Amy Winehouse: Back to Wax


A wax figure of Amy Winehouse was unveiled today at Madame Tussaud’s in Central London.


The singer herself was not there to see the strikingly sober version of herself, but her parents Mitch and Janis were.


Earlier this month, Winehouse expressed dissatisfaction that she was being turned into a waxwork.

Said the singer, in perhaps the most prescient quote of the year: “I thought you had to be dead almost before they made a wax of you.”

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  1. robehr says

    Couldn’t be too dissatisfied – you have to sit several times for Tussaud’s artists to take measurements and photos and stuff…Jeez Mary – you were happy to do that!

  2. says

    Amy’s gonna have to knock a hell of a lot of wood after the death comment…You know what? Fuck it. She should just grab a bat, head into the forest, and just start wailing on some trees.

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