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    But I thought the Democrats were our friends? How can this be? I guess this explains why neither a Democratic Congress nor Democratic Presidents have ever provided us any rights notwithstanding their pandering rhetoric through which they use us as mere tools in their grab for power. (After all, in order to secure those self-serving earmarks a corrupt politician first must figure out a path to power, and for the Democrats that path to power is on the back of the LGBTQ community.) Ain’t politics just grand? I laugh when people say that the Democrats care about us . . . they really, really care about us. Really.

  2. LD says

    “I think…”

    How often do we hear that from the Sally Kerns, the Darryl Rousons, even the Elizabeth Hasselbecks of the world. I I I I, this is how I think, hence it must be put into law that others cannot challenge my beliefs, or merely live by their own.

    The first person pronoun is very popular with the insecure and self righteous.

  3. ian says

    dick. a black person who isn’t for civil rights is a race traitor and a fucking entitled dumbass.

  4. Disgusted American says

    Obviously this asshole..hasn’t listened to the words of Corretta Scott King..or that it was a Gay Black man who Helped Pen the “I have a Dream speech”? This guy should be ashamed of himself….Once religion was Once USED to discriminate against him…I’d love to belt him in the mouth! Since when is discrimination “Ok” to use…? This guy is a Major Asshole!

  5. ian says

    dick. a black person who isn’t for civil rights is a race traitor and a fucking entitled dumbass.

  6. says

    And once a Christian always a Christian. Rep. Rouson has apprently “forgotten” that the Bible says it’s perfectly OK for people to own his pathetic black ass.

  7. 1♥ says

    Dear Mr. Rouson,
    The Klan agrees with you. I’m sure they’re glad you support them.
    P.S. The Ten Commandments doesn’t say anything about homosexuality.

  8. BD1421 says

    How will he explain to his children and help them overcome the message he’s sent – that he’s a bigoted asshole?

  9. Mark says

    ” The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes….” Is he kidding me?? Doesn’t Rep. Rouson remember that there was a time not that long ago historically speaking when the law was “supposed to discriminate” against African-Americans? Just goes to show, yesterday’s oppressed becomes tomorrow’s oppressors.

  10. David D. says

    My, who knew that I was sowing the seeds of “social order and anarchy” just by existing? All those years of working, shopping and watching TV have been for nothing!

  11. yeahisaidit says

    …at least he was shut down by the others on the panel and the disscussion was civil…plus, he looked like an ass in the end..pun intended…

  12. OTTO says

    Hmmm. A black man who is FOR discrimination. I wonder if he would like to come work for me? In chains of course. Picking cotton would be involved. I would of course have full reign over his wfe, and sell off his children. Discrimination is never the way to go.

    Harsh-yes. I’m just sick of the ignorance.

  13. Disgusted American says

    I sent him this email to his site:

    As a Heterosexual citizen,and LGBT supporter …I saw the clip of you on a tv program talking about Gays & Lesbians adopting…and may I say I was Shocked to hear your response. What a disappointment you are as a Democratic representitive? ..of supposedly ALL citizens NOT just the heterosexual community..then Invoking your personal opinion about Morals? You sound like a GOP boot licker. Maybe YOU SIR, need to READ the writings of Corretta Scott King regarding LGBT issues…It was Gay people (risking thier lives) who Marched in Selma as well as other places for YOUR CIVIL Rights…also, the “I Have a Dream” speech was co-written by a Gay Black man…and to top it off…you use hollier then thou rhetoric about morals..then say it’s “OK” sometimes to discriminate? Excuse me? Interesting..since that Tactic WAS USED against Blacks for decades/centuries..USING Religious Backing!!! You are a complete Disappointment..and another reason to avoid Florida Tourism all together with my America Tax dollars! Why don’t you join the GOP? You sound like them…and they’ll PRETEND to like you IF you “Side with thier opinions on Important Issues” that Actually affect Children/families of LGBT citizens which it sounds like you do…a Sad & Pathetic Representative you are sir!

