1. umm says

    Umm isn’t Tom Brady on of the LARGEST republican supporters. There has even been rumors of him running for office. He’s also a regular of George Bush at the White House.

  2. sparks says

    Anybody who feels the need to talk about God in a fashion mag article is a little too Republican for me.

    I’m not sure how you could say with such certainty that he isn’t affiliated with a party just having spent “some time” around a person, unless you specifically discussed politics with him. I have relatives I’ve spent LOTS of time around and couldn’t tell you whether they consider themselves Dem or Rep; I can only tell you whether they have liberal or conservative leanings.

    Anyway, here’s an article which mentions his apparent endorsement of Bush and conservative “sympathies,” his reference to Gerald Ford (R) as one of the most impressive people he’s ever met, and the fact that while he’s been a registered voter (“undecided” party) there doesn’t actually appear to be a record of him ever actually voting.

  3. no-no says

    When you get out of the states, you discover that “republicans” and “democrats” are two very subtle versions of a right wing party. Nothing that should make you stop liking a “hot” american footballer. The fact that he has a humongous forehead on the other hand…

  4. Dom says

    Yes, I am sure God was right there looking over you, Tom, as you inseminated your girlfriend while boinking your supermodel. And personally, I would like to thank Jesus for finding me that quarter oz. of primo weed I scored last night. I don’t have to get drug tested – since I don’t throw a football – so I can enjoy things like that. And I am really sick of hearing about egotistical sports personalities like Brady and Favre. Let’s start paying them bonuses to just STFU.

  5. says


    Um… really? So, he goes to one State of the State address… and that makes him a Republican? Note: I’m sorry, it doesn’t.

    No, Brady isn’t one of the ‘biggest’ Republican supporters. In fact, there’s been articles where he’s hinted his displeasure with Bush and his politics.

    I don’t know if he’s a Republican or not. I don’t know if he even pays enough attention to know whether he’s republican or not. However, what I do know is he’s smart enough to know to stay out of politics in his quest to build the Brady brand. He’s interested in winning super bowls, dating super models, being a part-time dad and staying pretty… not so much advancing the Republican agenda. That doesn’t make him any money. LOL.

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