1. ROCKY says

    Why do we always see the same boys always? How about showing muscular hairy chested men for a change instead of those twink boys you always show.

  2. Rad says

    What is VMan magazine? Not familiar with it.

    Pretty boys, not wholly exciting. Looks like the someone is trying to copy Tom Ford and his locker room / boxer images from “Out”.


    How about some gratuitous butt shots?

  3. Rafael says

    I like the timeless quality of the pictures, and I find them aesthetically pleasing. The model wearing the boxing globes is my favorite of the bunch.

  4. Rafael says

    By the way, it is very annoying when people feel over sensitive and make every single thing in life about race or sex. If you don’t like a post, pass on it (like I do on all the raper’s or Christian Ronaldo’s posts), go to the next one and be more productive with your comments…

    Sorry for the “gratuitous” rant, it is not personal, but rather something that has built up over time.

  5. paul says

    They’re not very attractive at all. I mean, they would be ok to sit across from on a bus, I guess. But to be winners of a modeling contest? Seriously, walk down any street and you will find better looking guys.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I should be a model too.

  6. Harry P says

    Yuck! What is this? The Drako Malfoy lookalike contest? They all look soul-less, brain-dead and utterly vacuous. They would be perfect for a zombie movie, but even then, they’d bore us to tears. Thanks, Andy, for giving these jerk photographers and their droid models more exposure. GROSS!

  7. says

    By the way, it is very annoying to be black and have people treat you like shit because of that your whole fucking life!

    No apologies for the “gratuitous” rant, it is exceptionally personal, and has built up over 61 fucking years!

    I have no patience with you “Non-PC” sensitivity, dear.

  8. Alfonso says

    When is it a good time to speak up then, Rafael? I mean, of all the guys that entered this supposed modeling contest (of which i know nothing about) three white guys were considered the best looking? I don’t see anything wrong with people expressing frustration and dissapointment in the ‘comments’ section of a news blog.

  9. Rafael says

    Like I said Alfonso, it is not just about this post, but something I’ve seen happening over and over and over again. as you can see frustration is a two way street.

  10. soulbrotha says

    Rafael, just like you get to express your point of view, others have that same option. So I suggest that when you see a comment that is “annoying you,” you heed your own advice: go to the next one and be more productive with your comments.

  11. Rafael says


    I’m not planning on commenting on the subject again. I agree with you in that this type of dialogs are not very productive, at least not for the time being.

  12. says

    “VMAN”???? Man? Man? Something is missing here. Could it me the MAN? Come on! How about a little truth in advertising. Call it VBoy. Or VTwink. Or VEatSomethingAlreadyYouLookLikeYou’reGoingToPassOut. Man. I get it that we all have different tastes, but why oh why do all these magazines keep giving us the same wasted, skinny, vacant looking white boys. How did this become the gay default image?

  13. Brian says

    Paul, keep in mind that just because someone is attractive in person, doesn’t mean they photograph well. There have been models in the past that have been absolutely stunning when photographed or even on runway, but in everyday life they are awkward and goofy looking.

    Makeup and a good photographer made these images what they are. These models you see might not be worth even a glance in person.

    And David, until you see the periodical in its entirety, it’s not fair to assume that. This is a limited view of certain individuals, and in no way makes it a cause to judge a magazine by its cover without taking the time to dig deeper into its inner beauty. Even though my skin tone doesn’t make me a minority in accordance with society’s standards, my family’s economic status did for quite some time. Being a low income, innner city gay youth attending an all male college prep school wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Point being…everyone’s got problems, and most of us are simpathetic, especially me, but look around…we’re all oppressed at the moment. And if these photos make you think that the editor is racially biased, seek help and stop reading too deeply into things, especially on the internet.

    Troy, I always figured the gay default image is and will always remain a big hairy man in ass-less chaps?

    Why is everyone thinking this is the new gay image? it’s one periodical! And, has everyone forgotten XY? That’s kinda been around for quite some time now and is far from artistic in any way. At least Vman actually has what appears to be talented photographers.

  14. Jexer says

    The silver/platinum look seems to be a rather blatant riff on Anderson Cooper.

    And ya’ll get off your high horses, sheesh.

    The ‘Fashion’ industry panders to the people that give them money.

    If you don’t like the high percentage of pale white androgynous twinks… blame the people that buy the stuff.

    Probably why you see a slightly different representation of the male species in ‘porn’ than you do in ‘fashion, where tastes tend towards exaggerated sexual features rather than ambiguous ones.

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