Big Brother‘s Jesse Flexes for the Gay Vote in Washington


Equal Rights Washington, the state’s biggest gay rights group, is using this poster to try to get gays to get out and vote. I guess they figure a nice set of pecs can get gay men to do about anything.

Dan Savage writes: “That’s funny—because it’s not exactly voting that comes to mind when I look at that poster. And it makes me think about gym—as in, ‘when was the last time I got to the gym?'”

Apparently the “boytit” posters, as he calls them, are all over Seattle’s gay Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Josh Friedes, Advocacy Director for Equal Rights Washington, told Savage: “Essentially what we wanted to do with this campaign was to convey to people that we need to be engaged in the political process. We want people to know that voting is important, and that there’s more to life than just the gym. Our materials reflect a diversity of body types and races. I would be deeply concerned by this poster if I couldn’t defend our overall outreach materials from charges like that. We have, over the years, bent over backwards to make sure that our materials are inclusive and that they communicate to people that ERW serves a diverse community and is responsive to the needs of a diverse community.”

Savage wondered whose “tit” it was. Friedes told him. “I have no idea. The poster was developed by an intern.”

Apparently an intern who’s a fan of CBS’ Big Brother.