1. JerzeeMike says

    So they jerked off for $$ on a gay website. Big whoopidy-doo!!! They did something stupid by putting themselves out there and now they’ll probably get crucified for it. I’m sure they’ll at least lose their scholarships over this. Well, you live and you learn.

    That Donahoe kid’s a cutie though. If he’s smart he’ll hit up Falcon Studios and let Chi Chi put him in a few of her movies and he’ll more than make up for lost scholarship money.

  2. says

    I really don’t think it should matter. The guys needed money or the attention, why should their lives be ruined or scrutinized because they posed nude for a gay porn site? Most men (gay or otherwise) love porn…why should we continue to allow the “destruction” of the men who appear in porn? It goes back to that old Puritan “fell bad about sex and whatever else makes us feel good” ethic.

  3. says

    I’ve enjoyed photos of both and am thrilled to see they have actual athletic talent to back up their chiseled bodies – something lacked by most chiseled gay men. Not all, but some. It makes me laugh to see some gay refer to himself as a “jock” because he spends hours in the gym but then can’t catch a frisbee.

  4. Disgusted American says

    ..and why does this affect thier school activities? It was done on thier own time…and well,being that College is VERY expensive..they probably NEEDED the money…I agree with above poster – BIG WOOP! Americans are so weird when it comes to sex. Everyone knows, that everyone HAS IT (either with others or themselves) but – ohhhh don’t discuss it…what a Puritanical Society we live in. Again I agree with above poster – talk to Chi Chi…she’ll give u wrk young stud! Fuck the heteros.

  5. Strepsi says

    I agree with the previous posters — the school should do NOTHING. Just as the previous generation will continue to be appalled that every 20-something will have tattoos and piercings, every 20-something will also apparently have been nude on the internet. Just given the thousands and thousands of guys on “gay for pay” sites alone, never mind amateur straight stuff. Society will just have to adapt, or lose its future workforce…

  6. says

    Gays are vindictive and cruel; if this was a straight person this would not have happened. Why because gay men seek revenge constantly over what they cannot have and it is just plain sad and pathetic. There are many more straight porn performers out there in the real world and you do not see the rampant crack down on their past. They are allowed to do whatever job they have now and live their lives because that is the generosity afforded to them by the straight world. The gay community seemingly does not share this “live and let live” viewpoint for all of their talk about being tolerant and open. That is a load of crap and many of you know it.

    Is there any wonder countless gay men have headless pics out of fear that they will be exposed by another gay person in their circle as looking for sex. Such a shame based reality and this is VERY much true. Many gay men are trying to be discreet from other gay men who will pull them down. Right?

    There have been numerous cases of this in the past because gay men are spending so much time on the computer comparing pics from this site to another site; now why is that? Gay men are sex hounds and do not have a BIGGER life outside of the computer screen. As hounds they want to seek and point out these insipid and boring facts. Why is this a surprise that two straight guys have a life outside of Frat TV of course, they lived somewhere and of course they were probably not straight. These two young men did nothing to anyone and yet some loser decided to report them to their university. Now if this was in the reverse some gay person being outed by a straight person they would be crucified by the loving and caring “gay press” as a sign of oppression and character assassination

    Why is it not being done here?

    The recent article on Manhunt destroying “gay culture” is so very true and needs to be read by far more gay men and they need to act accordingly. I do not think Andy and other gay bloggers do any justice here as this is not gay news this is character bashing and completely disrespectful to their lives. Isn’t this the same thing we as gays do not want done to us, full disclosure. Now before you go all screaming queeny here, consider what I am saying and accept it.

    Look at the recent disclosures of gay sex done by the gays. If you are so damn proud, leave well enough alone and let these men have their gay sex or jerk off on a gay website. If these men came out with anti-gay statement then take them to task but they have not. Nope again I state gays are cruel and hide behind this new internet wave of “I discovered it first”.

    BTW: these guys jerked off and that is hardly gay sex, sure it was on a “gay website” however it DOES NOT make these men gay. Yet this rumor will be constant because gay men what them to be gay, well they are probably not so deal with it and jerk off.

