1. Jimmyboyo says

    My 2 cents = not even worth that

    Hillary should have the most prominent speaking arangment at the convention.

    Less prominent than Obama of course and probably Kenedy (most likely taped speech because of his health), but more prominent than anything or anyone else at the convention.

    Name for the nomination for show? Not cool

    On a side note, Obama has put foreword letting FL and MI vote in full now.

  2. Banne says

    Why should Kennedy’s speech be more prominent than her own? When are people doing to stop elevating that man to heights he does not deserve. He’s a respect public servant, but he isn’t the foundation of the Democratic party, he never was.

    As for there being a roll call, having her name there is not unprecedented or even that big of a deal. The delegates will vote how they vote.

    Of course Obama wants full votes now, he’s won the nomination.

    I’m not for Clinton grandstanding at the convention. She lost. But there’s no reason why her name can’t be on the ballot along with anyone else’s. The delegates have for the most part pledged who they are voting for. It’s a matter of process. To me pulling her name and forcing her delegates (who represent those of us who voted for her) to vote only for Obama is not only undemocratic but offensive.

  3. Banne says

    Why should Kennedy’s speech be more prominent than her own? When are people doing to stop elevating that man to heights he does not deserve. He’s a respect public servant, but he isn’t the foundation of the Democratic party, he never was.

    As for there being a roll call, having her name there is not unprecedented or even that big of a deal. The delegates will vote how they vote.

    Of course Obama wants full votes now, he’s won the nomination.

    I’m not for Clinton grandstanding at the convention. She lost. But there’s no reason why her name can’t be on the ballot along with anyone else’s. The delegates have for the most part pledged who they are voting for. It’s a matter of process. To me pulling her name and forcing her delegates (who represent those of us who voted for her) to vote only for Obama is not only undemocratic but offensive.

  4. says

    CNN reports otherwise:

    “Since the delegate count is so close … what if you are called up for nomination and what if you do win by a narrow margin?” a questioner asked her at last weekend’s event.

    “That is not going to happen, not going to happen. Look, what we want to have happen is for Sen. Obama to be nominated by a unified convention of Democrats,” she said.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Edward Kennedy is the “father” of the Democratic Party that FDR, Sargent Shriver, Hubert Humphrey, and Lyndon Johnson built. FDR, Sarg, HHH & LBJ are dead–that leaves Teddy.

  6. Rad says

    …and now the Democrats will implode on themselves. Always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Would she have ever brought 200,000 people out to hear her speak in Europe? I don’t think so. Barack has proven he has something she does not, nor ever did have; Statesmanship and professionalism.

    I hope to Hell she does not grandstand. That will only detract and chance of the Democrats widening the majority in both the House and Senate, and securing the Whitehouse. It’s time to undo the damage to this country and to the world that these last 8 years of garbage have brought on. If she were a stateswoman, if she were more concerned about civic duty, Hillary would accept how things turned out in the primaries.

    I know it’s in her and Bill Clinton. Support Barack, support democracy.

  7. says

    The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. Hillary R. Clinton, will you please go now! You can go on skates. You can go on skis. You can go in an old blue shoe. Just go, go, GO!

  8. Leland Frances says

    While “New York RAGazine” has seen fit to promote Dan Amira from writing such critical-to-Civilization-as-we-know-it pieces such as “Bob Saget Weighs In On Ashley Oslen & Lance Armstrong,” “The ‘Veronica Mars’ Encylcopedia,” and essays on Big Apple strip clubs, his piece on Sen. Clinton appears to be but another one of his slime-one-slime-them-all [Hillary, Barack, McCain, Mother Teresa…or was that Hisstopher Hitchens?] balls composted from cherry-picked quotes from those with their own agenda. In any case, any further fertilization of the fallow fields of Hillary Hatred are counterproductive. And about as relative as bell bottom pants. Sure, some people still have them, but why haul them out now?

