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road.jpg Gloria Steinem: Sarah Palin is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger.

Fey_mccainroad.jpg Prescient LIFE cover from 2004 features Tina Fey and John McCain.

road.jpg Sorry boys: Michael Phelps gets some ass in Vegas.

road.jpg The Polaroid picture is back for the digital age.

road.jpg Former ambassador Michael Guest launches international gay rights group: “The openly gay Guest is a paid adviser to the Council for Global Equality, which will have its first meeting in Washington, D.C. on September 23. The council, whose Web site is slated to go live this month, is a collaboration between LGBT and straight groups that work on human rights internationally. ‘Its purpose is to make the United States government and the State Department stand up for global LGBT human rights,’ explained Guest…”

road.jpg Alan Ball draws Blood.

road.jpg McCain cancels Habitat for Humanity event: because it has to do with houses? “How could McCain maintain his sense of press victimization against the backdrop of people building homes for people who look forward to being able to one day say, ‘I know exactly how many homes I own! One! Just the one!'”

road.jpg “Community organizers” respond to vicious Palin attacks.

Scaryroad.jpg Concerned Women for America’s ‘scary’ gay wedding graphic.

road.jpg Radar: Why do gays hate black music? “…the gays are afraid of urban-ness, and the gay culture is dominated by the white gays. And that is boring and a problem, particularly because it shows the lie of calling something a gay community when the “community” isn’t actually one, and it’s not one because there’s the rich gays and the poor gays and never shall they meet except on Craigslist.”

road.jpg OUT presents The 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums (of All Time)

road.jpg Michael Moore releasing new film for free on internet.

road.jpg Gay high school proposed in Chicago.

road.jpg Dina Matos McGreevey offers to drop claim that she duped him into marrying her if he pays her the $109,000 a judge says he owes: “Dina Matos’ lawyer John Post said the fraud claim filed by his client will be dropped if McGreevey makes full payment and agrees not to appeal the judge’s divorce ruling. That drew an immediate rebuke from McGreevey lawyer Steve Haller, who said, ‘we will appeal or not appeal at our own discretion.’ A private meeting with the judge in the case is scheduled for Monday.”

road.jpg Beyonce wants to be ‘iconic’.

Cindylauraroad.jpg OUT OF TOUCH: Cindy McCain’s first night “power slicker” outfit at the RNC cost $300,000.

road.jpg Sweet new promos for The Office!

road.jpg Subway sandwich shop fires meat handler for handling meat (site nsfw).

road.jpg FLASHBACK: Homophobic comic book from the 80’s.

road.jpg REVERSE: Distant object found orbiting sun backwards. “An object in the icy Kuiper belt has been found orbiting the Sun backwards, compared to most other objects in the solar system. It may help explain the origin of an enigmatic family of comets typified by Comet Halley. The new object, called 2008 KV42, lies in the Kuiper belt, a ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune. Its orbit is inclined 103.5° to the plane of the Earth’s orbit, or ecliptic. That means that as it orbits the Sun, it actually travels in the opposite direction as the planets.”


  1. the queen says

    oh i wouldn’t say palin was “vicious” in referring to community organizers… and as for miss cindy’s lovely drag why don’t us fags create and love haute couture and you have to admit she does pee…

  2. Mark in NYC says

    It’s ironic that there’s a section in the hillarious/horrific 1980’s comic book that shows outrage and disgust of gays handling food, and this poor kid recently gets fired from Subway for doing gay porn in his spare time. I thought the 80’s revival was over.

  3. says

    Gays hate black music? Honey, please.

    Ella Fitzgerald
    Billie Holiday
    Sara Vaughan
    Diana Ross
    Aretha Franklin
    Gloria Gaynor
    Donna Summer
    Mary J Blige
    Whitney Houston (pre-crack)
    Grace Jones
    Missy Elliot
    Janet Jackson

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have our queens of color to thank for disco, house, R&B, and a host of other genres?

    Maybe I’m not understanding the question.

  4. Paul R says

    Sam, the coat/dress itself was “only” $3K. It was the $280K earrings that added up…

    I found the list of the top 100 gay records interesting. Some entries surprised me, but then I realized I own about 80 of them. Not much disco or dance music, which is why entries like Tracey Chapman and REM were unexpected.

  5. says

    I found that whole “black music” rant to be moronic.

    Since when did “black music”=hip hop . . . which is what I think the writer was getting at. Every once and a while someone goes on a tear about there not being enough hip hop on these lists . . . and i think some Lil’ Kim or Missy should have been on there, but a lot of male hip hop tends to be really mysoginistic and homophobic.

