1. Zeke says

    The United Church of Christ will also be officiating over same-sex marriages. It was also the most represented denomination in the friend of the court brief.

    I don’t understand why some people seem to go out of their way to exclude the UCC when listing gay supportive churches or pastors/priests, especially when they list CATHOLICS and even Methodists and Episcopals. The UCC has all of these denominations beat by ten miles when it comes to standing up, DENOMINATION-WIDE, for gay rights and marriage equality.

    UCC Churches and UCC pastors across the state are lined up to perform FULL CHURCH marriage ceremonies for gay couples. I’m not talking about performing “blessings” of civil marriages performed at the court house, which is what most, if not all, of these other churches will do. I’m talking about full fledged marriages, legal and spiritual, performed IN the church, including the pastor signing of the marriage license.

  2. Zeke says

    The Unitarians, by the way, are like the UCC in the fact that they are FULLY supportive of legal and spiritual marriage equality at a denomination-wide level. They also perform full legal and spiritual marriage ceremonies in their churches.

  3. says

    We’re running a cool interview today with one
    of the attorneys from the California Supreme Court historic decision. Check it OUT… Congrats to everyone in CA who’s about to tie the knot!! We just celebrated 4 years of gay marriage in Massachusetts & we confirm equality is Fabulous!!

  4. gaywest says

    I second the UCC Church kudos.

    This church has been in the gay vanguard for years. While I’m not a member I heartily salute their efforts. Thank you UCC Church for your inclusiveness of people of all persuasions and color.

  5. JJ says

    I was reminded that Doogie Howser’s publicist used “homosexual persuasion” as in “not of the” right before Doogie decided to come out…oops I think I mean Neal Patrick Harris, mutatis mutandis

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    I met Phyllis many moons ago when she was a guest speaker at our conference at Indiana University. Loved her down-to-earth/witty personality and was impressed that she refused to attend a meeting with some local women that would not admit men. Del was one of those who traveled the country with my friend Leonard Matlovich to raise money to fight the Briggs Initiative which would have banneed gay teachers in California.

    Here’s a link to an article in today’s SF Chron with more details about Phyllis & Del’s relationship and plans for the day. Del’s 66-year old daughter [yes] will attend.

    “To grasp the longevity of their relationship, one only has to know what they paid in 1955 for their small hillside home with a sweeping view of San Francisco. Their paltry salaries as a secretary and a bookkeeper helped them cover the $11,000 price.

    The years of their accomplishments and passions are displayed on their walls: plaques of appreciation from politicians and civil rights groups and photographs and drawings of such public figures as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Shirley Chisholm and Eleanor Roosevelt. There is the collection of campaign buttons for Democratic candidates, the baseball autographed by Giants players, and a vast collection of books, including copies of ‘Lesbian/Woman’, which they co-wrote in 1972.”

    UCC is as great as it is because of people, gay and nongay, like Zeke. While I’m not a very contented athiest, I highly respect them while simultaneously being ashamed and outraged by United Methodism, for which I was once a lay minister, for continuing to ban even civil unions. There are some great Methodists fighting the good fight but it is inexcusable that they even have to.

    BTW: the women to the left in the picture of Phyllis & Del are, respectively, Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights [whose transgender attorney cowrote the successful state supreme court brief] and Roberta Achtenberg, the first out gay public official in the US whose appointment [by Bill Clinton] to a federal position [Assistant Secty of HUD] was confirmed by the United States Senate…over the protests of fascist Jesse Helms who publicly referred to her as “that damn lesbian.”

  7. says

    As an very active UCC member, I am a little offended we were left off that list as well. Here in Santa Cruz, the first three couples to be married are members of the local UCC congregation. The city employee who is officiating the weddings is also a UCC member. The third couple to be married in our county is the lesbian couple who serve as associate ministers for our congregation.

    The UCC files amicus briefs in support of marriage equality in every case it can. Our congregation, our conference, and our denominational offices in Cleveland all issued press releases celebrating the CA Supreme Court decision.

    As others have stated (thanks Zeke!) the UCC, and our cousins the Unitarians, have done FAR FAR more on this issue than any other religious community.

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