    Just last Thursday in San Francisco: “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a rousing call to thousands of union workers in San Francisco on Thursday to put Sen. Barack Obama in the White House come fall … Clinton’s address was met with cheers and a prolonged standing ovation from a crowd of 3,000 at the international convention of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees at Moscone Center. … The powerhouse labor union of public employees, which has promised to mobilize 40,000 workers in the campaign, endorsed Obama after Clinton had left the race, and its members gave him an ecstatic reception when he delivered a speech to them by satellite while on the campaign trail. … Clinton exhorted the union members to put their muscle and their money behind Obama. ‘…to make sure we have a Democratic president taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009’. … it is now ‘time for us to unite and stand together’. She delivered high praise for Obama, saying that throughout her often-contentious race against him, she had ‘seen his passion, his determination, his grace and his grit’. ‘There are a lot of folks still on the sidelines, trying to make up their minds’, Clinton said. But she said labor activists like the army of municipal workers must get behind him ‘if we’re going to have a president that respects unions’.”

    As for the idea of a joint ticket itself, the “San Francisco Chronicle” continues: “with less than 100 days to go before the general election, Clinton’s appearance in San Francisco underscored her continued appeal to many grassroots Democrats who were her supporters, many of whom say they are clinging to the hope that she may get the nod as Obama’s running mate.”

  9. Lucas says

    Will you people stop accusing her of trying to undermind the convention. Nothing she has said indicates that. A floor vote is completely normal. And considering how many delegates are pledged to her, there is no reason for them not to be able to cast a vote for her. She is not trying to steal this, is not going to steal this. God, you people just won’t be happy until she flies in on her broom and turns Obama into a toad and steals the election.

  10. Bill Perdue says

    Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson, later joined by Richard Nixon, were mass murderers and jointly responsible for the murders of over a million Vietnamese.

    Bush and Clinton followed in their footsteps by ordering the genocides in Iraq.

    Clinton and LBJ are the real legacy of the Democrats just as Nixon and the Bushes are the real legacy of the Republicans.

    Be smart. Vote against the Clinton Clone Obama and the Bush Clone McCain. Or just sit it out.

    Instead of giving money or energy to a pair of worthless frauds invest in the movement’s for real social change like the antiwar movement and UnitedENDA. The antiwar movement will be demonstrating against the war parties in St. Paul and Denver. Join us.

  11. daveynyc says

    GOOD FOR HILLARY..she knows that she is STILL the BEST choice to run this country and I pray her name is on the ballot..I can tell you right now if she were the nominee TODAY she would be 20% ahead of McCain and not the terrible numbers Obama is showing.

    Hillary 2008!!!!

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    All right, Bill, I get your message. And I do respect a lot of what you say about the two political parties.

    I guess I was being a little myopic…thinking about myself, Bill. OK–LBJ, HHH, Sarg Shriver & Ted Kennedy were good for Colored people like me, Bill…but maybe bad for Colored people in Southest Asia.

  13. Jimmyboyo says


    Kenedy has spearheaded and or openly supported almost every bit of legislation dealing with equal rights, voting rights, civil rights, gay rights, medicare, and social security

    He is even credited with saving an entire nation of people= The country of Bangladesh.

    The Pakistani armies were comiting genocide against the people of Bangladesh with USA supplied weapons. Kenedy as the sole voice of sanity and humanitarian compassion spoke out publicly and did everything he could to end US weapon support to Pakistan and to get foreign aid to the people of bangladesh. To this day Kenedy is still forbiden to travel in Pakistan while being praised in Bangladesh as their savior.

    Many times during the reagan years Kenedy was the lone voice in the wilderness promoting liberal causes.

    So give up all of your civil rights, gay rights, future medicare and social security aid up if you think Kenedy isn’t anything big.

    Hell, I would rank kenedy’s speech at the convention bigger than Obama’s except Obama is the nominee so Kenedy has to take a back seat.

    Hillary should definetly be give the most prominent position after Obama of course and kenedy (if nothing else the dude might die soon and we need to show him some thanks and respect)

  14. Jimmyboyo says


    Edwards should have nothing to do with being seen at all at the convention. He should be asked to not even show up.

    I liked Edwards pre Iowa (saw the writing on the wall), but even the shadow of suspicion about an adulturous affair and illegitimate child is too much drama.

  15. Derrick from Philly says


    if you don’t come into the real world soon, they’re going to gently wisk you away to Bellevue…you’d better hope Senator Clinton hears about your plight, and tries to get you out.

  16. Jimmyboyo says

    I agree with JeffNYC

    To my fellow libs, there is no need to dis Hillary. The primary is over.

    Hillary should have the most prominent position at the convention after Obama the nominee and Kenedy (actually his taped speech)out of respect for his health issues and past work for all of America.

