1. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, CHAS,

    I believe I saw Hagee cruising in a Texas public park about 30 years ago (or was it Louisiana). He was already wearing condoms back then, but there was more rubber than dingding. He tried to be super butch though. But if you can’t be ” real trade”– turn to preachin’.

  2. Chas says

    So you had to top him then? Was it one of those Ted Haggart “mudhole” situations or did piggy bother to clean himself beforehand? I can see Hagee being a messy girl.

  3. James P. says

    Joe Lieberman should be ashamed of himself. The bigot Hagee will never change. I’ve heard him give sermons on TV calling us the “Godless Gays”. How’s that for Christain love!!!!!

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