  7. Michael W. says

    What pisses me off is that the person who blew the whistle was obviously viewing the site. Where does he get off turning these guys in? Fucking busybody!

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Two red-blooded, all American boys doing what they ought to be doin’. This should not affect their futures at all….unless they’re homophobic, racist Republicans. Well, God Bless ’em, anyway.

    I love muscles….don’t you, West Coast Sis?

  9. Mike says

    Donahoe is gorgeous.

    NSFW links:



    Anyone know how tall he is? He’s only about 125lbs, yet he looks…bigger. He must be around 5’5″, 5’6″ maybe?

  10. JerzeeMike says

    Charles, did I miss something here? Nowhere did anyone say the person who turned these guys in was gay. It may be likely but there’s no evidence to support your accusation. It could just as well have been a jilted GIRLFRIEND who did these guys in. It happens.

    No one here even stated that these two men were even gay. Let’s not jump to conclusions here. And Andy is only reporting what is all over the bloggosphere already and not perpetuating a smear campaign against Donahoe and Jordan.

  11. Jimmyboyo says


    what the hell are you blathering on about?

    It is the straights being cruel and judging these guys for what they did for cash.

    “Gay culture” dude gays in america are just that = americans = NO CULTURE what so ever outside of consumerism.

    Anyway; more power to these guys. College is expensive and they needed cash

  12. says

    Charles obviously didn’t read either Andy’s post or any of the comments before reacting to something nonexistent.

    I agree with the rest of you — aren’t we getting to a point where this is ho-hum?

    Do those NSFW photos look photoshopped to anyone else? At one point the two seem to me to have an identical penis.

  13. John in Manhattan says

    “Gays are vindictive and cruel; if this was a straight person this would not have happened. Why because gay men seek revenge constantly over what they cannot have and it is just plain sad and pathetic.”

    “Gay men are sex hounds and do not have a BIGGER life outside of the computer screen.”

    “Nope again I state gays are cruel and hide behind this new internet wave of “I discovered it first”.

    Speak for yourself, CHARLES. Aside from your atrocious grammar, you clearly have issues with being gay and relating to other gay men. A therapist might be able to help you.

  14. john says

    Ummmm, did the same person who just condemned gay men for being too sexual and too involved in on-line sex, websites, etc, later make reference to an article he read on ManHunt?
    Charles – nobody knows if the person “turning these boys in” is gay, and I don’t think anybody is assuming the boys themselves are gay.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “…seem to me to have identical penises…”

    Oh, no, KEVINVT. I can’t remember faces, but I never forget a penis. They are distinct individual penises, with very healthy glows to their countenances.

    Andy is turning me into an integrationist….at f….kin’ fifty.

  16. davefromtampa says

    All I know is I can’t wait to get off from work so I can look at the good stuff and, um, get off.

  17. anon says

    There are a lot of non-sequiturs in the posting. What does the arrest for a drunken house party have to do with photos on a gay website? Why would their alcohol level be relevant when they are above the legal age and not driving? Did they violate some school policy? Otherwise, I’m not sure where this was going. You could say they lacked judgment, owing to a variety of things, but did they consider how others might react, particularly their teammates?

  18. 24play says

    Many, many posts ago, I realized Charles’ blog,, should be renamed

  19. Leland Frances says

    Some say scandal, I say MANna from Heaven! [While hoping they survive the erotiphobic former.] Before it disappears, check out the hot [if brief] video of Donahue in solo action at the link below. [Do all Fratmen sets include a room with Warhol’s Jackie Kennedy on the wall—or should THAT have been U of N’s first clue?]

  20. Dback says

    I agree with Mike; Donahoe is gorgeous. This in a way could turn out to be advantageous for him; he could springboard it into a modeling career, even if he’s only 5’5″ or so–there are tons of gay themed agencies that’d hire him. (And I LOVE a short, hunky guy–be still my heart.) He doesn’t have to get into Chi Chi’s films to make some good cash and have a decent career.

  21. SugaBear says

    “..and why does this affect thier school activities? It was done on thier own time…and well,being that College is VERY expensive..”

