Gay Adult Film Actor Cole Ryder Dies


Gay Porn Blog (site NSFW) reports that actor Cole Ryder has died: “Although details are sketchy at this point, former Rascal Exclusive Cole Ryder died of a staph infection in his sleep. One of the first of a crop of more-masculine and hairy studio exclusives, Cole was signed by Rascal in 2006, where he went on to appear in Link: The Evolution, When Bears Attack, and others. He appeared on the cover of the October 2006 issue of Unzipped and the cover of Leather Sessions.”


  1. moondoggie says

    Hard not to wonder if this was MRSA, the frightening uber-staph that has been making the rounds ….

    hey boys, if you discover on your skin what feels and/or looks like a spider bite (can seem similar to a very large pimple or boil) don’t take any chances, get to your Doc right away … this strain of staph can quite literally cause loss of limb or kill you.

  2. moondoggie says

    hey wrapitup …. staph has nothing to do with safe sex.

    It’s a very dangerous idea to promote (that a condom can protect you from staph) That kind of thinking could cause someone who’s picked it up from the gym or a safe sex encounter to delay seeing Dr.

  3. Mark says

    Cole being a personal friend of mine Id like to say that not only is the world missing one of the most real, compassionate, understanding, caring and of course sexy men that his death was unfortunate and untimely. He has family and friends mourning his loss right now and words of compassion and support are greatly appreciated.
    Cole appreciated all of his fans and support throughout his career.
    Your well wishes are greatly appreciated.

  4. Bill says

    Hey wrapitup… while my mom had a variety of health problems, it was ultimately MRSA that killed her. Do you think I have told her about barebacking?

    People die from misinformation, pal. Get off your soap box, and get the FACTS.

  5. ALan says

    Wrap it up, it’s pretty heartless to blame the victim, let alone to do it in the first post, let alone the fact that staph has nothing to do with HIV. Fuck all the people who stigmatize HIV positive people like you have just done.

  6. jefferson says

    cole (mike to me) was a friend of mine. he was one of the most gentle and tenderhearted people i ever knew. he loved his little daschund ‘peanut’ so much it was ridiculous. R.I.P. mike. i hope you’re at peace now.

  7. Pugzz says

    God bless Cole. I hate it when any of us are sick or die from a disease. His family and friends seem to love him very much. I wish them peace in his memories.

  8. Douglas says

    I never met him, but I enjoyed his performances very much. He was a tremendously sexy man, and I hear he was a kind and approachable man in real life. My condolensces to his family and loved ones. I am sorry to lose the work he would have done. Very sad news indeed.

  9. Alex says

    Mike (CR) will me missed inmensely. I just saw him a few weeks ago.. I can’t seem to shake this off. He seemed to be in a better place this time. His tenderness, sweet demeanor and yes, love for Peanut were all tangible again.. Rest in peace sweet, sexy man. I will always treasure to have met you. Alex

  10. William F. Proctor, II says

    On behalf of the many friends who were with Cole during his last days, and as one of the two people who held his hands as he passed, let me clarify that he did not die of a staph infection (nor did he die of a drug overdose or AIDS). He died peacefully and with dignity.

    His family and friends will be issuing a press release in the coming weeks with further details.

    In the meantime, please allow him and us a little dignity during the grieving process and cease posting rumors and speculations on his death. He was a beloved human being who made a big impact on everyone he touched. Please do not belittle his life by prurient speculation as to how he died. Please focus instead on how he lived — a man devoted to his family, friends and community.

    Thank you to all who posted similar sentiments.

    He was a wonderful, dear, sweet, kind man and not just a sexy body. His friends and family would appreciate it if everyone remembered him that way as well.

    Baby, you will be missed.

    Love always,
    Will, Bob and Mark

  11. Rafael says

    I read some of the comments here and wonder how far can people go… Who care what caused his death, the fact that matters is that he is gone and what a loss… Underneath all the muscles, Mike was the sweetest, kindest man I know. Not only that, but he was funny like nobody would know. I pray that if he left us in his sleep, he made his way to heaven in the arms of angels… I will always love you Mike. May you now rest in peace!

  12. paul says

    there are thousants of things about his dead probabily is hiv postive but dont die because of this he dies from everyone else for something… people with hiv have the same hope of live with medication than a person without hiv and remember this guy in down of me with the answer… go to see your mamy darling one day you going to pay what you said but wth a cancer

  13. Mark says

    Press Release
    LONG BEACH, CA, JULY 30, 2008:

    Cole Ryder passed away of natural causes at his home in Long Beach, California, shortly past 8 am on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008, at the age of 36. Cole passed peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by friends.

    Cole was signed as an exclusive to Rascal Video in 2006 starting the trend of more masculine, rugged studio exclusives. His career was short, but prolific. He appeared in nine films over the course of two years, with two films still in post production.

    Cole touched many people’s lives personally and professionally. He was always the first to greet anyone with a big smile and warm embrace. He listened and spoke with his heart.
    Cole was active and passionate about animals and HIV education, prevention and fundraising. In June, 2008, Cole was the Honorary Trail Guide for Saddle Up LA, a benefit fundraiser for The Life Group LA of which he was very proud to be a part.

    Cole would without a doubt appreciate a donation, large or small, to The Life Group LA ( with which he felt a close connection and affiliation. Funds donated in his name will launch a support program for emergency veterinary care for the pets of HIV+ men and woman.

    The coroner’s first impression is that the immediate cause of Cole’s death was congestive heart failure. Preliminary tissue studies showed Cole suffered from severe, hereditary, arteriosclerosis, a hardening of the blood vessels, which can lead to heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. Final autopsy results are pending.

    Family and friends wish to thank everyone for their sympathy and support.




  15. Doug says

    I did not know this man; only from his photos and videos. Everyone is human even if they’re personal choices may seem weird or suspect to their character. I have never known a pornstar personally probably like most of us gay men but his personal photos (my space) and his easily visible love for animals shows the real human compassion he must have had that porn videos do not show. They are fantasy and they serve their purpose for the actor and the viewer. His smile is broad and genuine and he was and is by all accounts loved by his friends……that’s what counts.

  16. Troy says

    He was a nice man. He worked at Knott’s Berry Farm when I did and worked on the mine ride as well as other rides. I dated him briefly. I do know that he loved and adored his dog “peanut”. I’m sad to know that he died the way he did. He was down to earth and could be shy if he didn’t know you. He loved the movie “Xanadu” and practically forced me to watch it when he found out I had never seen it! HaHa!

    P.S.- If you have seen his movies and thought that his animated orgasms were fake, I can tell you from experience that they are not! 😉

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