1. John says

    Licenses? Why would anyone get a license to run a photo? Isn’t everything public domain now that blogs have decided to yank photos whenever and from wherever they want? Copyright? Bah, who needs it!

    (Please note the sarcasm)

  2. says

    Gay men are the only social/sexual grouping that is willing to continually “hook-up” to excess that would make ad space economically sound. @ Charles


    Not judging by the straight people I know. I remember at a gay event they had different types of couples on a strage describing where they had sex. Most of the gay ones were tame. The older straight couple started giggling and announced “last pew of church right after Mass.”

    Sadly, most of the straights I know get it on like bunnies.

  3. Crash says

    Sadly, it is still because of the taboo nature of gay male sex that it still garners as much attention as it does. If the “Christian Right” would only admit that from the begining of human history it self, that intercourse has, and will always continue between same-sex people, and get over the indignation of their own narrow interpritation of their “God’s” word, that all this hoo-haw would go away and it would all become a non-issue.

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