gay/jewish/mentally retarded character.

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