CA Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Lead Foes in Fundraising Race

The Mercury News reporters that anti-gay Proposition 8 supporters are falling behind their opponents in efforts to raise funds in the California same-sex marriage battle:

Californiarainbow“A Mercury News analysis of campaign fundraising reports filed Thursday shows gay marriage supporters raised about $1.6 million since the May 15 court ruling – almost three times more than the lead groups supporting a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage raised in late May and June. The flurry of donations pushed the lead groups fighting Proposition 8 slightly ahead of their opponents in fundraising efforts over the first half of 2008. And that total does not include several large donations a major gay-rights group – Equality for All – received in July that were not included in the latest campaign filings. All told, Equality for All and a related organization raised about $2.6 million in the first half of 2008. That’s about $300,000 more than Prop. 8’s major backers – Protect Marriage and the National Organization for Marriage-California – raised through June 30.”

There’s some interesting, though not surprising, geographic information on the fundraising as well: “Contributions in favor of a ban flowed in from conservative San Diego and Orange counties, while Los Angeles and San Francisco counties produced some of the largest tallies in opposition to constitutional ban.”

Poll: CA Gay Marriage Ban Opposed by 51% of Likely Voters [tr]
Effective Immediately, All Gays Can Marry in Massachusetts [tr]


  1. jeffy says

    What a colossal waste of money.

    It’s so ridiculous that groups are actually battling over who can outspend whom when people’s basic rights are at stake.

    So sad.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    The Battle of California is a defensive battle to protect our rights. Whoever wins it wins nationally and vice versa. Nothing on our agenda, no matter where you’re from, or what your politics are, is even remotely as important. Things will change, but for now our lead in the Field Poll has been sitting on 51% for about a month. That’s way too close.

    The state AFL-CIO has come out against Prop. 8 and the wording in the voter’s pamphlet has been changed. The Chief of Police in LA made a big donation to EQCA and PGE, one of the biggest utility companies in the nation donated $250.000.00.

    We should be able to win the Battle of California handily. But we won’t with such a slim lead. The best of polls can’t measure the stealth bigot vote and we need a larger margin to nullify it. Secondly, and this is critical, precious little effort is being made to reach out to women, feminists, African-Americans, Latinos and Filipinos. We have allies in all those communities and they comprise large segments of the states population.

    The failure to invest substantial efforts in winning their support was not the only reason we lost the battle for same sex marriage on the last go-around but it was a big contributing factor. We can’t afford big mistakes; we have to involve everyone in our battle to win. It’s a given that fundamentalist preachers, pastors and priests in some of those communities are going to be doing all they can to deny us our rights. If we abandon the field to them we do so at our peril.

    “If our people fight one tribe at a time, all will be killed. They can cut off our fingers one by one. But if we join together we will make a powerful fist.” Little Turtle, Master General of the Miami Peoples. 1791.

    I’s critical that we win. Our energy and resources shouldn’t be wasted campaigning for either of the pigheaded opponents of same sex marriage, John Obama and Barak McCain.

    Barak McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Rev. Pat Robertson attached at the hip.

    John Obama is a Bill Clinton clone (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) with the Rev. Donnie McClurkin attached at the hip.

  3. says

    Marriage Equality is having ALL of the rights of marriage, including the 1138 federal marriage rights, not a legal category labeled “marriage” which is devoid of those rights. Massachusetts and California do not have Marriage Equality! They have civil unions with a fancy title. Barak Obama supports federal civil unions and other “legally-recognized” unions (including domestic partnerships and marriage) and wants to give All of them the 1138 federal rights of marriage. Presently, that includes 10 states! That would be Marriage Equality whatever it is called. When will our community start putting reality before rhetoric. True Marriage Equality can only be won in Washington, DC.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    Mr. Traiman: while I support Obama for President and the temporary acceptance, where necessary, of civil unions/DPs as incremental steps toward full marriage equality, for the record, your claim that he supports “federal civil unions” and “marriage” is fantasy. Nor do you know what the fuck you’re talking about re California and Massachusetts where “gay marriage” and “straight marriage” now have NO legal differences between them—in relation to state law. Federal benefits are, of course, a separate issue, but I can find no coherence of any kind in your statement “Presently, that includes 10 states.” The current CU/DP/marriage-state/federal morass is complicated enough without your nonsense. [There are other errors on the site you referenced but they aren’t worth addressing.]

    As for the financial reports: NO ONE should be lulled into complacency by such stories as their reliability TOTALLY depends upon the truthfulness when filing required fundraising forms.

    Just as an individual or corporation can lie on their IRS forms, supporters of the ban can lie on their campaign forms [auditing of their veracity is rare in referendum campaigns]—both in fully reporting cash donations AND “in kind services,” e.g., a homohating printer like the one who refused to print Reichen’s beefcake poster a couple of years ago could donate printing of signs, mailings, etc., and the ban groups not report it.

    And the adage “time is money” is never more true than the priceless work of volunteers in political campaigns. And the mammoth preexisting organizational tentacles of groups such as the Catholic and particularly the Mormon Church the way they proactively permeate the daily lives of their members—both heavily involved in promoting the ban just as they were in promoting Prop 22—DWARF all the gay groups combined.

    If any of you still have money, no matter how little, and/or volunteer time to donate, please do!

  5. Tralfaz says

    Keep the money rolling in. That’s where my $$ is going. None to the DNC this year sorry. I’ll vote for Obama … not my first choice.

    But defeating Prop 8 is my #1 priority this year.

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