  14. Jason says

    Ugh, another Republican opportunist switching over to the Democratic party for a chance at winning. GO BACK!

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    “Once a Republican, always a Republican…”

    Exactly . . . just like Hillary Clinton who was a former Goldwater girl. I guess it was Hillary’s Republican roots from her formative years that explains her subsequent support for DADT and DOMA during Bill’s homophobic administration.

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    So wasn’t slavery the social order of the pre-Civil War era for at least half the country? And weren’t the black men and women who married starting in 1866 when it was allowed given hell for the actions?

    African-Americans who are against gay equality are such hypocrits!

  17. Wes says

    Democrats may not be our friends, but Republicans are our shameless enemies. They outright demonize us to win elections, hell they actually declare a f*cking culture WAR on us, so I’d like to see a log cabinite explain why we should give one shit about them when it comes to how much they ‘care’ about us.

    I’d rather vote for the party that exploits tolerance for votes rather than exploiting bigotry. They may both be using us, but at least one isn’t using us as scapegoats.

    I mean really, attack the dems because the reps have such a shining record on gay rights. Like being the reason we need them to begin with.

  18. says

    What century do these people live in? It’s hard to believe they can say these things on TV! Have they read anything since 1960? They live in the US?

  19. says

    “I think lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong. The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes, in some respects, it is supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy.”

    I think the law should also discriminate against stupidity. I vote there should be a law that everytime an asshole-ish statement such as this is made publicly, someone appears, pointing their finger at you and laughs hysterically. I also vote for wide-spread use of whoopie cushions, “kick me” signs, and being read by fierce drag queens who’ve done too much caffeine.

  20. says

    Yo, Thatsrich: take a look at the previous post on Harvey Milk Day:

    The California Senate approved May 22 as ‘Harvey Milk Day’ by a 22-13 vote along party lines.

    Guess which party was on which side!

    Not ONE Republican voted for. Not one! Not a single one. No Log Cabin influence there!

  21. tom says

    He’s today’s version of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin’s” ‘house nigger’.


  22. Michael Bedwell says

    THATSRICH is only proving the same thing Rouson did: once retarded ALWAYS retarded.

    Harvey Milk campaigned for Goldwater, too, asshat, and he wasn’t a naive 17 like Hillary! Her husband made many mistakes but his was still the gay-friendliest admin we’ve ever had. I’d rerun the list [Federal civilian employees discrimination ban, first out US ambassador, federal judge, etc., etc.] but you’re too retarded to read it all.

    As for everyone else, fight Rouson’s vicious hatred with fewer words and more money: send a few dollars to help his gay-positive [and, BTW, also black] opponent win the nomination at

  23. says

    WES — I believe that by signing DADT and DOMA into law — with the support and approval of his loving wife — Bill Clinton was exploiting bigotry and using us as scapegoats. If the LGBTQ community, as a general matter, was less self-deluded and self-loathing then it would support the Green Party which has a platform fully inclusive of gay rights rather than continuing to suck up to the Democratic Party which continually beats us down. If more LGBTQ people came out of the political closet to actually vote their interests and principles then the Green Party could gain greater traction in the political system; however, as long as we keep rewarding the Democratic Party for refusing to act in accordance with our interests then we should expect more of the same: nothing!

  24. says

    Michael Bedwell — wow, the Democrats in Cali gave us a Harvey Milk day. What a great day for LGBTQ liberation! A Harvey Milk day in Cali makes up for DADT, DOMA and the lack of ENDA. We are so lucky that there are so many courageous Democrats out there giving us relief where we really need it. Sounds like Harvey Milk day is exactly what I’m complaining about: a lot of pandering, symbolics and rhetoric from the Democrats but at the end of the day no real political gains for us.

