1. crispy says

    “that guy is a prick for giving the guy the finger and that bullshit ”

    Heavy sigh. If you are that retarded, you simply should not be allowed near a computer.

  2. amanda says


    WTF ____ >>> LOL >>>>

    You can tell it was fake ,… couldnt you ?


  3. Andy says

    Okay – while I am happy for this guy and realize what he has accomplished is an amazing achievement – I am so sick of hearing about him and the Olympics aren’t even over.

    Furthermore, are we supposed to be surprised that the record for most medals are in swimming? There are like, 2 million swimming events at the Olympics – so many it is ridiculous.

    How does a marathon runner who has just circled the city of Beiging compete with that? What are they supposed to do? Run around the city of Beiging nine more times or until they drop dead to rival his medals?

    They are just as great an athlete as he is.

    By the way, Mark Spitz was much cuter, even with the mustache. Actually, he is still cuter than Phelps, even as an old dude.

  4. Ian says

    Wasn’t real? That looked like a real middle finger that Phelps gave him to me. Just because you all drool over Phelps, don’t deny what we all can plainly see…he’s treating Cavic, the Silver Medalist, like a total dick. Kiss my ass Phelps.

  5. George W says

    Even I can tell that this was a creative piece of video editing. you think a tub like that would come in second? geesh IAN.. maybe you should vote Republican!

  6. Stairs says

    “geesh IAN.. maybe you should vote Republican!”

    …on a completely unrelated note, the word “geesh” as used in certain British boarding schools means “anal beard”. As I said, unrelated, but it was nice to be reminded of years gone by.

    Nice spoof video; very well made.

  7. patrick nyc says

    I can’t believe so many of you thought that was real. Have you ever watched a swim meet? The guy playing Civic is twice the size, no make that twice the size and weight of the real Civic. As for the finger, you never see Phelps in any of the shots.

    If Phelps is Republican I don’t support his politics, just as I don’t care for many of the politics of my conservative family, they and I love each. We just vote and believe in another set of principles.

  8. sugarrhill says

    Did it ever dawn on the numerous posters that have commented on those posters that “think it’s real footage” that perhaps those posters were kidding?

  9. Ryan says

    I know that in our technology laden world we are constantly bombarded by visual images, video, etc. and have become desensitized to it. HOWEVER, in such a world we should all be able to analyze the visual imagery quickly.

    To all those voicing their opinions against Phelps for his “actions” in this video, I assume have been paying attention to the olympics and would have been able to tell that the guy in this video is clearly neither Cavic nor a swimmer at all. Plus, if these actions had been real, don’t you think it would have come out right after the event rather than a week later.

    We really need to start paying attention to and processing what we see, read, and hear before we start making outlandish claims. I would hope readers of this blog are a little more in tune with the world around them, the technology out there, the forms of entertainment on the internet, and the definition of satire.

  10. Pekemoc says

    Ok, at first I thought it was real, because a) I failed to notice that it was a Funny or Die flash player and b) I hadn’t seen the meet so I didn’t know how exactly it had gone down. But I looked at it again and noticed, a) that dude is way to big, and b) it a FUNNY OR DIE flash player. If you’re gonna be a bitch about someone you do not know and are never going to meet, at least have a semi-decent reason.

  11. mike says

    Not only is Phelps conservative, but he’s a serious case of arrested emotional development–which is typical of most conservatives and LCRs anyway.

  12. mike says

    Not only is Phelps conservative, but he’s a serious case of arrested emotional development–which is typical of most conservatives and LCRs anyway.

  13. Sean says

    Where are you getting this Phelps-is-conservative stuff?

    “Phelps, who considers himself completely non-political, often finds himself in the middle of political discussions because Vendt, a ardent Ron Paul supporter, is a political junkie and he and fellow Club Wolverine swimmer Davis Tarwater, who trends liberal, love to argue politics before practice with coach Bob Bowman (who trends conservative and is a McCain supporter). ‘They go at is right from the start of practice, Phelps says. ‘They’re always like “Did you see Hillary (Clinton’s) speech last night?” and I’m like ‘What do you think?'”

  14. ann arbor says

    awesome video.

    i think it’s pretty much impossible to live in ann arbor, mi and not become a raving liberal. everywhere you turn there are signs: impeach bush, end the war now, no blood for oil, etc. maybe it’s something they but in the water…

    anyhow, if phelps is a conservative, i’d also like to know where your sources/sites are?

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