News: Universal Fire, Clay Aiken, Uganda, Avenue Q, Greece

road.jpg Gays disposable: Uganda says it will ignore gays in its HIV/AIDS prevention efforts because homosexuality is illegal. Instead, they’ll focus on “other high risk groups such as sex workers, truck drivers, remote fishing communities and members of the armed forces.”

Clayroad.jpg A mother always knows

road.jpg Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s flip-flop on DOMA.

road.jpg Utah parents seek criminal penalties against teacher who they say went too far in sex ed class: “The Jordan School District is investigating allegations that a seventh- and eighth-grade health teacher violated the sex education statute by responding to questions from students about topics beyond the core curriculum, including homosexual sex, oral sex and masturbation.”

road.jpg Colorado enacts non-discrimination law: “Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed legislation today prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in housing, public accommodations, credit transactions, juror service, and other areas. The legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Jennifer Veiga and state Rep. Joel Judd, expands existing laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, religion, disability, and other characteristics.”

road.jpg Anna Quindlen on same-sex marriage: love won.

road.jpg Sex and the City rocks the box office with $55 million haul, sequel in the works. Writer Michael Patrick King signs first look deal wtih DreamWorks.

road.jpg AfterElton announces its Hot 100.

Fireuniversalroad.jpg Fire burns Universal Studios taking King Kong, Back to the Future, 40,000 film reels with it

road.jpg The L.A. Times takes a close look at the failed Harvey Milk film: “It will be a bittersweet time for Zadan and Meron. ‘We recognize that, at the end of the day, it’s business — people make movies for a living,’ says Zadan. “And when you work on a passion project, there’s always the chance that you’ll get your heart broken. I told Michael London, ‘The only way I’ll hate you is if you [mess] the movie up. It’s Harvey’s story and all we want is for someone to tell it well.'”

road.jpg MTV Movie Awards: one feature-length movie trailer.

Cruiseroad.jpg Tom Cruise has a housewarming party.

road.jpg California clerk hopes to be first same-sex marriage: “For 18 years, Stephen Weir has been in charge of the office that hands out marriage licenses in California’s ninth-largest county. And for just as long, Weir has been unable to get a license himself because the love of his life is a man…He and his partner, John Hemm, want to be first at the counter that day. They want to be the first to exchange vows and kisses in the conference room Weir converted into a wedding chapel that hosts 1,200 couples a year, but that he could never use.”

road.jpg Avenue Q to have 2000th performance on Broadway.

road.jpg NYT publishes letters regarding Governor David Paterson’s same-sex marriage decision: “When our oldest son, Benjamin, got married, he asked Jacob to be his best man. Then our son Joshua got married and again Jacob was his best man. When our daughter, Britta, married her dear Matthew, she didn’t have a maid of honor. She had a man of honor, and it was her brother Jacob. At each wedding, as Jacob stood by his siblings and signed the papers to make it legal, he did it knowing he did not have the right to marriage himself. As a mom, I find that hard to understand and heartbreaking to know it is true. How can this country treat people in such a way that something as basic as finding love and being married can be denied to a whole segment of society?”

Tilosroad.jpg Gays in Greece vow to wed despite threats of prosecution: Said Greece’s supreme court attorney George Sanidas: “Neither civil law nor the country’s constitution refer to gay marriages. If the Tilos mayor proceeds, he will have committed the criminal act of breach of duty.”

road.jpg Peter LaBarbera of “pro-family” group Americans for Truth made his annual visit to the International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago. He just can’t stay away!


  1. crispy says

    Oh, that says remote FISHING communities. Whew, I really should learn to read more slowly.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    CRISPY, PLEASE! Your jokes require too much brain power today. It took me two hours to figure out who Derrick & Meredith are…had to google ‘um.

  3. Paul R says

    Evan, I can understand your frustration, but can you name many hot gay men that aren’t on that list? To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t identify at least half the men on that list. But they are all indeed hot—which is what the voters cared about, not their sexuality.

    And as you say, we know pretty much for certain that at least 20-30 of the “straight” guys on the list most certainly are not. Hopefully within a few years some of them will come out, given that out actors don’t seem to have trouble getting work these days.

  4. says

    Re: Uganda. Right now, the British Government is trying to deport a lesbian living here in Manchester. She was arrested for being a lesbian, raped in police custody, and eventually set up by her father to be killed. Unfortunately, the MSM has not yet picked up on it. More here and here.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks for the information, MIKE. Countries where there is no public outcry about the atrocities committed against gay people deserve to live in misery–whether in Africa or Eastern Europe or North Philly.

  6. says


    Safe sex education will be limited to “high risk groups” such as sex workers, truck drivers, remote fishing communities and members of the armed forces…All of which have a considerable number of homosexuals but yet the government and the chairman of the AIDS Commission don’t seem to get it!!

    –THE HOT 100 list

    Some of the studs on the list are totally delish but as the article said, it’s unbelievable that only 3 men out of a 100 are African Americans and absolutely no Asians or any other ethnicity. Gay or not!! Hollywood needs a reality check, me thinks!

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    One more thing on Uganda. This father who set his Lesbian daughter up for murder and the rapist policemen are probably the worse that Uganda has to offer. Every Ugandan, every Gambian, every Jamaican, every Romainian, every Russian is not a psycho who would kill their own child for being gay.

    If they send her back, I wish she’d kill his crazy ass first. What’s that called “patricide”? No, by this time of day I don’t feel like going to the damn dictionary.

  8. Paul R says

    Evan, I’ll have to take your word for it, because I recognize very few names on your list—which is unfortunate for me.

    And I think you’re wise to be dubious of any online poll. They draw on a self-selected (not random) audience and are not difficult to manipulate. Actually it’s wise to be dubious of most any poll, even “randomized” ones, because people lie, have poor memories, are poorly informed, etc.

  9. hal says

    Bob Barr?! The same guy who originally authored DOMA and was huge in the Clinton impeachment? That Bob Barr is an attractive alternative to Obama? riiight. Especially since his opposition to DOMA magically appeared when he was told he wouldn’t get the nomination otherwise.

  10. paul says

    I think the poll is based on hot looks, not positive community-changing activism. I think we’d be extremely hard pressed to even name 100 openly gay male celebs, let alone 100 that could pass for hot. Elton John? Bruce Villanch?

    Like Paul R., I have never heard of a whole mess of the “winners” on there. I actually suspect ballot-box stuffing by publicists and the winners themseves.

    As for Cheyenne Jackson, I would have totally put him at the top, except I never heard of him til after I voted. I saw his picture on Perez…err…I mean the National Geographic website last week.

  11. says

    Ron Meyer has no idea what was in that vault. It is clear from the picture posted from the L.A. fire department that film elements were indeed part of the vault and to say that everything in the vault is redundant is a lie. Universal is just trying to easy the blow of the press finally realizing after 20 years of major fires that the infrastructure of the studio cannot handle a major fire. Universal is an unincorporated part of Los Angeles and has never had the water pressure to handle a situation like this. It’s a sign when you see all the oldtimers on the lot running. They know. They’ve seen it before. Again and again. They are just very lucky this didn’t happen during peak hours of the park or it could have been much much worse.