1. Anonymous says

    Go Letterman! Let’em have it… I’ve been a Letterman fan for more than 20 years — this is the real Letterman — sharp and biting — haven’t seen this kind of edge in a while.

  2. says

    Canceling and lying to Letterman and then showing up at the same time on the same network will probably go down as the worst move McCain made during the frantic tailspin of his candidacy.
    McCain truly is desperate and feeble-minded when it comes to strategy, and entirely transparent when it comes to insincerity.

  3. Las Vegas says

    Hmm smells more like an episode of Grumpy Old Men. So in the middle of a national economic crisis and the President going on national TV to try an talk to the people…a Presidential candidate going on the network new program and not the network late night program?

    Seems to me David’s beef should be at his own network news department. This is another tempest in teapot formulated to make liberals have another giggle at what is a very serious situation.

  4. realitythink says

    We’ve truly entered bizarro land. Between the Palin interview and Lettermann we’re watching a presidential campaign go down in flames.

    You never want to piss off the media (Letterman is a part of the media). Somebody had to respond to the way McCain has been treating all of them so Katie and David stepped up and did it. They made the 2 of them look like complete buffoons.

    McCain did not get what he wanted either. There will be a debate tomorrow and, I predict, McCain will come across as confused and angry.

  5. anokie says

    Uncle Barney said it the best….”It’s the longest Hail Mary’s in the history of either football or Mary’s”….classic. LV-yes it is a “serious situation”, but McCain is not even in any of the committees that are working this deal out, so what is he going to do I ask you?…and besides he himself has made it be known that “economics” is not is best area of expertise, so what is he going to do? Dave is spot on, I’ve never seen him so angry, get em’ Dave!!!!!!

  6. noah says


    Did you bother to listen to Letterman’s whole speech? Letterman questioned why McCain would suspend his whole campaign and not put Palin, his VP choice, in his place to pick up the slack.

    Get it? A VP should be able to pick up the reins at any time. Look, I’m not in love with Joe Biden but I know that if push came to shove, he could lead the country or appear on David Letterman’s program.

    Letterman’s point is that if McCain has to call a time out for this, what would he do if he were president?

    Realistically, there is no reason to suspend the campaign. McCain & Obama could easily be in D.C. in the morning and Mississippi in the evening because there are these things called planes. Right? It’s a newfangled technology invented in the early 20th-Century, only a 105 years ago! Think of that! A human being flying!

  7. joe says

    A president should be able to multi-task. That’s an important part of the job description. A president cannot just focus on one issue at one time, as it suits him. Do we want this dunce and his soccer mom sidekick running (or ruining, if that’s even possible) our country?

  8. nic says

    gotta love dave! clearly, he has had enough of the repug nonsense. he can’t stand bush, and mccain got on his shit list. meanwhile, the alaskan skank is imploding.

  9. Francis says

    Let me preface by saying I am voting for Obama (a former Hillary supporter), but honestly, can someone let me know when this blog decides to go back to the “homosexual tendencies” it used to have and not the Obama love/McCain hate fest that has consumed it for the last few weeks.

    It’d be nice to have a few outlets/blogs run by gays who are NOT obsessed with electing Obama. I’m voting for him, supporting him, as are most people who read this I’d imagine. And for those who aren’t, I don’t think this obsession over it is going to sway them one way or the other.

    Get back to some stories unrelated to Obama/McCain. If I wanted to read about the election, I’d go to a real political blog.

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    “a human being flying!”

    NO, get out of here. Really? No. people can’t fly. If Gawwwdddd wanted us to fly then we would have wings.

    Give the old man some slack. Lincoln suspended his campaign during the civil war.

    Ooooops, no he didn’t.

    Well, FDR suspended his camapign during the middle of the great depression and WW2.

    Oooooops, nopw sorry I’m wrong again.

    Ok Ok, I got it. SAINT REAGAN suspended his campaign during the middle of the cold war with evil evil russia.

    What? Really? Get out of here.


    I guess the old geezerdoesn’t have precedence to back him up.


