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Ted Haggard Escort Mike Jones Says 'No' to Moment of Truth


Mike Jones, the escort who outed pastor Ted Haggard, has reportedly turned down a half-million dollar offer to appear on FOX's lowbrow game show Moment of Truth, in which contestants are given lie detector tests and asked to predict the results in front of friends and loved ones on national TV. Considering he's already failed the test once, Jones says he won't be doing it.

Laughed Jones: "It would be a ratings bonanza if I went on. But I volunteered to take a polygraph test when my story first broke, and I flunked it, so those things can happen. I'm not going to humiliate myself on national TV. And who needs $500,000 anyway? I could use $1,000."

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  1. "A ratings Bonanza??" I doubt it.

    Posted by: JJ | Jul 10, 2008 9:27:01 AM

  2. I'm not good with numbers, but if $1,000 would help him, I bet 499 more would too.

    Posted by: Dan B | Jul 10, 2008 9:43:54 AM

  3. So what's the latest "truth" on the show's host, the other Mark Wahlberg. If memory serves he came out several years ago but I've noticed that he's sporting a wedding ring now. Which gender has the other ring?

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Jul 10, 2008 9:51:09 AM

  4. Mark Walberg is married to Robbi Morgan (a woman). When did he come out?

    Posted by: Carnal | Jul 10, 2008 9:58:42 AM

  5. If he is telling the truth or not, the one good thing that came out of this is a homophobic, right wing nut preacher was shown to be a hypocrite and liar, like most of the saved and sanctified folks who are homophobic bigots.

    Posted by: Juan Pablo | Jul 10, 2008 10:07:15 AM

  6. Love it... "Did you smoke crystal meth and have a man-whore fuck your ass?"

    Posted by: luke | Jul 10, 2008 12:52:11 PM

  7. I think that show is a total fraud. Those are the same kind of people who make up stories to get on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. Only now they can win money. It makes my skin crawl.

    Posted by: paul | Jul 10, 2008 1:25:42 PM

  8. Hmmm. Thanks, Carnal. Perhaps I'm confusing Walberg with Charles Perez who had a talk show at the same time as Walberg and did come out. He's been a very public [Larry King show, etc.], very articulate defender of LGBT equality and is now an anchor at the ABC affiliate in Miami.

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Jul 10, 2008 2:17:19 PM

  9. He must not have watched the show. Contestants make their first few thousand dollars answering innocuous questions like whether they ever chewed gum in the classroom. He could choose to leave with a lot of money without bothering to let them get to the obvious big money question.

    Posted by: GregV | Jul 10, 2008 5:58:51 PM

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