    DaveyNYC, that ship has sailed. Sorry.

    Obama / Clinton 08

  17. AERES says

    Her delegates should absolutely be allowed to vote for her – meaning her name should certainly be put on the ballot for nomination at the convention.

    And she’s right, she won’t win. And she’s also smart enough to know that her supporters, particularly the few chosen to be delegates in Denver, need to be made to feel as though their support counts for something – that the people who voted for her (in record numbers) have their sentiments validated.

    It boggles my mind that Obama supporters would prefer it any other way. Its not as though a close vote at the convention changes anything – everyone already knows how close the contest was – let the convention reflect the reality of the situation – and THEN move on.

    Besides, polls show the majority of HRC voters support Obama. Allowing HRC delegates to vote for HRC in Denver can only help continue bridging that divide.

  18. RB says

    I totally support Hillary putting her name on the ballot! If she could pull off the nomination I would seriously consider voting for her. What a departure for me! However, given your current choices she is the best candidate all the way around. Obama will bankrupt the country much the same way Carter did. With any hope, she will pull an upset. If she does not, there will NOT be unity in the party. Bill cannot even say Obama’s name out loud!

  19. Nick says

    RB, you’re such a stupid fuck. You’d vote for Hillary but consider Barack a socialist? WTF?
    And your president hasn’t nearly bankrupted this nation sending us on fool’s errands that you support? Idiot.

  20. 24play says

    RB, I realize that, like many Republicans, you are immune to facts and reason. (I imagine that’s why when you were blathering on about how Obama’s tax plans would be a disaster last week, and I posted actual statistics comparing Obama’s tax plans—favorably—to McCain’s, you promptly disappeared from the thread.) You simply want to believe whatever it is you’ve been told by Karl Rove and Co.

    Nonetheless, I feel compelled to disabuse you of your silly notions about Carter and fiscal policy.

    Increase in debt: $.18 trillion
    As % of GDP: –3.2%

    REAGAN 1st term
    Increase in debt: $.65 trillion
    As % of GDP: +11.3%

    REAGAN 1st term
    Increase in debt: $1.04 trillion
    As % of GDP: +9.2%

    And, in fact, that’s absolutely consistent with everything we’ve seen from Democrats and Republicans since then:

    BUSH 41
    Increase in debt: $1.4 trillion
    As % of GDP: +13.1%

    CLINTON 1st term
    Increase in debt: $1.12 trillion
    As % of GDP: –.6%

    CLINTON 2nd term
    Increase in debt: $.42 trillion
    As % of GDP: –8.2%

    BUSH 43 1st term
    Increase in debt: $1.15 trillion
    As % of GDP: +6.9%

    BUSH 43 2nd term (projected)
    Increase in debt: $.42 trillion
    As % of GDP: +3.9%

    Clearly, it’s Republicans who have been driving the nation toward bankruptcy over the past 30 years.

  21. says

    24Play and Nick are more democratic self-loathing gay idiots who are voting for Obama notwithstanding that the presumptive nominee includes ex-gays like Donnie McClurkin in campaign events, is against gay marriage, and wants to expand the Bushie Faith Initiatives Program. Makes me sick to watch the gay machine rally around the Obama homophobe!

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, 24Play:

    any argument is stronger when you have facts to back it up.

    “….self-loathing gays who are voting for Obama”

    and the gays who love themselves are voting for McCain?…yeah, like Larry Craig.

  23. 24play says


    Um, I brought facts and figures in support of a reasonable discusion. You brought name calling.

    P.S. What’s wrong with the other screen name you’ve been using over the past week or two when you post your hysterical anti-Democratic drivel? Is it no fun anymore using THATSRICH, after you’ve been called out for being a tragic TROLL? Having trouble getting people to play your stupid games, my needy, needy friend?

    P.P.S. Nothing screams “PATHETIC TROLL HERE!” more than using multiple screen names.

  24. says

    Dude, if you want to vote for Obama who not only wants to deny your rights but dances around on stage with “ex-gay” Donnie McClurkin then so be it: but you can rest assured no one on this board respects your self-loathing politics, and if you find the truth offensive to you then go screw yourself. A lot of us gays are sick of people like you selling us out to homophobic politicians like Obama and Clinton.

