1. the queen says

    oh don’t worry, honey because not all fags want to get married… there will plenty of fags who enjoy low down and raunchy, nasty, and filthy fucking sucking and rimming straight married men and maybe not so straight married men and there will always be places to hook up with them so don’t worry baby…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    You know, Sis, it bothers the hell outta’ me that I still find Matt Sanchez kinda’ sexy. He kinda’ falls in with Craig and Vitter.

    My self-esteem is below the ground, aint it? I guess, I’m just a sucker for Latinos, and Arabs, and Africans, and Brazilians, and Florida State football players even ones that hate homos.

  3. the queen says

    oh Miss Derrick honey, i don’t think you have a problem with self esteem not from what i’ve read of your insightful posts on here, you seem to be a pretty confident woman to me … and besides you have good taste in men… fuck, i think hamas is sexy as all hell and many a time i’ve practiced self abuse fantasizing about me being his harmem girl forced to indulge in all sort of middle east perversions …

    hell, I say take it where you can find it and as long as they don’t knock my block off, i don’t care what they want to call me or call themselves… a good piece of ass is a good piece of ass, know what i mean…

  4. Tom says

    I sent both of them eMails the other day calling them hypocrits. I need for you all to watch my back.

  5. Chas says

    QUEENIE…You are…ri-dic. LOL.

    I’m not going to waste my time lecturing you on the philosophical reasons for NOT doing the sucky-fucky with phobie closet cases. I mean, I’D never do it, but then I have STANDARDS :p (I say that with love).

  6. noteasilyoffended says

    I know I am preaching to the choir here, but….

    Will just ONE of these “religious” hypocrites tell me exactly how same-sex marriage is going to affect hetero marriage negatively? I mean seriously. Are they afraid that their wife’s gonna go run out and “become” a lesbian so that they can get married to a woman? I wouldn’t blame the girls. We already know that both of these jokers are adulterers, sinners and hypocrites. Seems the old straight folks are just a little mad that a bunch of faggots (that they have been taught their whole life to hate) are going to be “equal” to them in some ways and that scared the Be-Jebus out of them.

    I can hear their little brains now… “What, we are all the same? We’re equal? OMG, am I gay?”

    Yes, Larry, you are. That’s why you were trying to put a cock in your mouth in an airport restroom.