  11. nic says

    now, FRANCIS, this site would not be what it is if it were not timely. it has always been somewhat political and a bit pop. and since the mccain/palin fiasco has captured the POPULAR imagination, i see no reason to bemoan ANDY’s coverage of it.

    if you simply take a gander at the entire content of this site you will see that, more often than not, there is plenty of fluff that should keep you content.

    i can’t complain when this site grows serious during serious times. frankly, some of the people who comment here are a lot more educated (politically) than the reactionary commenters on “real” political blogs. i’m referring to jimmyboyo, derrick f.p., zeke (when he deigns to join in), leland, noah, and on.

    this blog is what it is.

  12. Jimmyboyo says


    Yourself should be included in that list. Me, I’m just crazy and sometimes lucky to hit a poit right.

    Speaking of Zeke, where is he?


    I haven’t seen a post from zeke in a long time. Hoping you are Ok Zeke.

  13. ;Derrick from Philly says

    Zeke just posted on the topic of the transwoman who was murdered.

    I figured both you and Zeke just got tired of the constant political battling of comments on the blogs. I was getting weary too, but when I saw the terrible psychiatric state my dear friend, THE QUEEN was in…well, I couldn’t abandon “her”. But she’s gotten worse. Why can’t “she” just admit that her fascination with Sarah Palin was a temporary laspse of sanity. Now, that Sarah can’t hide behind her lipstick it’s time for THE QUEEN and millions of others to come back to their senses. I still love the crazy old California broad. (I wonder what happened to “her” husband?)

    Vote Democratic, it’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.

    Damn, I should be working for some political ad company.

  14. the queen says

    Okay darlings, i know some of you are a bit worried about me so here’s the story. Somebody (or it could even be serveral people for all i know) is or are hacking me and using my handle. I appreciate the concern about me having comppletely lost my marbles, etc. So I shall bravely continue on and let you all sort it out as to who is the real “queen”.

    Having said that, i still stand by my fascination with Palin that I don’t regard as a “temporary lapse of sanity.” And yes, Derrick, my husband is still around thank god for that.

    Palin fascinates me on many levels and even Bill Clinton talked about her on Larry King and admitted she had some good things going for her that may yet appeal to a great many voters who will get McCain into the white house. The fun is just beginning with McCain’s theatrical flight back to washington and everybody wondering if there is to be a debate or not. Now, I doubt if any writer could come up with a better scenario than has played out before — hold on to your tampons, dahlings…

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    See what I mean? Lord, please, have mercy.

    Maybe there’s some medication that will help ’cause booze aint the answer.

  16. the queen says

    “Bill Clinton said Monday he understands why Sarah Palin is popular in the heartland: because people relate to her.” This is from
    “BECAUSE PEOPLE RELATE TO HER.” Read that again if you will and remember what PEOPLE he is referring to. You are all making a big mistake understimating the appeal of this woman who is joke to the majority of you queers. But remember that it is the average joe in the basically conservative heartland and the south to whom this woman appeals that will decide the vote. If Bill Clinton understands this, why won’t you?

  17. David Martzolff says

    Done with communist Letterman. McCain should tell commy Letterman to f$ck off. I have watched Letterman for 20 years. That’s the last straw. There are way too many shows with much better humor, such as South Park, for me to sit and listen to this commy baby whine about McCain not showing up on his show. Obama is a clown and Letterman can blow Obama and Oberman, they all deserve each other.

  18. timbermark says

    Thank you David. I just had an epiphany – I kid you not. I changed my vote to McCain, and you aided in my decision. My new benchmark for deciding who should occupy the most powerful position in the world has now become that person who is not endorsed by Hollywood. You are indeed that most immature, comfort saturated, deluded creatures on the face of this earth. The old adage that claims “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupt absolutely” speaks volumes for me tonight. You are the best example of how a rich, popular, and powerful human being cannot handle those very attributes that entices the egotistical side of human nature. I now vote for the person who is loathed by the delusional Hollywood elite. Thanks for the direction! Anyone that does not understand my new perspective is also under the same delusion–-you do not recognize your condition. Please understand… you are ONLY a comic, and nothing more. That last laugh is on you.