  25. nic says


    while your comments drip with anti-dem sarcasm, they don’t display any cleverness on your part. rather, they betray an almost childlike (and certainly childish) lack of political sophistication. are you capable of producing an original thought, or are you so accustomed to parroting right-wing talking points and aping their behavior that that ability is beyond you?

    seeing the writing on the wall, rouson changed parties for political expedience. to lump his sorry ass into the pool of democrats and then hold him as an example of democrats in general is ridiculous in the extreme. don’t be stupid.

    you may also want to read about the politics of the 90s. you may find that the clintons were ahead of the curve when it came to gay rights, gays in the military, universal health care, appointments of gays and minorities to cabinet and high-level positions, etc. again, don’t be stupid.

    i suppose that you think that being snide and making facile generalizations makes you come across as cute and smart and informed. but to the contrary, it makes you appear intellectually lazy and dishonest and, well, dumb. the next time you wish to make one of your “astute” comments, you may want to consider this time-worn truism: it is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  26. crispy says

    “Harvey Milk day is exactly what I’m complaining about: a lot of pandering, symbolics and rhetoric from the Democrats but at the end of the day no real political gains for us.”

    All those gay couples getting married in California would beg to differ.

  27. says

    Back in the day Harvey Milk was a deeply closeted investment banker with a paid boytoy on the side. That boytoy was Joe Campbell aka. “The Sugar Plum Fairy” of Warhol fame.

    Then he turned on, tuned in, dropped out, got the hell out of Dodge, moved to San Francisco and became quite a different person. If you want to hold support for Goldwater from his early days over his memory go right ahead, but it makes no sense whatsoever to do so.

  28. says

    Crispy: You can thank the California Supreme Court for marriage equality there — and among the judges who voted for the decision to allow gay marriage were Republicans. Fancy that.

  29. Michael says

    In my lifetime, I’ve known a number of racist homosexuals, just as I have a number of bigotted blacks. This notion that being a minority would necessarily encourage one to empathize more greatly with others who also endure oppression gives way to a greater instinct common among all humans, which is to climb higher among the ranks of of the social order by standing upon the shoulders of others. It is sad, indeed, but an unavoidable fact that exists currently.

    Perhaps this is why Larry Kramer’s rantings sound less and less like lunacy, and more reasonable over time. The fight against a federal hate crimes bill, the lack of any protection against housing discrimination or employment discrimination, a fight for a federal marriage amendment, let along Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. A minority in our own families, we are woefully out numbered by those who do not care or, worse yet, wish to bend us to their will by taking away our right to put food on our tables or keep roofs over our heads.

    This is why we must achieve the impossible, and bring together such a diverse community as ours, setting aside our petty judgements concerning one another, coalesce and rise to a greater political force than we currently are.

    Tolerance is an inactive word when held up next to the word “respect,” and respect will not be given to us until we begin to respect one another and demand it from society at large.

    Really, enough is enough.

  30. crispy says

    Thatsrich: It wouldn’t have gone to the Supreme Court if it wasn’t for Democratic Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome. And you can thank Republicans for Proposition 8.

    You fucking imbecile.

  31. says

    “ThatsReich soooooooooooooooo desperately wants your attention.”

    That’s right, 24Play (or is it party ‘n play 24/7?) — by choosing not to think the same and vote the same I am making a desperate grab for attention. How dare I even think of stepping out of the LGBTQ lockstep code of conformity. It would be better if I were exactly like you, and give up my deluded belief that the LGBTQ comunity actually was a diverse group of people representing all walks of life. I bet with your lack of individuality you must be a real hit at parties, 24Play!

  32. 24play says

    Words of wisdom from Ta-Nehisi Coates, the newest blogger over at The Atlantic:

    “I have one request guys. Please, please, do not respond to any trolls. You will only make it worse. Frankly, there’s little that can be said to offend me–I grew up around people who would snap on your dead grandmother. But what I really hate is to see a conversation get eaten by two or three people who are attempting to argue with a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith. Have some sense, and don’t fall for the con.”

