News: John Amaechi, Clinton, Iowans, Kenny Chesney, India

road.jpg Former pro basketball player John Amaechi is blogging from Beijing!

Heathroad.jpg BrightSide: Restaurant/bar funded by Heath Ledger before his death to open in Brooklyn.

road.jpg Murdered trans woman Angie Zapata mourned in Colorado.

road.jpg The Atlantic publishes a whole bunch of Hillary Clinton’s campaign memos. Here’s some of the reaction

road.jpg Will Britney Spears attempt it again at the VMAs?

road.jpg Will John Edwards come around now on gay marriage? “Asked about his position on same-sex marriage a year ago, John Edwards said that he ‘personally [does] not’ support gay marriage, citing his religious beliefs as basis for his opposition. Even without the hindsight we have recently acquired about Edwards’ own marriage, this was the response of a bigot. We now know that as with most bigots, Edwards is a hypocrite. As he was spewing inane statements about being “on a journey” on the issue of gay marriage, he surely had to remember the journey that lead him just months earlier to break his civil obligations and spiritual vows in his union with his wife Elizabeth.”

Swaggerty_morganroad.jpg The Sioux City Journal profiles Chuck Swaggerty and Jason Morgan, a gay couple who are not only parents but plaintiffs in the same-sex marriage case making it through the state’s court system: “Here we are, 10 years together, two kids together and yet somebody can be married for a month and they can have insurance at their jobs and we can’t. But it’s really more than that. … Marriage, it is really more about love and family.”

road.jpg Provincetown business owners take sides over “family week”: “Family Week, which just ended here, is causing a turf war between different local businesses: those who benefit from having several hundred children and their parents pushing strollers through town and those who most definitely do not.”

road.jpg The extent to which, unfortunately, some people, even law enforcement, associate gays with child molesters was illustrated in this incident which happened at a Fire Island resort town over the weekend (not one of the gay resort towns).

Polarbearroad.jpg Wild Kingdom: Polar Bear remains found in shark’s stomach: “…they are unable to say whether the shark attacked and ate the bear or whether it simply scavenged a bear’s carcase.”

road.jpg Kenny Chesney is an athletic supporter: “Payton volunteered a story he heard about Chesney helping Saints cornerback Mike McKenzie undress for a shower last January while the two were in Birmingham, Ala., to rehabilitate from surgery.”

road.jpg Kylie Minogue is “The One”.

road.jpg Lady Gaga is always on.

road.jpg With the recent boost from health minister Anbumani Ramadoss, challengers to India’s law criminalizing homosexuality are hopeful the antiquated law can be done away with: “The Delhi High Court is set to address a petition filed in the court by the NAZ Foundation, a Delhi-based non-government organization for HIV and AIDS prevention. The group is challenging arrests under 377.”

road.jpg Shia LaBeouf may not lose his finger after all.


  1. Desch says

    I really enjoyed the new Kylie video- superb graphics, beautiful man, nice retro motifs. My favorite song from X. Yes I know I am so gay, lol.
    (I would have had a wind machine in the video, though..)

  2. MikeG says

    Regarding “Family Week” in Ptown: Does anyone know what weeks are popular with the local businesses?

    Is it the 4th of July or Carnival Festival or Bear Week?

  3. Leland Frances says

    Poor, poor Dan Amira over at the once-great “Atlantic” magazine! Not only is, apparently, Bob Saget no longer returning his calls about Saget’s thoughts on one of the Olsen twins dating Lance Armstrong, but mean old Hillary dropped out of the race leaving him, and other parasites like him, to suck on old news.

    Of course, it’s too much to expect those with a perpetual hangover from deep throating too much Hillary Haterade to focus on the fact that she REFUSED her advisor’s advice to paint Obama as unAmerican.

    The news that neither she NOR Edwards are still on the ballot is also irrelevant to Obamaniac Paul Jenkins, source of the pointless—and dishonest—quote about Edwards. The full screed chooses to crucify, yet again, both for their alleged moral inferiority to Obama in relation to what, according to mind reader Jenkins, they think about marriage versus Obama.

    Of the latter he writes, “He has also said that he feels America is ‘not there yet,’ a dispiriting cop out that leads him to do his civil union dance in a bid not to alienate more conservative voters while throwing something to gay Democrats. He knows as well as anyone that a separate and equal treatment of gay and straight relationships is impractical, imperfect and simply is not equal in fact, in law and in spirit.”

    That’s called “giving someone the benefit of the doubt in the absence of any EVIDENCE to the contrary.” Per Jenkins, Edwards and Clinton are “bigots” and “hypocrites” while Obama is merely “dispiriting” while being politically pragmatic, wink wink. Somehow, in Jenkins’ jaundiced mind, because marital infidelity has yet to publicly touch Obama his identical public opposition to gay marriage equality is less intellectually indefensible and morally bankrupt as theirs.

    McShame is feeding America and his campaign on such hyperbolic hagiographic pie baked in Obama ovens. Messianism won the nomination but it could lose the White House, a fate horrible for all of us.

  4. OTTO says

    Andy. The Heath hit is still delicate. I would not have gone there. Still …I don’t know. Maybe it is because I knew him. Please respect. I guess not talking about Heath helps sometimes.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    alas, I had to give up on Reggie ever since he started to cavortin’ with that Kardashian hussy. Why would you want to run around with a gal that you can’t bring home to meet Mamma Bush (not Barbara)?

    But if Country Music singin’ can get me into a pro-football locker room…well, then,

    “I’m proooud to be a co’oaal miner’s daughter….”

  6. scientitian says

    Sigh…do we have to get into this Hillary/Obama crap again? I don’t think ANY politician deserves to be victimized as much as everyone keeps victimizing Hillary Clinton. She played the game, and she lost. Don’t pretend she’s a saint.
    If you really want to fight for the straight-shooting underdog, start touting Cynthia McKinney and I’ll sympathize with you.

  7. Gregus says

    The comments on the Sioux City Journal article about Chuck and Jason are pretty appalling. If anyone needs a reminder of how much hate we still have to fight against, just take a quick look. There are a few supportive people, but far too few.

  8. Tralfaz says

    I wanted to slap the shit out of Rachel Maddow today for even giving this story air time.

    And NO ONE is claiming Hillary is a saint. This shit just keeps the bad blood between Hillary and Barack supporters.

    I’m sad that Hillary is not the nominee, but I will vote for Barack.

    For my own experience from Democratic Underground I was treated like SHIT for supporting Hillary.

    I still think that she would have been a stronger candidate.

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