Stop In The Name Of Love

The president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Patrick Sammon, urges fellow conservatives to back off using gay marriage as a wedge issue again:

“Acceptance of loving, committed gay and lesbian couples is on the rise and, consequently, the marriage debate does not have the same heat it used to. Republicans who try exploiting the issue for political gain this November will fail. And they’ll further alienate the young people who are already leaving the GOP in droves.”

So…stop pushing this issue because it’s no longer effective, not because it’s wrong?


  1. says

    “So…stop pushing this issue because it’s no longer effective, not because it’s wrong?”

    That sounds about right. I mean, as a gay man, voting for a Republican is like giving someone a baseball bat, and begging them not to hit you with it.

  2. davefromtampa says

    Mark, you are correct. The LCR’s are republicans for the tax issue only, cut my taxes! They are short sighted in their goals, they are me only. They have no concept on the evolution of mankind.

  3. Lucrece says

    Oh, come on. I’m a progressive; and despite thinking thinking that Sammons is overall a tool, I’m not desperate enough to take his words out of context.

    Did you not read the part about “committed” and “political gain”? Did that not signal a scolding on morals?

    The words you took out of context are simply there to address the audience that could care less about the debate on morality (which is about 99% of politicians, both Democrat and Republican). Pragmatism, dear. At least this bit isn’t about some lie that McCain is just as “inclusive” as Obama.

    With that said, I wonder why the silence on McCain’s revealed support of the California marriage amendment.

  4. Zeke says

    LUCRECE, if you pay close attention to what he said, as opposed to what it seems like he would have said, you will notice that his concern is that Republicans stop CAMPAIGNING on an anti-gay platform NOT that they stop LEGISLATING on an anti-gay platform.

    His issue is clearly about getting Republicans to CAMPAIGN on a platform that will get them back into power. Nothing in his commentary asked them to change their anti-gay policies, politics or actions once elected.

    It also bothers me that he repeats the meme that marriage equality for same-sex couples is NOT IMPORTANT and should be a NON-issue rather than saying it is an issue of great importance that Republicans should embrace is they are TRULY the party that supports FAMILIES, family VALUES and other so-called conservative values that come along with life long commitments to spouses and the raising of children.

  5. LBPhilly says

    I don’t understand these Log Cabin gays. How could you ever vote for a party that is against your very being. Forget about tax cuts. How could you care about tax cuts or any other political viewpoint of a party that thinks you are wicked and evil. A party that wants you to be fixed or saved. Voting against yourself just to stuff your pocketbook is just crazy to me.

  6. Jon says

    Politics has been and likely always will be about what is effective, versus what’s right. While I don’t agree with LCR, I cannot blame them for appealing to the party using the argument of effectiveness, as an argument of what is right seems to always fall on deaf ears with them.

  7. johnosahon says

    who the hell is listening to these people,you are certainly not talking to the democrats and the republicans thinks you are irrelevant, so i don’t know who they are talking to.

  8. Joey Mastroianni says

    Log Cabin gays are pathetic. The ones that I know are self-hating, materialistic Ayn Rand-loving weasels. How can they possibly support a party that has so much disdain and disregard for who they are? It’s just like that weasel republican who gets caught in the restroom sucking cock, then turns around and promotes his “Family Values” in public. Sick hypocrites.

  9. queendru says

    LBPhilly: You think Republicans are a monolithic ideological party like the Democrats. It isn’t true. No one would mistake Olympia Snowe for George Bush or Arlen Spector for Rick Santorum at yet they’re all Republicans. There’s a very vocal minority who are “against your very being” but Log Cabins see the reality.

    What changed during an all Republican national gov’t of the first six years of the evangelical GW Bush? Was DOMA codified in the national constitution? No. Was DODT repealed and replaced with a broad prohibition? No. Were hate-crimes laws repealed? No. Was AIDS funding slashed? No, it expanded. Lawrence vs Texas upheld sodomy laws? No, with four Republican appointees joining the majority of six. Now we have half of the Republican appointees on the CA State Supreme Court endorsing gay marriage and Arnold opposing the proposed marriage ban.

    Log Cabins seem to be a small gov’t, fiscal conservative group which surely can’t be too happy with Bush but would be just as unhappy with Obama’s proposed spending.

    There are many issues, with various levels of importance, that separately or grouped together may be much more important than moving forward with a particular liberal-progressive political agenda.

    Don’t for a second believe Democrats are all in favor of gays either. There’s plenty of deep-seated opposition to gay marriage there as well. They gave you DOMA, DADT, and most politicians flinch at the idea of gay marriages.

  10. Mike says

    I love the way so many gay activists believe in a one-party state. Democrats or nothing.

    Not everyone believes in a gigantic government presence in every aspect of our lives. There is no home for libertarian types in the Democratic Party, and right now the GOP sucks as well.

    The goal should be both parties accepting gay rights totally so that we stop getting used as a wedge issue. You may hate Log Cabin Republicans but they are doing you a service.

  11. says

    I have to agree with most of these sentiments regarding the LCRs. Everytime they release another press statement, I always think to myself, “God, what planet are these people on?” Putting faith in the failed economic policies of the Republican Party in the belief it will save you tax money does not justify support. The LCRs I have known personally always say, “Being gay is just a small part of who I am…” Well until they come out and realize that everyone’s sexual orientation is A LOT more than just a small part of who they are, they are destined to remain in a self-loathing and self-absorbed perspective of life. The LCRs are not fooling anyone but themselves. There’s a lot more to life and government than just money. When are the LCRs finally going to wake-up and realize that being gay and being a Republican is like being Jewish and being a Nazi. Of course, plenty of Jews denied themselves their true identity to escape persecution. But everything has a price…

  12. anon says

    Unless you feel very strongly about the concept of race, being Jewish is largely a choice. Not so about being gay. There is no evidence in genetics that humans can be divided by race.

  13. James says

    Wish you would get your head out of the sand and get the hell out of this board.
    Your sad reasoning makes my stomach turn. You’re EXACTLY like a Jewish person living during the Nazis who collaborates with his opressors.

  14. mike says

    I was going to write something critical but reasonable about the LCR’s, but the hell with it: they’re a bunch of assholes. One wonders if they get kissed first before they get f*cked by their Republican masters.

  15. mike says

    I was going to write something critical but reasonable about the LCR’s, but the hell with it: they’re a bunch of assholes. One wonders if they get kissed first before they get f*cked by their Republican masters.

  16. Shannon says

    They should come at it from a republican perspective. They need to say something like how it was the traditional view for the government to have no role in people’s homes. That marriage should be decided by the church and not by the government at all. That’s the only way republicans will see the light.

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