    What has the Democratic Party brought you lately? ENDA? Nope! Repeal of Bill Clinton’s DOMA? Nope! Repeal of Bill Clinton’s DADT? Nope! But you all keep going back to the Democratic Party asking for more of the same. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. When will you learn the Democratic Party just hates you marginally less than the Republican Party? When will you come out of the political closet and start voting for candidates and a party that will provide us full equality?

  25. Jimmyboyo says


    -Obama supports civil unions (as hillary does)while mcshame openly campaigned against them in AZ

    -Obama supports gay adoption while mcshame has publicly stated that he is against it, then the LC’s got upset and privately he told them it was just for votes, that got published and the fundies got upset and he said to them actually I am 100% against gay adoption

    -Obama will repeal DOMA and DADT while mcshame will enforce them

    idiots never learn



    you betray yourself

    You are just trying to stir up sh@t amongst dems. The proof is in your “leftie” statment. Hillary is a leftie so your supposed support of her rings hollow and as someone with the intent of only pressing salt into dem wounds.

    repubs = give it upalready. The dude has lost. The only way mcshame will win is if Obama screws a puppy on live television while shooting a nun in the face with a gun.

  26. 24play says

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

  27. says

    Save me your tired separate but equal argument about Obama supporting civil unions but being against gay marriage. Why do you settle for sloppy seconds? Bill Clinton made a lot of promises to — like vowing to end discrimination against gays in the military — but instead gave us DADT and DOMA. Obama already has broken several of his promises like agreeing to accept public financing, no off shore drilling, etc. What makes you think Obama will not break his other promises? Why do you have this pathetic need to engage in a dysfunctional relationship with the Democratic Party? Obama’s flirtations with ex-gay McClurkin and his promises to expand George Bush’s unconstitutional Faith Based Initiatives Progams speaks volumes about the presumptive nominee. It’s tragic the way so many in the LGBTQ community vote for those who treat us like second-class citizens who should be grateful what few scrapes that are tossed from the table to us.

  28. says

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

    24Play Is A Troll for the Homophobic Obama

  29. daveynyc says

    RB, ADI- There’s no point in arguing with the Obamamaniacs..their golden boy can do no wrong. Even after the sexist remarks and actions towards Hillary and women reporters in general..after the Obama camp was throwing out Muslim’s from rallies…Obama promising to retire Hillary’s debt and has really done NOTHING but a few thousand dollars…yes people..The best money making Dem in a long time and he can’t and won’t do more to encourage his supporters to donate to Hill’s campaign..what a great man..I don’t blame most Dems for sitting out this election.

  30. tofer david says

    hillary deserves a highly prominent spot at the convention. she earned it. it is a shame she may not be selected as vp.

    i for one will not be voting in this election. i will not vote for mccain, but i am not voting for obama either. he has utterly done nothing symbolic or otherwise to show any regard for clinton or her 18 million supporters. i am not alone in my sentiment.

  31. 24play says

    Oh look! All the nutcases are out today!

    Christopher/Tofer David is here to keep us all up to date on what’s going on in Larry “I Blew Obama in a Limo” Sinclair’s multiple fraud cases.

    What’s up, Tofer? You and your friends manage to scrape up enough dough to bail poor Larry outta the pokey yet?

  32. says

    “Oh look! All the nutcases are out today!”

    Talking about the pot calling the kettle black, 24Play.

    By the way: did you get a piece on any of the Obama/Rezko land deals?

    If you want to talk about fraud I give you convicted racketeer and Obama business associate Rezko.

    Now why is Obama talking about ending federal oversight of the Teamsters Union for mob influence that has been in place since 1989?

    Now why is Obama talking about making John Edwards the attorney general when Edwards has no law enforcement experience and has campaign ties to several convicted racketeers?

    Obama is just another putz politician from Chicago’s South Side — and a homophobic one.

  33. david in iowa says

    Damn right her name should be placed in nomination at the convention. With Sen BO allowing Fl and MI to have full voting rights. (what a gracious gesture, considering he MUST win both states for any chance at the whitehouse) he and Sen Clinton are only 59 delegates apart when you count pledged delegates.

    H Dean, Pelosi, Brazille and other DNC thugs, browbeat-strong armed superdelegates, AND the Obama PAC shelled out $800,000 to congressional superdelegates to become the SELECTED nominee. Right now Obama is tied with McCain, 4 years ago Kerry had a 13 point lead before the conventions.

