1. the queen says

    you see the same thing in an ultimate fighting caged match with the guys mounting each other, wearing jocktraps, their legs in the air… and how about the wcw and wwf? many a time i’ve practiced self abuse watching those hot wrestling matches!

  2. anon says

    Right up to the edge of the city’s morality laws? How so? Is male kissing illegal in town?

  3. John in Manhattan says

    I can not %#$*ing wait to see BRUNO and could only be more excited if you told me Faye Dunaway was coming out with MOMMIE DEAREST 2: BEYOND THE GRAVE.

    Cohen is a bona fide genius when it comes to exposing fear, hatred and bigotry via his comic brilliance.

  4. Jude says

    I agree with you John. Very excited about that movie. Cohen is one of those straight men who actually does a lot to promote acceptance gays, and not just tolerance.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    WHAT? You mean to tell me that there’s a correlation between luving packaged violence and hating fags? Next you’ll be claiming that Charleton Heston’s sticking his rifle in the air at NRA circle jerks er rallies was just political Viagra or that there’s some connection between George AWOL er Bush piling up the body bags from Iraq and trying to body bag gay “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” out of the US Constitution.

    And fuck anyone before they write, “Bush/Cheney/Rice aren’t really antigay in their personal lives”….and not in the good way.

  6. crispy says

    Bruno is going to provide such an enlightening look at America and some of its ugly bigotry.

    But part of the brilliance of Borat was that I knew nothing about it before I saw it. I may have to stop reading these Bruno posts.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    They should have done the kiss in one of Arkansas’ public parks, then you would’ve only had to worry about a bunch of self-righteous, holy-roller homos coming at you like a lavender lynch mob….for public relations purposes, of course.

  8. Jack Scribe says

    Then let the actor’s acceptance of GLBT issues be in political/fund-raising areas. This is nothing more than exploting homophobia and playing into fear. Nothing like violence and hate to sell tickets.

  9. John C says


    “Even wire hangers couldn’t stop her coming back!”

  10. John M says

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been two female wrestlers that started ripping their clothes off and making out while wrestling…

    Oh wait, I already know because it’s one of the most popular straight male fantasies of the hicks that were at the wrestling match.

  11. says

    I disagree Jack Scribe; assuming this is along the lines of Borat, this kind of stunt really does provoke and bring out the worst in people so they are exposed for the assholes they are to themselves and the rest of the worst. I think the idea is brilliant and can’t wait to see the movie. You should watch Borat first. He really editorializes in a unique way—by forcing people to be their own stupid-ass selves and then showing it to the rest of us in a very unforgiving way.

  12. John in Manhattan says

    JACK, I’m in agreement when it comes to those that exploit homophobia, i.e., the GAY ZOMBIE vid that Andy politely pulled from Towleroad. The joke being that the zombies are gay. Yawn. With Bruno, there’s a brain behind the humor.

    Sacha Baron-Cohen doesn’t exploit homophobia but rather exposes it by shining a bright spotlight directly on it. Case in point… Bruno Goes To Alabama:

  13. Christopher says

    I loved the Ali G show back in the day; it was fresh and wickedly funny and Cohen’s targets (e.g. Pat Robertson) were often public figures who were long overdue for having their prejudices unmasked on TV. But I have to admit I didn’t like “Borat” at all. I felt uncomfortable watching him trying to provoke a bigoted reaction from ordinary people who were duped into participating in the movie— many of whom seemed to only go along with his offensive remarks to be polite or hospitable. And the whole Kazakhstan angle was xenophobic and gratuitous; he could have made up a name of a third world country just as easily as ridicule a real third world nation that had nothing to do with his movie. “Borat” felt mean-spirited and wrong, and far from feeling as if I was in on the joke by laughing along, it seemed that the joke was really on us, the nice liberal audience members who were enticed into mocking others in order to confirm our own prejudices. If that was Cohen’s real intent it’s kind of subversively brilliant, but while I’d like to give him that much credit, he seems to enjoy his own jokes too much to have an ultruistic ulterior motive.

  14. the queen says

    this reminds me of the line in victor/victoria: “kill him but musn’t kiss him.” maybe this is sort of some strange hettie ritual to remind them of this.

  15. clint says

    LOL I grew up 10 mi from Fort Smith, and until I saw this I had no idea that there was cage fighting going on, this is HILARIOUS. The place is so class-stratified that many, um, “respectable” families would never even know that stuff like this was going on without underclass contacts. One of my favorite memories of my teenage years was when some friends and I were runnin’ around in the woods “up on the mountain” north of Muldrow, and we hear, loud and clear, a voice echo through the woods, saying “Five pound cock, five pound cock.” It was the local chicken fighting arena just a mile or so away. We couldn’t hardly walk back to my friend’s house, we were laughing so hard!
    But what I don’t think is that this is any reflection on Fort Smith in particular, just a reflection of what kind of people go to cage fights, no matter the locale. I’m sure the reaction would have been just as bad in the Rust Belt as it was in the Bible Belt. And honestly, there are much worse places than NW Arkansas for homophobia.

  16. Chas says

    So DERRICK, will you be visiting Arkansas any time soon? Looks like there’s plenty of that hot, closeted rough trade you say you just can’t resist :p Play safe and, er, watch your head! (I kid because I love.)

    “I wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been two female wrestlers that started ripping their clothes off and making out while wrestling…”

    Most of them would have hooped and hollered like it was the hottest thing they’ve ever seen to mask the fact that they didn’t find it sexually exciting at all. Pretty much the exact opposite of what happened with the two fake male wrestlers. The Arkansans rioted because they got hard-ons. Fags.

  17. kappastar says

    Ha! CLINT! I should have suspected you would comment on a story about Ft. Smith – I never get tired of the “5 lb. cock” story. Hows you durin? Email me – I haven’t talked to you in forever.

  18. MedusaSF says

    I’m sure I’d throw my mojito at the stage if I went to see Madonna and found myself at a live taping of Sportscenter.

  19. Sleepiguy says

    Seriously though… Suppose someone pulled this same stunt with a bunch of gay people? In reference to my earlier post, suppose a bunch of gay guys are promised to a free Madonna concert only to find that it’s actually some ultra-conservative, religious orator. I’m sure the reaction would be similar. You could then find the one or two guys that are having a complete mascara ruining melt-down and film them, thus “proving” gays hate Jesus and are a bunch of queeny weirdos. Would this be funny?

  20. Jimmyboyo says

    There was a study done to measure the sexual arousal of “heterosexual men” while watching male on male violence.

    The hets by a large percentage became very sexually aroused during the male on male violence.

  21. Chas says

    Oh yaah, SLEEPIGUY–’cause fags actively discriminate against Christian on a regular basis. Everyday, little Christians have to go to school terrified of being outed as “Jesusworshipers”. Just the other day, a 14-year-old Christian boy was shot in the back of the head by a schoolmate for handing him a ‘JESUS SAVES’ pamphlet. And let’s not forget about The Gays constantly proposing anti-Christian legislation and keeping spousal rights all to themselves. I TOTALLY see your point.

  22. kansastock says

    There is an article in OUT magazine on cage fighting. They call it ‘fuck fighting’… which is what it looks like.

  23. johnny says

    “a bunch of self-righteous, holy-roller homos coming at you like a lavender lynch mob…”

    Alas, poor Derrick is still stinging over yesterday’s old leftovers… But I totally appreciate the humor in being called a “holy roller”, that’s a first. LOL… :-)

  24. . says

    how about we put two non-fashion, out of shape, not so attractive guys in front of a gay audience and see how they react?

    i kid….. i kid