  33. anon says

    Curses! Foiled again by the forces of decency, law and order!

    Of course, the label under his picture says “Republican”, which was a Foxian move?

  34. says

    24Play: paranoid, much? Or do you really believe that anyone who dissents from your monolithic vision of the world is a troll? Why are you so afraid of dissent? Is your grasp on reality really that fragile?

  35. 24play says

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

    a guy who’s basically just baiting them, and not really arguing in good faith.

  36. nic says


    ouch! you got me!

    i repeat: i suppose that you think that being snide and making facile generalizations makes you come across as cute and smart and informed. but to the contrary, it makes you appear intellectually lazy and dishonest and, well, dumb. the next time you wish to make one of your “astute” comments, you may want to consider this time-worn truism: it is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


    24PLAY has a point — ignore the ignorant pissants.

  37. Jimmyboyo says

    NIC and Jason

    100% correct

    This guy switched from being a religonista repub to a religonista dem because he realized the repub brand is DOA at the moment.

  38. says

    NIC and 24Play: Your repeated exhortations to ignore my posts are belied by your continued responses to my posts. And you call me ignorant? That’s rich.

  39. charles says

    To Michael Aug 6, 2008 12:29:22 PM

    You are apparently the only sane, well-meaning, non-hysterical poster on this thread. Sincere thanks for writing that.

  40. Michael Bedwell says

    If you’re addressing me, Mr. Ehrenstein, no, I do not “hold it against” Harvey Milk that he was once a Goldwater supporter [tho I did fairly note the fact that he was older than Hillary was when she made the same mistake]. One assumed it was obvious that the point was to point out the nonsense in Miss Green Thing’s selective indictments—i.e., for other’s erudition as he proved himself invincibly ignorant with word one.

    He really should thank Andy for giving him a place to dump his chronic verbal diarrhea while the rest of us can be thankful that the as-currently-composed Green Party will remain for the foreseeable future wandering in the desert. Of course, there remains that little thing of their having been chiefly responsible for putting George fils in the White House and, thus, the further destruction of the environment, various economic catastrophes including a stratospheric deficit, the erosion of civil liberties for all Americans as well as the codification of gay second class citizenship in most states, and the deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

    Combine that with his having cretinously called California “Cali” and we fear beheading is his only hope.

  41. says

    It’s just a matter of time before the media discovers that Rep Douchen is on the “down-low and fucking around with that closeted Florida governor. Considering how many gays reside in Florida can’t the Victory Fund find one qualified openly gay person to run for office against these obviously stupid elected officals? Jeez.

  42. says

    “and we fear beheading is his only hope.”

    Yes, Michael Bedwell: your use of violent imagery is what we all love so much about you, and certainly says a lot more about you than my use of “Cali” — for shame! — does about me. Makes me think you actually aren’t losing a lot of sleep over “the deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians” you otherwise purport to care about.

  43. GBM says

    Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly dropped N-word on Towleroad discussion threads. Always an inevitability when a person with homophobic views also happens to be black.

  44. Vi Agara says

    Did anyone actually listen to what he said? He is truly an idiot. Its good for gays and lesbians in a perverse way that he speaks his mind. It only insures that thinking people realize what a joke he is.

  45. getalife says

    everyone reading this blog is laughing at you. Answer me however you want. We will still be laughing at you.

  46. Michael Bedwell says

    Rich, Rich, Rich. At least your inability to distinguish between fact and fantasy is consistent.

    When I wrote, “we fear beheading is [your] only hope” we were referring to euthanasia.

  47. says

    GetaLife: And you’ll still be a second-class citizen bitterly clinging to the Democratic Party as your only false hope by which to escape from your small meth-addicted bathhouse world. Good luck.