    Interseting point, but it does matter what they do on their free time as they are NCAA ranked athletes and according to the UNL Hanbook

    page 417 it states that “Universtity disipline may also be inititaed in instances off campus student misconduct which adversely affects the university’s pursuits of it’s recognized educational purposes.”

    So befor you decide that it’s okay, for them to do porn o their free time, it’s not it affects the school and the team and the they broke the rules of goverence of the NCAA. Learn something about what your talking about before you take sides just because they may be conidered hot. And full disclosure, I’m in Canada and have could care less about the NCAA but I do teach p/t at a college and know P&P and ROC.

  22. Mark (another one) says

    @Leland – thanks for posting the link! One of the benefits of working from home on my own PC. Nice tease clip! Unfortunately though I have a feeling both of them will get tossed off the wrestling squad simply because there will be opponents who won’t participate in a match with them after seeing this. Too bad.

  23. peterparker says

    What is interesting to me is that Donahoe is the hot one in the pictures Andy has posted here. But in the NSFW fleshbot pics, it’s Jordan who is *really* hunky (and no, I’m not talking dick size). In any case, I’ll take two of each.

  24. Bob R says

    Unfortunately, these guys have made a huge mistake. How can anyone in this day and age not know that nude photos and/or sex videos, especially guys as young and incredibly handsome as Donohoe, will eventually end up on the internet? Whatever the motivation, money, kicks, fun, whatever, they are now going to pay a very heavy price.

    The folks in Nebraska really are easily appalled by this type of activity. Many probably secretly love it and do it rotuinely, but publicly exposed it becomes a scandal. A harmless JO video will mean endless harassment at school and at work and will be very detrimental to future employment. These photos/videos will follow them for a long time.

    As for sports, unless it’s the Gay Games, they’re pretty much finished. Whether straight or gay, because the photos/videos did not involve a female and were done either on or for a gay website is all that will be needed to paint these boys with the gay brush. In the real world where people are very judgmental and cruel, these boys will probably be going through a living hell. Don’t be surprised if their family’s don’t disown them and the school asks them to go elsewhere to finish their education.

    I wish them both the best. It’s a shame we are such a prudish, unforgiving people when it comes to sex. I hope they can learn and grow from this experience. They’re in for a lot of mental anguish.

  25. jboy says

    What’s the big deal. They aren’t being ‘outed’ for being gay and they didn’t do hardcore gay sex vids. They got naked which isn’t a crime and did a solo for a website. ( those singlets don’t leave much to the imagination anyway ) Now everyone and the university are going to be immersed in drama. I’m sure the college has covered up a lot of scandals and this is small potatoes. The guys were naive or stupid however, if they thought this wouldn’t be discovered now or ten years from now.

  26. clint says

    Oh yeah, Neb. taxpayers will probably use the porn angle to yank their college wrestling careers and attendant $$, but we all know it’s because the assholes in charge are jealous of those big ol’ hoggs our boys are showing off. To the boys I say keep up the good work, and there’s most likely much $$ to be made in wrestling porn, LOL.

  27. ATLSteve says

    Geez, how do some of you make it through each day with your panties constantly in a wad?

    Assuming they are scholarship athletes, the issue for Neb. and the coach is that they got paid. There are pretty strict NCAA rules about scholarship athletes and when/how they can earn money.

    Don’t let real-world facts get in the way of a good diatribe.

  28. gr8guyca says

    Every so often, Playboy runs a feature called, “Girls of the Big Ten” or “Girls of the Ivy League.” These are college girls who are photographed nude for Playboy – for all you guys who have never picked up a copy of Playboy.

    I wonder if these girls are punished for this and/or lose their scholarships? They certainly are not shunned by their classmates.

    So, this reveals a double-standard, perhaps. Girls pose nude – it’s an honor. Guys pose nude – they are shunned.

    And, yes, Donahoe is a hottie.

  29. JJ says

    What’s the backstory on this? I’ve heard that some of the sites use female recruiters on college campuses who earn a commission and talk these hot jocks into beating off online. Has there been any reporting on the process by which these college jocks from a sheltered place like Nebraska wind up as “Nash” and “Cal”? I’d be surprised if it were their own idea. One can’t be all brains if one is the national champion in college wrestling and also expects to appear on and remain anonymous.