    Make it an OPEN, let the delegtates choose and vote their hearts and conscience. After all, Sen Clinton only won he popular vote and racked up 312 electoral votes and polls better than obama in several key states. Whose the stronger candidate?

  34. Michael Bedwell says

    Hey Idiot—try this dunce cap on for size—from someone who preferred Sen. Clinton for the nomination, flamed Sen. Obama repeatedly toward that end, but chooses reality over whatever brand of Shit for Shinola you’re selling.

    1. Obama never appeared on the same stage with McClurkin. It was wrong to associate with him even by video appearance as he did, but the proof of your general nonsense about Obama is demonstrated by the specific lies/ignorance at its base.

    2. Contrary to your juvenile screeching, neither DOMA nor DADT were Clinton’s ideas. They would have become laws regardless.

    3. The majority of Democrats did not block ENDA, etc., but Repugs.

    4. Obama’s position on real marriage equality may be no better than most Dems who were competing for the nomination but it is light years away from McShame who is not only against domestic partnerships but campaigned for the state constitutional ban in Arizona [something Obama never did in Illinois] and flip flop flip flop now says he could support an amendment to the US Constitution which Obama is still vehemently opposed to. Obama 3. McShame 0.

    In sum, only children threaten to hold their breath until the Perfect Political Candidate arrives. You can stand on that little corner in your mind waiting all you want for that bus to pull up but you ain’t going anywhere that way. ADULTS know that it ain’t gonna happen, that none of us are perfect, that life is full of compromises, and the best we can do is keep striving for the best we can get at any given moment in time. Is McShame and the American Taliban he’s sold his soul to your alternative? Or the green Greens or the moldy Labor Party or fill-in-the-blank? Please share your wisdom with us or just shut the fuck up because you’re just bitching to hear yourself bitch.

    We already know what the problems are. Suggestions for solutions rather than simpering idiocy from social parasites like you is what we need.

  35. says

    Michael Bedwell: Why don’t YOU just shut the fuck up. Bill Clinton could have vetoed DOMA and DADT, and so what if the then Republican Congress — with the support of a lot of Democrats I might add — overrode the veto. At least the so-called leader of the Democratic Party then would have kept his promise and made a political stand. Isn’t that what leaders do? But instead the degenerate and corrupt Clinton made scapegoats out of the LGBTQ community for his own politically expedient purposes. And no doubt Obama already is proving to be the same kind of double-talking double-crossing politician. The LGBTQ people who keep apologizing for, defending and explaining away the rampant homophobia in the Democratic Party must really enjoy sitting in their shit.

  36. Michael Bedwell says

    Still waiting for your viable alternative, Idiot.





    Would someone please save my place in line while I answer Nature’s call?

  37. 24play says

    I don’t know, Tofer. Maybe I’m TALKING ABOUT THIS:

    it should be interesting to everyone that larry sinclair was arrested in DC with a warrant from Delaware.

    Interestingly Delawares Attorney General is Joe Biden’s son. The AG signed off on the bogus warrant.

    Joe Biden is considered to be a major lead for Obama’s VP.

    Sinclair was held in jail for three days and was not allowed to make a phone call.

    Also, his social security benefits were cancelled given the connection to being charged with a crime–something odd about that.

    Connection? Look into the facts or just continue to call him a nut. Continue to ignore that something fishy is going on connected to Sinclair. People are scared of what he has to share.

    Posted by: tofer | Jun 26, 2008 10:36:44 PM


    don’t worry. more to follow. what are you so afraid of?

    Let’s review the facts. Obama is a known coke addict. Obama is tied to Rezko and countless other questionable people from Chicago, the Middle East and across the United States.

    There are plenty of rumors surrounding Obama’s sexuality.

    Sinclair received enough death threats that the Washington DC police and FBI have been involved in ensuring his security. Several organizations and individuals worked tirelessly to ensure Sinclair didn’t get the opportunity to speak. Petitions were developed to prevent his right to free speech. What are people so afraid of? That Sinclair might be telling the truth about Obama?

