1. christopher says

    I find it so interesting that so many Republicans today are talking about “the freedom to make [his/her] own choices” and yet they wish to take away rights granted by the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

    Why can’t middle America see through the hypocrisy?

  2. Daniel says

    Even once the Cheney’s are out of office, we’ll still be supporting their asses with secret security protection, staff payrolls, etc, for decades. And they’ll still have the finest medical checkups at Walter Reade while millions of other Americans are uninsured. What a scam. At least there are no vice-presidential libraries taxpayers have to support, too.

    During Charlie Gibson’s interview w/ Palin last week, she mentioned that veterans benefits were “off the table” for budget cuts, on the same day her son left for Iraq, which sounded to me like “My son’s care ranks first for me, his care is non-negotiable, off the table, but everyone else’s care, that’s up for budgetary review.”

    Crazy bitches.

  3. darb says

    Andy, I don’t think that her answer was circumspect at all. She basically said that she wishes for marriage for Mary if that’s what would make Mary happy. What other answer is there? And she followed it up with “freedom in America should mean freedom for everyone.”

    Maybe I’m hearing what I want to hear, but while I don’t love the Cheneys, I don’t think she could have given a better answer to that question. Basically she said that Mary should have the freedeom to get married, and that she wishes for Mary to get married if that would make her happy. How can any of us object to that sentiment?

  4. anon says

    From what I’ve heard, Dick fully supports his daughter while the more conservative Lynne does not. Father and daughter seem to have a good relationship while mother and daughter do not.

    Not sure what VP’s get after leaving office, but it’s nothing like what presidents get. That, and they are already very wealthy.

  5. Scott says

    I don’t see how that matters, David. She said words far more important than marriage…”happiness”, “freedom”, and “choice”. Equal rights doesn’t mean we all run out and get hitched…it means we have the freedom to choose what makes us happy.

  6. sugarrhill says

    Republican apologists please stop. She was asked point blank about marriage. She choose not answer the question and speak in generalities. She was asked specifically about marriage, not happiness, freedom, or choice- but marriage.

  7. bryan says

    Talk about pit bulls – Lynne Cheney is one of the originals. She was asked specifically about marriage – she dodged it. Typical of the Cheney’s – a true American disaster.

  8. Scott says

    You’re right…I’m sorry. I tried commenting on what was actually said, instead of just repeating our mantras. I’ll do better next time:

    “blah blah Bush sucks blah RepubliKKKans blah blah Hitler blah blah PINK PRIDE!”

    There. Completely content-free, but should make all us happy gays just a little happier and gayer.

  9. sugarrhill says


    No one is demanding you have to repeat mantras. Lynne Cheney avoided answering the question asked. Your comment failed to address that if marriage isn’t an option for Mary Cheney, if she so desired, then her “happiness” would suffer from her lack of “freedom” to exercise a “choice” available to everyone except Gays and Lesbians. But as a gay republican, I understand you only hear what you want to hear.

  10. says

    A few years ago on Fresh Air, Lynne Cheney told Terry Gross that, unlike President Bush, she didn’t support a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Then she got very very testy, even tho the questioning didn’t warrant it, and refused to comment further. Perhaps she’s evolved some since then, but I sensed a woman who may be privately supportive of her gay daughter but wasn’t about to publicly support gay rights (i.e. anyone besides Mary). I found her truly unpleasant to listen to.

  11. Tyler says

    Republican women are dilusional and rarely have a formal education. they are co-dependant to their men who are always homophobes. They will buy the lie because the truth would make them democrats, which to them means “brown” or “poor.”

  12. Chapeau says

    This bitch can rot in hell along with that evil SOB husband.

    Their hypocrisy and dishonesty make me sick.

    But of course we can thank LCR for their support of this monstrous administration and all that goes with it … including Lady MacCheney.

  13. Paul R says

    Tyler, maybe you should run a spell check before claiming that all Republican women lack a formal education. I’m as liberal as they come, but that’s an incredibly stupid, sexist generalization.

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