Big Brother‘s Jesse Flexes for the Gay Vote in Washington


Equal Rights Washington, the state’s biggest gay rights group, is using this poster to try to get gays to get out and vote. I guess they figure a nice set of pecs can get gay men to do about anything.

Dan Savage writes: “That’s funny—because it’s not exactly voting that comes to mind when I look at that poster. And it makes me think about gym—as in, ‘when was the last time I got to the gym?'”

Apparently the “boytit” posters, as he calls them, are all over Seattle’s gay Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Josh Friedes, Advocacy Director for Equal Rights Washington, told Savage: “Essentially what we wanted to do with this campaign was to convey to people that we need to be engaged in the political process. We want people to know that voting is important, and that there’s more to life than just the gym. Our materials reflect a diversity of body types and races. I would be deeply concerned by this poster if I couldn’t defend our overall outreach materials from charges like that. We have, over the years, bent over backwards to make sure that our materials are inclusive and that they communicate to people that ERW serves a diverse community and is responsive to the needs of a diverse community.”

Savage wondered whose “tit” it was. Friedes told him. “I have no idea. The poster was developed by an intern.”

Apparently an intern who’s a fan of CBS’ Big Brother.



  1. Ty says

    Yea, that really gets my vote, a closeted steroid PTM (princess tiny meat) and bold “white party” graphics. Very 90’s

    Let’s see a group of gay people behind bars to show what’s really at stake here.

  2. David B. says

    Whether they’re called spin doctors, PR pimps, ADVOCACY DIRECTORS, or marketing reps – and it doesn’t matter if the issue is Sarah Palin, safe sex, more poisoned food, more lead-erific toys, JFK, FEMA response, et al what comes out of their mouths is allllll the same.

    “Blah, blah, blah. The exploitative, misdirected thing we did is not exploitative or misdirected at all – really its the greatest most wonderful thing anyone has ever done and here’s why…”

    Well, I least I know we’ve arrive. Our cover-our-ass spin doctors are as offensive (and assume the public is stupid) as everbody elses. Why does anyone ever talk to these people??

  3. paul says

    Marc, he’s 5’4.5″. Sorry to disappoint you.

    I have to say, he looks much better when you can’t see the face. He should keep that look. Maybe become a Mexican wrestler? Or an executioner.

  4. jason says

    This stupid ad by Equal Rights Washington proves once and for all that gay men have finally trivialized themselves to the point of oblivion. I’d compare it to a straight men’s group using pictures of women in bikinis to get straight guys to vote. Truly pathetic. The gay community has lost the plot.

    We have truly dumbed ourselves down to the point where we have become dysfunctional and are no longer making sense.

  5. says

    Hey, Paul: Take a few deep breaths. The last time I checked, one intern’s idea for a promotional poster does not represent the collective ideas of the LGBT community.

    Chill out, dude.

  6. Rod in Seattle says

    Funny how the news is really accurate. The ONLY place you can find this poster is inside the gay newspaper from Seattle (from last week). There are NO posters throughout Capitol Hill AT ALL. Please…like a six packs would somehow change my mind and register to vote. Come on!!!

  7. Dallascracker says

    I skipped right over it in this article thinking it was some ad for an upcoming party or hookup website. I only really looked at it after I read the complete article. I don’t think it will be effective at all.

  8. says

    Ray asked… “Did they pay Jesse to use his image for this poster? If not, I guess they’re not too concerned about his human rights.”

    Jesse was most likely paid by the photographer who took the picture and Jesse signed a model release. It’s the photographer whose work is being stolen for this poster that needs to be paid.

  9. Michael says

    I honestly thought it was for the Flex bath house chain … maybe because I live in an area that has one but still there was nothing about it that gave me the impression that it was for actual “election” voting. I think it missed the mark.

  10. Kai says

    Please stop being self loathing and jealous. He had a resource and he chose to use it for a cause that we all appreciate. I have done less to help my cause and I am sure most of you have done even less. So stop criticizing an attribute you do not have have and applaud the feet he has traveled for all of us!

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