1. jason says

    Porn is not a good model for the gay community. For one thing, it’s highly homophobic and segregationist towards the male-male interaction. Anything with male-male in it is classified as gay or bi, leading to its segregation from the other porn product. Moreover, there is a complete avoidance of the male-male interaction in the vast majority of porn movies which contain both genders. It’s a distortion of the human sexual experience.

    Keep in mind the bisexual double standard of porn and you’ll see where I’m coming from: female sexual fluidity is classified as “straight porn”, male sexual fluidity is classified as “gay” or “bi”. One type of bisexuality is mainstreamed, the other is marginalized.

  2. Bob R says

    I think the only way I’d see this flick is if Justin Long has a full frontal nude scene. Otherwise, I’ll pass.

  3. crispy says

    Would you please, please, please consider banning Jason (

    He’s like a broken record with his retarded “bisexual double stardard” crap. And honestly, at this point, it’s really starting to make Towleroad’s comments unreadable.

  4. David D. says

    Yes, Jason, here we all were thinking porn was a *fantastic* model for the gay community. It’s porn! Doughnuts aren’t a good model for the dietary community–do you run around posting on their blogs too?

    And I’d like Justin Long to have that entire conversation in my home. On my couch. While we watch porn. Gay porn.

  5. jeffreychrist says

    Jason, I’m not really sure what your argument/complaint is. The reason that “one type of bisexuality is mainstreamed, the other is marginalized” is because most straight men like watching two women getting it on, I don’t know a single straight guy who wants to see 2 men have sex in their porn (at least no straight guy I know). And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – just as I would never want to see 2 women together or a man/woman combo in my porn, as it’s not what I desire and doesn’t turn me on.
    If you are indeed “BI-sexual”, there’s plenty of bi-porn out there in the world with enough male/male/female, male/female/male, male/male etc… interaction to get any true bisexual off.

    The problem is that, the majority of “BI” men aren’t really “BI” at all. But that’s another un-winnable argument I’m not willing to debate with you.

    P.S. – Porn is no less a good role model for the gay “community” (don’t get me started on “community”) than, say, oh, I don’t know, Greg Araki’s vile infestations over the years. Porn is not art – and it’s not pretending to be (like Araki’s junk). It’s a tool to get you off. The only danger is porn addiction. With ‘addiction’ being the focal point.

  6. ken says

    jason…way too serious for an afternoon on the blog…you don’t have to read this blog, you could go to some blog with “bisexual tendencies”. This is a site for gay men.

  7. nic says

    yeah, ALSTEVE, it’s the same guy. i’ve always had a thing for him and his bad, geeky self.

    JASON, i’m beginning to think that you ain’t right in the head.

  8. JamesinNM says

    I saw this film in a test screening in Albuquerque a few months ago (with Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith in the audience) and it was hilarious. I tend to like the “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up” humor and this was just like it. And as nice as it was to see Superman (Routh) play gay, in all reality its a pretty short part. My only qualm is that the film had two little bratty preteens calling the lead character a “faggot”. Granted, the kids are supposed to be complete jerks but it still rubbed me the wrong way. And this isn’t the first time Kevin Smith got in trouble for using that word, GLAAD once pitched a fit at him for another film using “fag” (though, it was a jerk saying it then as well). Smith is a good friend to the gay community though. Last year our Film Festival screened his film “Small Town Gay Bar”, directed by a friend of his, with Smith producing and releasing through his View Askew productions.

  9. Nathan says

    I have to agree with JamesinNM… Smith rubs me the wrong way with his liberal use of anti-gay jokes and terms in his films; always coming from the mouth of “fools”, but ever-present. it’s like he can’t make a gay-sympathetic film without voicing homophobic feelings…and he couches it by saying “well, the character was an obvious idiot…” Remember “Chasing Amy”? (I’m probably the only gay man who HATES that movie) Amy only needed to laid by a good straight man to “turn her straight”…(and that man was Ben Afleck??), and Jason Lee continually spouted homophobic and anti-queer comments…but it was okay, because his character was a jerk. Not okay in my book.

    Still, the trailer looks really funny, so I’ll give Smith the benefit of the doubt. I also think Justin Long is a cutie, and Brandon Routh? OMG… can I pre-order tickets?

    Oh, and to Jason… as one who spent a little time in the porn industry, porn is no worse a role model for the gay community than mainstream cinema. Or law. Or investment banking. Or the hospitality industry where hotel chains STILL don’t train their staffs in cultural diversity… And porn, at least big studio porn, takes care of its own. You don’t have to hide on the arm of a “beard”, hide pictures of your lover from co-workers, or pretend your someone you’re not. Unless, of course, you want to…

  10. crispy says

    Kevin Smith’s dialogue is definitely not for everyone, so I wouldn’t fault you for disliking Chasing Amy. But your description of the movie is way off. For starters, the female protagonist is named Alyssa. The titular Amy never appears on screen. In fact, the entire premise of the movie is that Ben Affleck’s character freaks out because his girlfriend Alyssa used to be slutty, rather than because she was lesbian. It was refreshing that homosexuality wasn’t used as a plot device for once.

    But more importantly, his character doesn’t “turn her straight.” The movie ends with her in a relationship with a woman.

  11. crispy says

    Oh, one thing I forgot… the reason Jason Lee continually spouts anti-gay lines is because his character Banky is gay and closeted.

  12. SugaBear says

    This will be great! While I love me Justin Long, the thought that he’s been “downtown” with Kiki Dunst is so skiv inducing it make my skin crawl. It’s all about a half naked Seth Rogen rolling in the sack. Hawt-wet-mess.

  13. TyInTenn says

    Jeffrey – like you, I’ve had a yearning for this youngster since the Galaxy Quest days – the batter I’ve wasted with him on my mind – priceless.

  14. Jack Rain says

    Definitely looks like a fun flick…

    Jason- Dude… chill. That double standard would be completely reversed if women were the primary consumer of pornography in this country. Think not? Look up the target audience for ‘yaoi’ (gay manga, targeted at middle aged japanese women who like seeing hot guys getting together)

    Besides, “Zack and Miri” is clearly intended to be more “comedy” than “porn” anyway so your point is off in left field.

  15. me says

    seconding the chasing amy comment.
    and uh… porn should not be an “issue”… of any kind… in this day and age.