    Sinclair owns up to his past indescretions that were illegal. Wait what laws did Sinclair break? He wrote some bad checks. He used the word bitch to cuss out someone in a state where swearing in public will get you arressted. What else did he do that makes him criminal? Oh he has done drugs. Surely no gay man has ever touched drugs. Wasn’t it Obama that said the whole point of smoking pot is “to get high.” Obama is an admitted coke addict.

    Obama’s handlers are proving themselves to be far smarter masters of the media than even Bush was.

    Posted by: tofer david | Jun 19, 2008 10:07:02 PM


    …Then there is the refusal to report anything additional about Larry Sinclair.

    Donald Young the gay choir director at Obama’s church was murdered “gang land” style in December 2007. Young claims to have had a sexual relationship with Obama. Young had been in contact with Larry Sinclair and revealed to Larry that he had had relationships with Obama and had contacted Larry Sinclair about the comments he was making about Obama having down crack in 1999 with Sinclair.

    For more, got to or

    Posted by: tofer david | Apr 28, 2008 7:54:35 PM


    ….i know that some of you blew off larry sinclair, but lately things with him and his pursuits to reveal the truth have gotten very interesting.

    you can find more at,

    i truly believe that this story will be coming out.

    the chicago pd is investigating the links that may exist between the murders of three gay members of obama’s church and the alleged contacts that were made by one of the murdered to larry sinclair. all three gay members were murdered in similar gangland style executions in their apartments in apparent robberies. that alone is a bit coincidental. all three murdered within days of each, all three gay members of the wright church and all three murdered similarily.

    patrick fitgerald may also be involved as the attorney general in illinois. he is a rising star as attorney generals go.

    stay tuned. there are too many coincidences. more information can be found on the larry sinclair site linked above.

    Posted by: tofer david | Apr 29, 2008 11:29:23 PM


  38. RB says


    I thought that you knew me better than that! I do not post under multiple names and I am NOT just trying to stir up “sh@t amongst dems”! Really, are you kidding me?
    And in regards to betraying myself, get real! I do NOT live in the closet, I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in and resent your comment.

    Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes I would be a stronger supporter of the maverick McCain from a few years back. However, Obama is NOT qualified to run the country. I can assure you that given the choices we have today I would CROSS PARTY LINES AND VOTE FOR HILLARY knowing what I know now. I did the same for Bill, twice! Why can you not understand that? HE, OBAMA, IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE THE PRESIDENT! I do not think that he can beat McCain. Of course I will be the first to say that I am wrong if he does. Somehting that I am sure others here will not.

    Jimmyboyo, you betray me. If all I wanted to do was “stir” I would not continue to post, repeatedly for over two years here on the blog I enjoy. I would not use the same screen name the whole time. Yes I believe differently than most others that post here. However I thought that over time I had earned some respect for not being your regular run of the mill closeted republican! Wrong my friend, your comment was out of bounds and crossed the line.

    If I wanted to read the posts of people that sounded just like me I would spend my time on gaypatriot. Get real…

  39. Jason says

    RB, you may not be closeted but you are a bit of a concern troll. And I suspect you have other issues if you can say, with a straight face, that you’d vote for Clinton but absolutely lose your mind at the thought of voting for Obama when the two of them are nearly one in the same. Whatever.

  40. Nick says


    you’re probably right about RB’s “issues” especially considering the fact that he has referred to Obama as a “socialist” more than a few times. What does that make Hillary?

  41. RB says

    I have issues? Really! I don’t think so! So basically you have agreed that BOTH of them are socialists and I have issues?!

    I believe that they are BOTH socialists, but the main difference is that she will NOT vote against the country and will swing more centrists, as did Bill and Obama will not. He “knows” what is best for Americans. He knows that America is “no longer what it used to be”. Michelle for the “first time in her adult life is proud to be an American”! Give me a break.

    Issues? kiss my ass! I spent 35 years trying to be straight. I was married, I have two smal children. I faced my wife of over 11 years and came out. I faced my parents and my work. I have spoken before my city council for homophobic remarks and continue to fight for rights at the local level and I owe you no explanation for my personal life but here it is. I do not want to hear “issues” from someone that does not even know me! You really have some nerve here!!! When you cannot find anything else to say you come out swinging with personal jabs. Grow the hell up and find some real “issues” to fight!

