Dad Tries to Beat the Gay Out of His Son with a Baseball Bat

An 18-year-old returning from a Gay Pride festival in South Carolina was assaulted by his father with a baseball bat, the Independent Mail reports:

Anderosnsc“According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, the battering took place about 1 p.m. Sunday on P Street. During the assault, the teen’s 49-year-old father yelled, cursed, swung the bat, prayed and tried to ‘cast the demon of homosexuality out of him,’ according to the teen’s version of events to Deputy S.C. Weymouth, the incident report states. About 2 p.m. Wednesday, the teen said his father punched him when he returned to the house for clothes that he left on Sunday, the report states. The teen told deputies that his father ‘has a problem with him being gay and that is why he hit him with the baseball bat Sunday,’ Weymouth said in his report.”

I love how Dad involves ‘God’ in the violence. How tragic, having to report your violent bigot father to authorities. Police are investigating.


  1. Jimmyboyo says

    I would consider any and every preacher/ priest that the father listened to/ was exposed to throughout his life as accomplices to the crime who should be held responsible as well.

  2. Adrien says

    Sick, sick, sick…this is the kind of thing that horrifies me, but, sadly, these things happen to a lot of people yet sometimes through these tragedies, we garner the strength to keep fighting against the evils of homophobia. Giving up is not an option !

  3. crispy says

    Totally agree with Jimmyboyo. Bullshit like that homophobic comic book yesterday are directly responsible for this man’s behavior, and those people should be held accountable.

  4. the queen says

    well, i mean, after all, their god is a jealous vengeful spiteful and hateful god. i always said man created god in his own image not the other way around which i think is a misprint anyway.

  5. Alan says

    I’m glad that kid called the cops. It’s about time we started challenging these things rather than swallowing them as mere personal disputes. Anti-social behavior is anti-social behavior.

  6. CLEMSONAJ says

    If you check the link now the title has changed to “Anderson man chases gay son out of home.” Apparently the Independent Mail had to make the gay-bashing bigot look a little better.

  7. James says

    Growing up in Greenville/SC (close to Anderson), I’m not surprised by this one bit. Whenever I go home to visit Mom, I’m welcomed by a billboard near the major interstate that damns gays to hell. I only came out to my family until after my dad died when I was 21, fearful of something exactly like this happening.

  8. DAVID says

    Strepsi…are you serious? Get a damned clue.

    As if I had to push my way through Jesus and ninjas on my way to work today.

    Send me an email once you’re in the real world.

    Meanwhile, I will continue to live among my friends who are peaceful, intelligent, physically fit (not fat), creative, logic-minded, and incredibly lovely. In the United States, believe it or not.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    There have been young gay children (or thought to be gay) who have been ruthlessly beaten by fathers and brothers trying to “toughen them up” or “beat the faggot out of them.”

    I think it’s worse than it was in the 1960s–atleast for feminine gay boys. They don’t have grandmothers to protect them now. Grandmothers today may not have any more sense than the dippy parents.

  10. Chapeau says

    South Carolina is definitely the buckle on the bible belt — and as backwards as ever.

    Remember, this is Strom Thurmond territory.

    How ironic that the folks in SC continue to talk out of both sides of their mouths — seems it was OK for Strom to be publicly be a vicious racist bigot – while screwing his African-American housekeeper … and having a daughter with said housekeeper …

    This is the same State that continues to elect that closet case – Lindsey Graham.

    SC is truly an example of ignorance.

  11. SeanR says

    I’m so sad to hear cases like this, but hope the young man is doing ok – and has got out of this situation. I hope Americans will start tackling this homophobic cac that is sullying the name of your country. It’s not good enough to simply put it down to SC being backward and moving on, it is time to take it on.

    This case is another reason why I will never countenance the tired old argument about heterosexuals being the best parents.A shining indictment indeed!

  12. anon says

    What is the world coming to when a father cannot beat his son for any reason! Why, in my day, if you so much as mumbled under your breath, out would come the heavy belt-buckle and a lesson would soon be learned! Kids these days are so spoiled! If you don’t beat your kids, how do expect them to grow up right!

  13. anon says

    Derrick: well, at least I know I was raised right. Why, I now take it upon myself the joyous burden of beating my son every day, as you know he was up to something! He’ll deny everything, from lying, stealing or masturbating, so I can’t abide it or let it slide. I still proudly wear my father’s belt. And I never let my women think she’s boss neither.

  14. CK says

    Man that is just twisted. As SEANR says, it certainly dispells the myth that ‘straight parent = good parent’. I hope there is a stiff sentence given to that fucktard of a father… have him end up some big burly guy’s bitch in jail. See how his ass hurts after a while. THAT would be justice served!

  15. Sparhawk says

    I also grew up in SC, and I’m not really surprised. It is very homophobic there, and i would never feel comfortable living there… I didn’t worry about my parents, but I know people from my school who were kicked out of their houses by their parents for being gay…

    Don’t go to SC ever….

  16. Blake says

    It might be worthwhile for a short moment, to consider the implications of what would happen if a story were to surface about a gay father (married to another man) beating his son because he found out that he was heterosexual. I want you to imagine what would happen to the national consciousness at that moment, and compare what you think might occur to the reaction that this story has met thus far; a 200 word backpage story on a single local media outlet.

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