    And when he discounted disco, I knew he didn’t know jack shit. Maybe he needs to listen to some italo-Disco and get back to us.

  6. crispy says

    So Choire’s post at Radar “Why do gays hate black music?” is a response to Out magazine’s list of 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums of all time.

    Shouldn’t the real question be “Why is Out magazine so out of touch with gay people?”

  7. John in Manhattan says

    It’s interesting, and fitting, that the ladies’ dresses were designed by closeted homosexual Oscar de la Renta. Oh, the things I’ve seen!

  8. damien says

    “And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have our queens of color to thank for disco”

    Yes… unfortunately :-)

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    I didn’t understand the article either. I think it was meant to incite something. Many white gays have been listening to black music since the late 1880s (Ragtime); and some white gays don’t care for various types of black music at all.

    If you look at the beginning of the modern gay culture in urban areas, there was Black American music being listened to by both black & white gays–especially those who were openly gay, or those who were about to become openly gay.

  10. Bading says

    That 2008 KV42 has got to be gay. Tag words – ‘(Kuiper) belt’, ‘enigmatic’, ‘ring of (icy) bodies’, ‘inclined’, ‘ecliptic’… Hmmm…

  11. Banne says

    Being rich and or dressing well does not equate to being out of touch. Simply because you can afford nice things does not mean you simply can’t imagine or relate to people not wealthy. It’s the most ridiculous and asinine and frankly, the most lazy charge thrown at the McCains. Get over it.

    Cindy looked hot in that outfit and I’m not going to fault a bitch for having money and deciding to look good for what will probably be the biggest night for her this election. You think Michelle is going to wear a rag from Wal-mart at the Inaugural balls? Please.

  12. TooBoot says

    So Choire’s post at Radar “Why do gays hate black music?” is a response to Out magazine’s list of 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums of all time. Shouldn’t the question be “What makes someone’s taste in music more Black than someone else’s?” Same thing some people are saying about Barack, that he’s not Black enough. This whole shade issue has been going on for a bit with Blacks competing for how much they can pass for White or not, it’s bullshite.

  13. Don says

    I don’t know what this says about my musical tastes… but looking through OUT’s top 100 “Gay” albums… I have 92 of them in my collection……..

  14. paul says

    If lots of money = out of touch, then Obama’s #1 supporter, Oprah Winfrey is the most out of touch and irrelevant woman in America. What’s true for one is true for all, and what is bullshit for one is bullshit for all.

    Oprah passes out diamond earrings at parties to other rich people she barely knows, for christs sake.

    Apart from all of that, those prices on McCain’s outfit are guesstimates by people who don’t even know her and were nowhere near her…. and critiquing the women’s clothes and appearances just adds more fire to the well deserved charges of sexism in this campaign.

  15. So Left I'm Right says

    The Out list is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Not to say I don’t have a huge amount of those albums (cuz I do), but they asked 100 or so (presumably) gay “celebrities” what 10 albums made the most indelible impression on their lives, and name dropped but a few of those they asked (fairly white sampling). How that leads to a list of the “gayest” albums is a bit beyond me, and largely explains the lack of contemporary black music. (I mean no Janet Jackson? Come on!)

    The Radar screed is just incredible bullshit. First of all, equating hip hop or “black music” entirely with the sexism and homophobia of gangsta rap is both disingenuous and ignorant. Did you know that not every black person likes rap? Imagine that! And plenty of hip hop, R&B and neo-soul artists are not only gay-friendly, but loved by gay people. An utterly foolish rant in Radar.

  16. Paul R says

    Oh, and about the guy who got fired from Subway for doing gay porn? So a customer came in, recognized the guy from porn, and demanded that he be fired. Umm, how did the customer know porn so well? Typical hypocrisy. And is the suggestion that his moral fiber was too low to be working at the august Subway, or that he’d be passing on disease. Absurd and more absurd.

    Though a married man with three children bottoming in gay porn is also a touch odd…The customer (I’m assuming male) was probably just angry that the guy rejected his advances.

  17. says

    If it weren’t for Black women locked in a room with a producer and a beat would we even have “gay” music? Has Radar ever heard of HOUSE? Maybe what the “I’m not that old queen type of gay” little indie twonks (too old to be a twink but won’t let the skinny jeans and ironic hats go)meant is they have no knowledge of music other than what they were told is “cute”.

    Listen Bitches, do not fuck with us “old queens” and our Black GAYASS divas! We will cut you while bouncing like Beyonce while wailing like “Retha.