  42. rudy says

    RB, Don’t let the provacateurs get to you, Bro. Although I disagree strongly with your political choices this election (I would never vote for Hillary for any position because I have seen her in action and have never encountered a more duplicitous, vengeful, or elitist person) I never question your sincerity or motives. When commenters start tossing around accusations of “having issues,” they are merely projecting their own feelings of inadequacey and insecurity. The dedication you bring to your fight for equality for your family and our “family” is beyond question.

    I agree that Obama is somewhat inexperienced but I trust the people with whom he has surrounded himself. Moreover, Obama delegates decision making, as any chief executive must, whereas (having worked with his staff) McCain does not listen to his advisors and reminds me of Jimmy Carter in his control freak managerial style. The decisional point this this year, for me, is two-fold: (1) McCain is experientially erratic, if not also certifiably crazy, (I have seen him go ballistic without cause on fine people of unquestioned integrity [remind you of someone?]) and (2) most importantly, the upcoming appointments to the Supremes are simply too critical and potentially injurious for a generation of jurisprudence regarding our basic civil rights as gay men to risk the choices that would be made by McCain.

    Whomever is elected President will inevitably raise taxes. E.g., We cannot continue to expend $72m explicitly per day on the Iraq war alone without increasing tax revenues. The infrastructure in this country is crumbling and inflation is heating up. We are facing the very real possibility of Carteresque stag-flation. Many here do not, but I do, remember the Carter years of stagnant wages and weekly increases in food and fuel commodity prices together with 18-20% borrowing rates, for those with perfect credit. McCain has no experience–indeed no interest–in economics. He has never had to concern himself with trying to feed, clothe, and educate his family. He was a legacy appointment to the Academy who married money when he saw the opportunity, despite being already married.

    McCain has a woefully undeveloped moral compass. That he is a hero for enduring what he did in Viet Nam is beyond peradventure but that does not qualify him to be President. I simply cannot trust him, based on repeated painful, if not altogether bizarre, interaction with him and his staff.

    Know that I will always have your back, RB, even when we disagree politically. Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t let the political PC police on Towleroad push you away with their personal attacks. They lack the integrity and compassion that you abundantly possess.

  43. davyenyc says

    You must remember most of the Obama supporters on here are a little scared that Obama is not further ahead in the polls right as Obama once said in one of his sexist remarks:

    “When you challenge the staus quo the claws come out”

  44. 24play says

    It would be nice if RB would take time out of his busy schedule of defending himself against personal attacks, and instead respond to the substantive posts challenging the baseless assertions he’s made about Obama’s tax plans and Carter’s economic performance.

    That’s what a person who truly values the discussion here on Towleroad would do.

  45. says

    I must have pressed the wrong button today. I thought the WingNutDaily had a white background! Where’s that poll on whether or not Obama was born in Kenya? Or on what I think of the McDonald’s boycott because they’re so pro-gay?

  46. Jason says

    HA! Thanks for the confirmation, RB! So you’ve also been a pathetic self-hating gay. Nice.

    Also, it’s nice to see you’re clairvoyant since you seem to know how either Clinton or Obama would vote as president. And one “socialist” “swinging more centrists” than the other? I think your biases are showing.

  47. RB says

    Thanks Rudy for the kind words! Always a gentleman. Trust me, I am not any happier with McCain than I am Obama. I really think this is going to be a difficult four years and a one term president whomever is elected. However, I really see Hillary as in the middle of the two we currently have as options. She may have socialists views, but would not impose them for fear of not getting re-elected. She knows what it takes to get elected and stay there. That would make her be more centrist than the other two.

    Further, Jason you are dismissed to the category of no response.

    24play, it is THE CONGRESS THAT INITIATES SPENDING BILLS! THE PRESIDENT CAN SIGN OR VETO. And if this is the road you would like to take lets talk earmarks. Google obama and earmarks it is in the millions in 4 short years, mccain zero.

    Barack Obama: “… $91 million total placed him in the bottom quarter of senators who seek earmarks, the study showed.”

    John McCain: “one of five senators to reject earmarks entirely, part of his long-standing view that such measures prompt needless spending.”

    Again, Rudy, all my best to you and your family. Take care!

  48. says

    Jeez PC Fuckers (you know who yu are )Let up on Rb and anyone else you don’t agree with. Keep it to the issues not whether or not he has issues. I don’t even understand half of what he’s saying but I do value his opinion alot more than those of some of the people who just jump on him.