    Mr. Donahoe, especially, appears to be displaying some lapses in judgement lately. Unfortunately, most of us are no where near Lincoln, Nebraska.

  30. HZH says

    Reading some of the comments (especially about Chi Chi and wrestling porn) reinforce my impression of the disconnection between many gays and the real world. Getting into porn is always the worse option if there is a better way a young person can make his way in this world. The money may be good in the short term but it’s not really for someone who appears to have some talent in other field, in this case sports. And how many people involved in porn have died young? Plenty.

    I wish the pair the best, and hope their mistakes wouldn’t ruin their future.

  31. Derrick from Phiily says


    Yes, Lord! We could use an EVAN sermon today. An EVAN sermon condemning US self-hating homos craving after straight college boys with cute dingdongs.

    But how do we know they’re straight? ‘Cause ALL college wrestling boys are straight! All that rubbin’ and grindin’ on each other is purely platonic…pay no attention to the erections.

  32. Mike says

    JerzeeMike: Falcon? ChiChi? What are those? Nobody of any value is staying with DVD porn companies. The internet sites pay just as much and have way more “users”.

    Falcon. LOL How cute. It’s so Fall ’99.

  33. the queen says

    hello miss derrick, yes donahue is gorgeous and a pox on the busybody who turned him in… collegiate wrestling along with football fuels my favorite homosex fantasies… i could go on and on…

  34. the queen says

    … jordan on the other hand tho not as pretty of face as his jackoff buddy does have an impressive cock….

  35. Joseph says

    Perhaps the “real world” needs to change and grow up. If it’s not illegal–and I presume dropping trou on a website and jacking off is legal–then there should be no punishment. Simple as that.

  36. JerzeeMike says

    JerzeeMike: Falcon? ChiChi? What are those? Nobody of any value is staying with DVD porn companies. The internet sites pay just as much and have way more “users”.

    Falcon. LOL How cute. It’s so Fall ’99.

    MIKE, how today of you to be a little priss and not value what’s been done in the past. Besides, Falcon Studios is as popular as ever, as any time one of their stars appears at the Splash Bar can tell you. Also, they have a large pay per view website that’s been up and running for quite some time.

    Isn’t it interesting that anything or anyone that’s been around longer than last Memorial Day is considered out of date and laughable. Ask not for who the bell tolls, MIKE, you’ll find out soon enough.

  37. wearinboots says

    I first saw (fell in love) with Paul (Nash) on Just gorgeous!!!!

    I wish both of them the best and hope that they can deal with anyone’s ignorance that will confront them.

    As for this affecting their future, Hell, in 20 years people who never posted anything on line that now seems embarrassing will be looked at as strange.

  38. Brett says

    Mike, you are so right, but you have to know that you are going to angered the old queens that troll this site.

  39. JerzeeMike says

    BRETT, why the “old queens” comment? Seriously, the ageism on this site is completely out of control sometimes. I feel sorry for many of the younger generation. You’re so afraid of turning 30 it’s just insane.

    Remember, guys, it’s old queens like me that got you where you are today and I’m damn proud of it.

  40. says

    Well, this should teach a valuable lesson to any compatriots of these two guys who might be “led astray” into the world of making quick cash for dropping trou and working up their goodies – Stick to the things that college jocks are usually chastised for, like doping and date rape. It seems in this twisted world we live in, even those things are easier to overlook/cover up. It’s all good until somebody yells “GAY!” in a crowded theater. I sure hope these young men can get some counseling for the mental anguish that is sure to follow. They’re gonna need it.

  41. Michael Bedwell says

    Fuck you, Brett, and not in the good way. How very Lance of you! If it weren’t for “old queens” gay sites of any kind on the Net would be legally banned and you’d have no place to show your cretinism. You’d still be illegal in 50 states and most places in the world. Whatever gay bar YOU troll wouldn’t exist.

    But just keep sowing it, Bitch. It’ll just make whatever you reap when you’re older all the sweeter.

  42. Dan says

    They had to know what they were getting into.

