News: Wicked, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mars, Mamma Mia, Ron Paul

road.jpg The NYT on the potential repeal of the 1913 Massachusetts marriage law.

Marsroad.jpg The Martian landscape revealed

road.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo hits L.A. on crutches and doesn’t waste any time snubbing Paris Hilton.

road.jpg Ron Paul’s openly gay campaign chair dies of pneumonia at 49, without health insurance: “Snyder, who served as Paul’s campaign chair, died of pneumonia on June 26 after being hospitalized for about two months and after running up medical bills exceeding $400,000, according to friends and family members, who said he did not have health insurance.”

road.jpg A Mamma-Mia cheat sheet.

road.jpg Moscow authorities ban gay picket of Iranian embassy set for July 19: “About 30 people were due to take part, Moscow gay pride parade organizer Nikolay Alexeyev told the Interfax-Religion. He said the application was submitted last Friday in strict compliance with Russian laws, but the prefecture retorted it could not guarantee the security of those taking part in the picket. ‘This is a flagrant violation of the Russian constitution and laws on public actions,’ Alexeyev said.”

road.jpg Will the knowledge that Banksy may be bourgeois make his works less valuable?

Colichmanroad.jpg The L.A. Times profiles Paul Colichman and his growing “gay media empire”: “Five years ago, Colichman and his business partner launched Here, television’s only premium gay cable network. Now, with an eye toward building their empire, they recently made a $6.5-million deal to buy the popular news magazine the Advocate, style monthly Out and other sister publications. Colichman, who also owns the gay entertainment Internet portal, plans to expand the online presence of his new publications once the acquisition closes. ‘People say, ‘Why would you buy a print publication when you’re really in the television business?” said Colichman. ‘But our point of view is that everything is cross-platformed now — we are in the content business, and to generate profit you need to be everywhere.'”

Tysonroad.jpg Tyson shows off his tatts.

road.jpg Broadway’s Wicked coming to the big screen.

road.jpg Chris Evans to answer questions at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

road.jpg First openly gay leader of a national labor union elected: “New York based United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten has been elected to succeed Edward McElroy as President of the American Federation of Teachers…Weingarten served for 10 years as UFT head and under her tenure she negotiated a 43 percent increase in educator salaries and helped organize 28,000 home childcare workers.”

road.jpg Andy Dick in sex and drugs arrest.

road.jpg North Carolina Family Policy Council supports bullying of LGBT kids in schools

road.jpg Pew Poll: 28% say gay marriage will affect their vote. “As it did in October 2004, gay marriage ranks lowest in importance among 16 campaign issues for the average U.S. voter; overall, 28% say gay marriage will be very important to their vote, down slightly from 32% in 2004. Far more Republicans than Democrats (19 points) rate gay marriage as very important. White evangelical Protestants (49%) place the most importance on the issue. Currently, 49% of the public opposes allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, while 38% support gay marriage.”


  1. SayNoToBanksy says

    The banksy thing does not surprise me one bit (if it’s true). It’s always the rich who create “problems” that they don’t really have and then pretend that their wealth and priviledge don’t matter…it’s just a mere sidebar. bullcrap. Gugginham (or whatever) can sit around with his other middle class smucks and talk about how “hard it is” for an “artist” while real street artists go nowhere. Never understood the fascination with this schmuck.

  2. Rad says

    Intereting photos of Mars. Up close, I would say they were formed more out of geologic seismic activity than by water. Pulling apart tectonic plates without having a raging molten core to fill in the gap. I hope we get folks to the planet in my lifetime; it would be interesting to see where this goes.

  3. says

    Real quick


    Andy dick-who cares? If it weren’t for arrests and embarrassing incidents in bathrooms he’d have no career. Can’t you put up pics of his hot son shirtless?

    Rad-Dude, I don’t know what you said but you’re so smart you made me all hot! Marry me and talk like that all the time!

  4. banjiboi says

    Re: Tyson

    Speaking as a black man, too much tattoo ink in a concentrated area just looks makes you look dirty. Caucasian skin tones show off that concentrated look more effectively. I can if they were spaced out a bit to show the detail. I also don’t get the fascination with too much ink. A few nice-to-large-sized designs strategically placed can be sexy. I guess that’s just me, though.

    Andy Dick: Intervention. Or a slow, sad and pathetic death. What a mess. I do miss his Britney Aguilera though.

  5. tC says

    I love Tyson HOT! HOT!….and I know it’s a personal choice that probably makes him very happy about the tats….I’m mulatto skinned and it’s a waste of all the work & pain if you can’t see it…like right now with a super tan…they would disappear on my shin…JUST my opinion

    they need to come up with something that will show up on that type of skin..eventually…..BUT THAT BICEP….WOW!!!..I don’t need the tats on that amazing human…BUT I have a fetish for tats

    OH man!..whatever makes him happy on this planet, for so short of time we’re here


  6. Keith says

    I hope they cast Kristen Bell of “Veronica Mars” and “Heroes” as Glinda in the film version of Wicked. If you’ve ever heard her sing, she could definitely pull it off…if you haven’t, check out the television film version of the Off-Broadway musical, Reefer Madness.

    As for Elphaba, I wouldn’t mind seeing Amy Lee of Evanescence in green. I think she could definitely hit those notes, and her operatic range could give Elphaba a more ethereal sound.

  7. SeanR says

    As an irish reader of the blog,I’m kinda shocked to hear about someone dying of pneumonia and having no health insurance in a country with extra-ordinary wealth (yup, I did follow the link to Joe My God and learned about the context). Seriously folks, how can *any* employer -in this case, Presidential candidate Ron Paul – think that looking after the wellbeing of people not be related to morality.I’m sure there are people all over the USA who cannot afford insurance, but to abstain from it on Libertarian grounds is just plain stupid. It makes the point, as HRC made, that healthcare needs to be fixed so that it is more inclusive.We do not have any sort of a perfect healthcare system in Ireland, but people do not get left with horrific bills like that. Shocking in a supposedly rich country that can afford to wage two wars, where are your priorities?

  8. daveynyc says

    It’s sad about Andy Dick. He really has a serious problem..some of those recent pics of him out at bars with urine on himself and falling all over the place…i never been a big fan but it’s sad to see…

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