    Btw, there is nothing wrong with HRC being vted on at the convention. All hell will break loose if her name is not put up for nomination. Do we really want the nationam MSM and FOX to have that story for the next few weeks leading up to the election?

    One more thing, O’s ties to the Black Christian Right are under the radar screen now but mark my words they will come back to bite us in the LGBT community.

  49. 24play says


    Thank you for finally responding to my posts.

    The president sets spending—and taxing— priorities for the nation. Congress can force his numbers up or down a bit, or shift amounts from department to department. But the budget (and any resulting deficit) is largely the president’s baby. The executive branch proposes each year’s budget.

    As a percentage of the GDP, the national debt increased—often significantly—under each and every term of every Republican administration since 1976. It decreased—often significantly—under each and every term of every Democratic administration. Now which party is the party of fiscal discipline?
    As for your specific claim that Obama would spend America toward bankruptcy “just like Carter,” it’s bullshit. Carter did no such thing. You need to either acknowledge that fact or counter the statistics I cited with statistics or reasoning to support your own (false) assertion.

    I’m sorry but, if you want to make a case for McCain as a smarter choice than Obama on fiscal policy, blathering on about earmarks is not going to cut it. Yes, McCain’s complete opposition to earmarks during his Senate career is admirable, and I prefer it to Obama’s use of earmarks. But McCain’s placement of the abolition of earmarks at the heart of his “plan” to bring the budget under control is ludicrous.

    McCain originally claimed $100 billion dollars could be saved by ending earmarks. Then his top economic advisor, Douglas Holtz-Eakin projected the saving from outlawing earmarks to be only be $60 billion. Unfortunately, under closer scrutiny, a lot of that $60 billion includes earmarks that McCain has always strongly supported and refuses now to oppose (aid to Israel, housing for military families, development of Predator unmanned attack vehicles,etc.). When pressed, Holtz-Eakin finally had to admit that only $16-18 billion could be saved via earmark “reform” Yes, that’s “reform” now because, when confronted with the actual programs earmarks pay for (McCain didn’t really have the foggiest notion what he was talking about when he spoke of earmarks), McCain backed off of abolishing earmarks outright.


    But let’s get back to the larger picture, cutting the budget and reducing the deficit. Earmarks account for only about 0.6 percent of government spending and 0.1 percent of GDP. Therefore, even McCain’s original proposal to abolish earmarks altogether amounts to just a drop in the bucket, less than pennies on the dollar. It’s not serious economic policy, given the economic straits we’re in.

    RB, you might be able to make a case for why a reasonable person would support McCain over Obama. But there’s no way in hell you’re going to be able to make it on economic policy. On that, McCain hasn’t a clue.

    So, why is it you’re supporting McCain again?

  50. nic says

    “la neta” (the bottom line) is that any homosexual who would argue the case for a repug on economic or other grounds is beneath contempt. mccain admires scalia and thomas; barack admires ginsberg and souter. should that not be enough to quell any discontent over obama? it’s enough for me, and (i would hope) enough for all self-respecting members of any minority.

    hillary and bill need to get their due. after that, go obama!

  51. Michael Bedwell says

    Rudy made several other good points, but a special bravo for this his most cogent and undeniable statement:

    “the upcoming appointments to the Supremes are simply too critical and potentially injurious for a generation of jurisprudence regarding our basic civil rights as gay men to risk the choices that would be made by McCain.”

    At the risk of juvenile pun picking by others, one of my favorite quotes is from the black writer Ralph Ellison:

    “If you can show me how to cling to that which is real to me while showing me a way into the larger world then…I will not only sing your praises but help you make the desert grow fruit.”

    Like most of those who not altogether secretly swim in superior self-righteousness, McCain has always paid a great deal of lip service to respecting that which is real to even us, and to believing we are all equal. George Bush fils said the same kind of things in the same breath in which he announced his support for an amendment to the US Constitution making gay men and women officially second class citizens.

    While Obama has a distance yet to travel re actual marriage equality but McCain is little better than the professionals in the Antigay Industry to whom he has sold his soul. Oh, he won’t call names, speak of burning in Hell, blah blah blah. But at the end of his administration we would still be just as unequal as those with whom he now slithers would have us, and, again, worse, by his Court appointments guarantee that for decades to come.

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