  48. getalife says

    Good one, Rich. I knew you would take the bait– I could have even scripted that response for you. How does it feel to be so easily controlled? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    and might I add: ha ha ha ha ha

  49. says

    “How does it feel to be so easily controlled?”

    It makes me feel like I’m a victim of mind control . . . much like gay man voting for a Democrat

  50. Bill Perdue says

    The Democratic Party is chock full of bigots like Rouson.

    They voted for DOMA and DADT and refuse to repeal them. They’re like the chief of staff of the DNC, Leah Daughtry, recently appointed CEO of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Daughtry, like fellow pentecostal sky-pilot Jimmy Swaggart, is a pigheaded opponent of same sex marriage. They voted to gut ENDA and to discard it and the hate crimes law. They voted to put a racist, anti-GLBT bigot on the Federal circuit court.

    These Democrats aren’t exactly what you’d call friendly to LBT folks, plus they’re pro war and pro-business.

    Is it any wonder they’re all set to choose a presidential candidate who will extend the war, trash civil liberties, support union busting and be as good a friend as DADT/DOMA Bill was?

    Vote against the Bush/Clinton Clones.

  51. jason says

    The funniest thing about Rouson’s comments is when he says “I think lesbianism and homosexuality are morally wrong”. But lesbianism IS homosexuality. You can’t say “lesbianism AND homosexuality” – it’s nncorrect English.

    If Rouson can’t get basic English terminology right, then how can he be trusted overall?

  52. getalife says

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha— whew, I just can’t go as long I used to before I got addicted to meth. In the bathhouse. While voting for a democrat. Under mind control.


  53. chad says

    Well i would say that lots of blacks and latinos are very homophic,almost as much as uneducated white trash in southern states which mainly vote republican. Anyone with a degree of knowledge about voting,dems and republicans would never vote republican,thats for sure. While the dems might not be perfect,all pro gay legislation hss come from dems and has been derailed or stopped by republicans. Even steriod gov Shriver in Ca vetod gay marriage when passed by dems in ca,thats how conservative fundamentalist and fascist republicans are and any gay person voting repubican is a disgusting human being. Thanks

  54. Russ says

    On August 5, Mr Rouson publicly and openly reversed himself at a political forum hosted by a local chapter of the NAACP. He additionally offered a personal apology to a openly gay candidate running for county office. If one considers this small step toward reformation sincere, then Towle’s blog should at least make mention of the event.

    My guess is that Mr. Rouson might have conflicting beliefs and lingering concerns. I don’t like watching the video or hearing those sentiments anymore than any other posters, but perhaps we can help educate him, rather than simply berate/debate his hurtful statements. A helping hand extended by Equality Florida, and HRC will be more productive in the long run.

    Link to story:

  55. says

    So… after looking at Russ’s link, it turns out the clip is 2 years old.

    So he said all those hateful things while he was a Republican!

    He became a Democrat in January, and has apparently learned quite a bit: “Sometimes we become educated and evolve,” he said during a St. Petersburg NAACP candidate forum. “I have evolved.”

    For example, he has evolved into a Democrat (I confess I too am an ex-Republican).

    Thatsrich’s comments are hereby voided by the facts (which will come as a surprise to no one).

  56. Bill Perdue says

    Democratic (sic) racists and homobigots like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond can morph into Republicans just as easily as Republican bigots like Rouson can morph into Democrats. Or those same bigots can stay in the Democratic (sic) party and inject racism into primary campaigns and buy time on Falwell-type radio networks to boast about signing DOMA. Clinton did.

    All this morphing back and forth and inside the two parties goes on because there aren’t any substantive differences between the parties, just cosmetic ones.

    Be smart. Vote against the Clinton Clone Obama and the Bush Clone McCain. Or just sit it out. Instead of giving money or energy to a pair of worthless frauds invest in movements for real social change.

  57. earthquakepills says

    It amazes me that comments such as this can be heard so clearly whilst the speaker’s head is so firmly wedged up his own ass