    It might be wrong that posing for nude photos (gay or not) can ruin their academic prospects, but they were stupid enough to do it. I can’t abide stupidity.

  43. Nick says

    The full “Nash” video is available on “g@y///” without the slashes and symbols.

  44. GregV says

    “….page 417 it states that “Universtity disipline may also be inititaed in instances off campus student misconduct which adversely affects the university’s pursuits of it’s recognized educational purposes.”“

    Sugabear, I don`t see how anyone rational could argue that this sideline job has in any way interfered with other students` ability to learn, the university professors` ability to teach, or any other legitimate educational goal.

    My interpretation of that clause would be that students can`t, I don`t know, maybe throw airplanes in class or bring a loud radio into an exam.

  45. Jack Hoff says

    Sadly, I have to agree with Bob R above. This will not go down well for these wrestlers in Middle America, where the taint of anything “faggoty” trumps all. I’m hoping that they can bluff it out with some “stand by your man” girlfriends to assure the locals of their hetero standing. But opposing crowds in other gyms will taunt them unmercifully, so it’s probably best if they resign from the squad, and get to stay in class without further consequences.

  46. GregV says


    oops, my examples in my post don`t apply to “off campus.“ It`s actually a little hard for me to come up with much from off campus that would really interfere. Maybe starting a students` off campus club that demands students attend meetings during class time would be an example. posing naked off campus shouldn`t interfere with anyone`s education.

  47. andrew says

    well the cute one “Nash” is 22 already and won is a NCAA champion already. he should be done with college already so if i were him i wouldnt be worried

  48. Tyler says

    I’m in my thirties and if the net was as evolved then as it is now, I would’ve done the same thing for money, I don’t care, god knows I could’ve used it. I hope these guys don’t care, their dvd’s will sell like hot cakes for awhile now.

  49. BRIAN says

    From the athletic department’s point of view, this is a disaster.

    1. Fundraising. Remember that one main reason for universities to field sports teams is raising money from alumni and other fans. At least some wealthy supporters of the wrestling program, or of the university in general, may be less excited about writing checks now.

    2. Recruiting. A sports program’s future depends on its ability to recruit new athletes out of high school. This kind of publicity is going to make high school wrestlers nervous about wrestling for a team that’s going to hear screamed homophobic abuse at every away match this year, and it’s going to make their parents even MORE nervous about their sons being part of that team. The coach has a steep uphill climb ahead of him on the recruiting front this year.

    3. Public Relations. Universities love to send their star athletes out to talk in high schools, do volunteer work with kids or the elderly, etc. It makes great photo ops and gets good publicity for the school, which helps raising money and recruiting new students. I’m guessing the wrestling team will not be getting many invitations to pose for pics with the Cub Scouts this year.

  50. Haven says

    Donahoe (the cuter one) doesn’t seem to be running away from this at all. The profile pic on his facebook account is a black and white shot of him lying on his back shirtless, in jeans, going commando, with the zipper down about as far as it can go. It doesn’t actually show his package but he’s clearly fine with baring as much private area as he can get away. I guess he might as well, since the whole world can see what he’s packing anyway.

    No need to feel sorry for him. With that hot body , cute face, and giant cock this guy is getting a lot of dates! if he is at all “bi-curious” he is getting plenty of offers from the other closeted hotties. He’s gonna be fine.

  51. SugaBear says

    GREGV; The NCAA has very, VERY strict rules regarding what athletes can and cannot do while beinging on a NCAA team sport. A proposal being considered by the NCAA’s Committee on Agents and Amateurism would relax strict rules banning college
    athletes from earning outside income, according to the K.C. STAR. Committee Chair William Kirwin said the change is part of “three cornerstones” to keep agents out of college sports. The three-part plan: Better education among college athletes about rules violations involving agents; financial flexibility allowing athletes to better support themselves; and tougher penalties against schools and athletes involved with agents. Included would be rule changes lifting the ban on athletes working during the off-season, allowing them to earn up to the difference
    between their athletic scholarship and the cost of attending school (around $2,000 a year).