  18. CanChuckle says

    The complaining Subway customer reminds me of the public nudity trial in Ontario, Canada, a few years ago. The Globe & Mail had extensive daily reporting, including the complainants (both women in their 60s) who when asked how long they had been exposed to their neighbor’s offensive nude ranch guests replied “Hours and hours.” (The testimony of what exactly the undercover cop wore during his investigation was also hilarious.)

  19. clint says

    That article about gay people and black music tells us more about the author than it does about either gay people or black music. Likewise, the Out list, to which the aforementioned article refers, tells us more about the list’s compiler–and the editorial staff at Out–than it does about gay people or our musical tastes.
    I live in a part of Oklahoma City that is up and coming, but not quite there yet. I’ve heard gunshots in the night, and it wasn’t fun…and when the gunshots rang out, it certainly wasn’t “Vogue” screaming from the speakers of the offender’s car.

  20. JT says

    So many topics, so little time.

    Re: Cindy. Did you read the source? Estimates based upon jewelry being real. Please base attacks upon facts.

    To counteract that generous statement, does anyone have a reaction to the “Real Housewives” quality of her style? She’s 54. Not that 54 year-olds have to be frumps. But at what point does such emphasis on looking youthful and pretty become obsessive, or embarrassing? When I saw her with the Farrah-inspired do the other night, I had to wonder about the need to be TROPHY, look young, etc. And truth be told, few could pull it off as well as she has.

    I just think of my female contemporaries, in Cindy’s same age group. Who are accepted for who they are, and have fought for their right to be respected and imperfect. Who don’t wear designer duds, and keep the war paint and artifice to a minimum, or don’t bother with it at all.

    >Sigh.< I think fashion is fun. I appreciate the art. But I’m appreciating the wisdom of those who styled Hillary (attractive not desperate). To take it a step further: I so much wish women could be who they are without so many layers. But that’s my feminist side coming out.

  21. Britt says

    Cindy McCain is far more likely to be a new Jackie than Michele Obama. Obama had to have Oprah kick her ass to get a perm as to not look so ragged on TV. Does anyone remember her FIRST tv appearances? She’s really cleaned up.

  22. Pekemo says

    yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with Brett about Ms. Obama not being the next Jackie. Don’t get me wrong, I love Madam Obama with all my heart but sometimes her outfits leave a little to be desired. Remember the outfit she wore when she had her speech at the DNC? It was a total snooze-fest (the outfit not the speech, the speech was fucking amazing). Acutally, I think the two trade off, Cindy has the fashion sense but the personality of a melted barbie doll, Michelle has loads of personality but the fashion sense of a child-weary PTA mom.

    Sorry Michelle, but I so do love you!!!

  23. nic says

    well, i’m oficially ovah THE QUEEN. and THEVEGASSTYLEGUY? what can i say? wannabe vegas, when vegas is only “cool” for midwestern heteros?

    no surprise that they’re caca
    (er, gaga) for slicker garb.

  24. Paul R says

    As the ridiculously named and possibly underrated 80s band We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Going to Use It said, pay less attention to the package and listen to the voice.

    Funny how no one calls out attacks on Michelle Obama as sexist or racist, but anything negative about Palin is a pillory against all good christian women.

  25. Dback says

    OK, I have the cranky pants on this morning…

    The OUT list was idiotic–they were trying so hard to be cutting edge that they threw a whole bunch of artists and albums under the bus. Antony and the Johnsons is on PAGE ONE, and they had no room for (among others) Me’Shell NdegeOcello, Sinead O’Connor, Johnny Mathis, “Club Verboten,” “Liza with a Z” “Cabaret” “West Side Story” and anything by Little Richard, Streisand or Pansy Division? Come on, people!! They deserve a good smack at OUT for being such navel-gazers.

    Ah, but then you have these folks at RADAR doing cultural oversimplification at its finest–“Oh, the gay community doesn’t listen to hardcore hip-hop or gangster rap, so they don’t like black music.” The Milkman was right on with his list–without the black/soul community of the 70’s PLUS the gay movement, there wouldn’t have been disco or modern gay music, much of which is warbled by black goddesses like Martha Wash et all. Oh, but disco isn’t “real” music, let alone “black” music, right? Neither is Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Leona Lewis, Rhianna, Mariah, etc. etc. No,only the most violent, profane, mysogenistic, homophobic hip-hop is “real” black music to these authors, and if you dare to disagree you’re a “hater.” Thank you, middlebrow journalist with his head shoved up his ass.

    And remember this thought re: the community organizer vs. governor thing–JESUS was a community organizer. PONTIUS PILATE was a governor. You’re welcome.