1. Leland Frances says

    Have no idea if he kisses bois or takes it up that perfect butt he’s aiming at the camera [even Reichen screams his own name when he assgasms] but 20 to 1 says this is another Jesse Repug.

  2. says

    First and foremost, this guy isn’t even remotely hot. Maybe it’s just me, but the Arnold body building physique thingy never did much for me. Regardless, I’m surprised that no one caught the shot where Dan was talking to Jesse in the HOH room suggesting they get rid of Steven and he launches into the whole ‘gay’ thing and Jesse cuts him off quickly, stating “he wasn’t going to go down that road”. First I thought, good for him…now I can understand why.

  3. PJ says

    The guy’s a bodybuilder. Of course he’s in love with himself. He only has other bodybuilder boyfriends or model girlfriends in order to prove how wonderful he is.

    Is anyone surprised by this startling revelation?

  4. daveynyc says

    Dude is pretty hot.

    On a side note, I love “The Soup” it just me or does anyone else think Joel McHale is beyond cute..? I always had a thing for the guys who can make you laugh

  5. JeffRob says

    Jessie is the kind of douchebag that needs to be taught a lesson; a sweaty, naked, lubed-up lesson.

    DaveNYC- You and me are on the same page, brother. Joel McHale just defines dreamy. That smile makes me melt every time.

    Oh Towleroad, why must you be so man-tastic?

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Just keep Miss Senator Craig away from him. Jesse would have Craig’s breath smelling up the scent from his beautiful, body-builder booty hole.

    You really think he’s a Junior Log Cabinite, Leland? Well, then, keep Matt Sanchez away from him.

  7. Chad says

    He’s got a beautiful face, but the bod is a tad bit overworked for my taste. He’s too big! It’s just gross. His body is too big for his head.

    Of course he’s in love with himself. You can tell that by watching the show. I hope he goes out this week. I hate him after he got Steven out.

    BB is always so predictable though, why can’t they ever have gay guys who will play dirty and get evil and not be stereotypes?

  8. Disgusted American says

    Theres no problem with being self-confident….but he’s obviously conceeded…major turn-off! Just as bad as Mario Lopez..yuk.

  9. MateoM says

    I had one girl ask me if, because I was gay, I would get turned on by myself when I look in the mirror.

    Not exactly relevant to this, but whatever.

    I did not make this up.

  10. paul says

    I read on Joker’s Updates the other day that Jessie was on the live feeds saying something to the effect that Jews and gays own California and that you have to do the casting couch thing to get ahead…blah blah blah…I assume he’s speaking from experience on the couch thing. Or at least making excuses for himself.

    Joe Bua: Libra was also quoted as saying that Steven wasn’t “a real man”…not that that’s been discussed much.

    Toby: Jessie looks to be about 5’6″ in comparison to the other men in the house, so maybe that makes him a little less perfect? Not that that bothers me, but…

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “…Jews and gays own California…”

    Yep, Leland was right: he’s a Republican Log Cabinite with a cute butt. Let Larry Craig and Matt Sanchez have the little(5’6″)body-building bitch.

    Did I do a flip flop? So.

  12. PJ says

    I watch the live feeds of this show, and I don’t think he’s gay. His cohort Michelle, though, definitely has that “tomboy” vibe, if you know what I’m saying.

    Steven, who was out, was a great contestant. He really didn’t fulfill the Hollywood stereotype of gay guys. After the minstrel-show gay people this show has had in past seasons (Joe, Joshuah), Steven was one of the most normal people this show has ever cast. He was sometimes naive about the world in the way that some people can be when they spend all their lives in America, but never in a hateful way. Jessie, though, is a douche. And I agree with the many posters won don’t find his body sexy. To me, it’s just a symbol of his overworked ego. Bodies like Jessie’s are why I never watch Falcon anymore, either.

  13. JeffRob says

    Not hot?!

    We are talking about the same insanely beautiful man….with the pictures… this post……on this page, right?
    Y’all crazy.

    SCREW his personality. I’ve never seen 2 seconds of Big Brother, and won’t start now. But that man is 100% SMOKIN.

    Oh, and Rad- for the record, a lot of us think tats would make him even hotter.

  14. Barry from Indy says

    Let’s see, we have some commentators who don’t value the amount of time Jesse has chosen to invest in his physique [re: too big, too buffed, out of proportion, etc.], while others who worship the body fantastic claim pure utopia. You guys on the east and west coasts kill me, because your own narcissist attitudes trump anything that Mr. Godderz could ever ascend to.

    He’s young and fully capable of making the same stupid mistakes the rest of us have or will make. Whether he is gay or not is his business. Have your fantasies about him if that’s what gets you through the day/night. If you don’t, why trash him? Do you know him? Has he hurt you personally?

    The cold hard fact is that if Jesse walked into any bar or party wearing a white undershirt and tight jeans, all heads would turn in his direction – regardless of what comments have been posted here. Period.

    Men of varios ages who possess great bodies will always be the eye-candy that so many other gays complain about behind their backs, but won’t do it to their faces. Funny how so many gays bitch and gripe about how others treat us as a group or individually, yet so many of our own community do the exact same thing to others. Hypocrisy? You bet it is.

  15. Dom says

    I totally agree. Joel McHale is cute beyond words, and his comedic talent deserves better exposure than even The Soup – a show which I absolutely love, BTW. I don’t watch any reality shows except Kathy Griffin, but I know everything about the idiots on these useless shows because of The Soup. And I loved Keith Olbermann’s appearance last week, and all of Joel’s appearances on Countdown.

  16. PJ says

    Jessie may turn heads at bars, but that’s not much of a benchmark in my book. In fact, it’s pretty empty. Sad that some guys think that that would be any measure of worthiness. The real measure is how a guy makes other people feel, not whether he stokes feelings of lust or jealousy.

    Here’s a novel way to commit suicide: Watch the Big Brother feeds and drink a shot every time Jessie mentions his body. You’ll be dead from alcohol poisoning by the end of the day.

  17. John says

    He’s terminally short. He can spend all the time in the world in the gym and he won’t add an inch to his height. Total turnoff. Probably microscopic d*ck too.

  18. Jaimie says

    He’s hot right now, but boy! He’s NOT going to age well.

    I love the term “narcisexual” — it’s an epidemic sweeping through both gays and straights and it’s extremely off-putting to say the least.

    I admit, I’m a narcissphobe.

  19. Simon says

    I agree with Davenyc, Mchale is so adorable. I watch the show every friday just to see that wicked grin. I have a crush on Colbert too, something about a wicked sense of humor gets me every time.

  20. Lexxvs says

    Jessie is not a good fellow, so that is a minus for me, I’m not that desperate. Now, let’s talk about his look: he is short, overworked, bad butts -I like good asses and this one is ugly like a pair of chicken breast- and with an eternal gaze of narcissism than makes you wanna run away and that promises a really bad sex.

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