    Not only the willingly violate the letters that they must sign to student code of conduct UNL they also violated the letters and waivers of code of conduct as a member of the NCAA. They created a nightmare for UNL – see what BRIAN has written, he knows how this will fallout. It just seems that most of the comenters here are more concerned with which is the hottieor nottie and not with the fact, that if you choose to play with fire and your school career you’re going pay.

  52. leroi says

    They’ve been dismissed from their team. Others don’t feel sorry for them, but I do. You pay for your mistakes, but the young often make many mistakes, and shouldn’t have to pay permanently for them.

    They’re talented wrestlers, no doubt it was their life.

    I have no idea what they’re feeling.

    Hopefully they can finish school, but if they depended on their wrestling scholarships for even that, what can they do?

  53. HARDSTONE says

    They might get invites for the talkshow circut, film and tv offers, and tons of dating offers. It’s only just begun for them……………

  54. Disgusted American says

    well I hope the Coach and whats left of his team LOSES every match from here on out! The coach looked like he’d be jealous of them anyways….I see a movie there somewhere….2 young guys,and a coach..hmm

  55. says

    Regarding the comments about who could’ve discovered them or turned them in, I work as a scout for some adult web sites and I can tell you first hand that I know at least a handful of other athletes that have done work for other adult sites — and what has gotten them in trouble has been their inability to keep their OWN mouths shut — they do these photo shoots and then they tell all their friends because they think it’s cool… well, you know others cant keep their mouths shut either, so friends tell friends, and word that “so and so did PORN!” travels like wildfire. I am not professing to know how it happened for these two guys, but I am just saying that it could’ve just as easily been their own fault for blabbing about it and eventually it made it back to officials at the school or the NCAA…

  56. Not Surprised says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the “anonymous” leak was someone from Fratmen/Fratpad. Think of the publicity those sites are getting now :) Good PR move for them?

  57. Themistocle says

    Jerzeemike: …Ask not for who the bell tolls….of course we won’t ask since it’s for WHOM the bell tolls that matters. And we won’t tell neither. will we?

  58. Themistocle says

    Jerzeemike: …Ask not for who the bell tolls….of course we won’t ask since it’s for WHOM the bell tolls that matters. And we won’t tell neither. will we?

  59. Themistocle says

    Jerzeemike: …Ask not for who the bell tolls….of course we won’t ask since it’s for WHOM the bell tolls that matters. And we won’t tell neither. will we?

  60. Harrison says

    I know this is an often-turned phrase, but, if I looked like that when I was naked, I would have been jacking off 24 hours a day.

  61. Xavier says

    Wow, the anonymous scandal rag at the school has now done sooooo much good for the human race with exposing the situation. Bet they’d even rat themselves out for the sheer ‘right’ of it. Don’t care they were on gay or gay for pay site, but more interested in what this manhunt of one’s past activities will lead to. Hope the press stays squeaky clean in there lives. Oh, doesn’t matter, who would really rat them out?

  62. RIO Kaye says

    NOTHING WRONG!…The reason why? these two guys did because of the money. you have to understand that as long as you did not do wrong with someone,hurt and kill just do it…let your dreams come true. This is the land of thr FREE! Mind your own business! LIFE is too short….enjoy every monemt of your life. People giving a negative comments about these two guys…are ignorant. Before you give a comment to someone…look at yourself first. Whayever we do in ou life…there is a mean purpose.

  63. says

    Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.

  64. bergamote says

    Comme tout être humain CES deux (beaux) garçons propriétaires sont dé Leur corp et et de leur histoire. Il n’apartient à personne de les juger.

  65. john says

    chancellors and coaches paid millions, professors paid hundred of thousands of dollars. Students expected to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars a year in tuition, and have to work as strippers and porn stars to pay the bill. The college gets on its high horse because they are trying to pay for their education if they really care so much cut the million dollar salaries to bring down the cost of tuition. instead of throwing out students who are doing everything they can to get an education

  66. Onnyjay says

    They’re both gorgeous, and why is anyone paying attention to this idiot Charles? Homophobic media be damned.

  67. Onnyjay says

    They’re both gorgeous, and why is anyone paying attention to this idiot Charles? Homophobic media be damned.