1. Matt says

    Yeah I saw this on ABC Nightly News the other night. Obama is coming close to 30 days. They stated that this was because the debates are going to be Friday and they want to keep the bad press to a minimum leading up to the debates.

  2. Walker says

    They, both parties, have found a way to frustrate the liberty of the press guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. We, the people, are not being allowed to learn about the candidates. We are only presented what they want us to think rather than being able to exercise our right to pursue our inquiry. The dialogue has stopped. We have no choice here. Who really has the power? The people? The politicians? The press? Media outlets could engage in their own blackout, not cover their tired stump speeches.

  3. says

    They want Sarah Palin out of the public eye as much as possible. She is a ticking ding-bat time bomb and they know that.

    Also, her re-programming has not yet been completed.


  4. Derrick from Philly says

    This could be a great…or good campaign ad for the Democrats:


    Everday, keep reminding the public that the Republicans won’t let the press near Sarah Palin. What are they trying to hide? What are they trying to protect? What are they keeping from the public?

  5. Ambrose says

    I read elswhere that Biden had given 40 interviews to Palin’s 2. How can anyone vote for this ticket in good conscience?!

  6. Bane says

    An interview and press conference are different. FYI. We don’t want interviews, we want press conferences. And neither party is giving it to us. Obama has no high ground here.

  7. the queen with the countess de gooch says

    THE QUEEN: I don’t know why everybody is complaining. The divine Sarah seems to have said all she needs to say in her several interviews which have been shown many times on network television. COUNTESS: Yes, my dear. She certainly has nothing to hide and has been forthright in all her interviews about guns, gays, and god — subjects dear to any queen’s heart. THE QUEEN: Everybody, including the pundits, have said she is “authentic” — that what you see is what you get. COUNTESS: And so far I like what I see. THE QUEEN: Me too. She has a refreshing quality that I like. Even Clinton has sung her praises. So let’s see what transpires. Can’t wait for the debates. I think she’s going to be a smash! COUNTESS: Me too. THE QUEEN: So hold on to your tampons, everybody. COUNTESS: Or your rosary beads, whichever applies.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    MATT / Walker


    Obama just gave a press conference this week. After discussing a 6 point plan / requirments for a bailout he welcomed questions from the media

    Stop with the lies

  9. Brian says

    Obama has been much more available to the press. As Jimmyboy says, he held a news conference just last week. Plus, he has been through an extraordinary long campaign in which he has been closely examined. Palin? Well, she likes to hunt moose.

  10. Matt says

    This article was on September 16th Jimmyboyo. Was Obama’s press conference after this date? I’m not lying. I’m just regurgitating what I’ve read ABC

    Here is a quote from the article:

    Like Obama, he (McCain) makes himself selectively available to local reporters in particular places where the campaign thinks the access will help his prospects.

  11. gr8guyca says

    While McCain says that she is ready to be President, clearly, actions speak louder than words. They are not putting her in front of the press. After the Gibson interview and the Bush Doctrine question – where she had a ‘caribou caught in the headlights’ expression – they made a decision to keep her sequestered. The Hannity interview, well, obviously that doesn’t count. Any more exposure will make her more vulnerable during the VP debate. Of course, Biden could just debate Biden and throw off some more gaffes. He’s a smart guy, but what is he thinking? “Hillary would have been a better choice for VP.” “I think the McCain ad with the computer was stupid.” Jeez – can’t this guy think before he talks.

  12. nic says

    obama and biden have been completely accessible. the straight talk express, on the other hand, has been closed to the press, while palin has been sent to a nunnery.

    MATT, are you really that stupid?

  13. noah says

    “Even Clinton has sung her praises.”
    –Countess & Queen of Douchebaggery.

    Lies, lies, and more damnable lies! Get it straight: Clinton and other feminists have denounced Palin for the anti-choice bigot that she is. But you’re a GOP douchebag with delusions of royal grandeur.

    I’m beginning to agree with the French and how they handled “royalty” to create a free Republic. 😉

    McCain & Palin act just like Bush and Cheney in their disregard for being forthright with the American people. Instead, they both hide and sling lies. How many times has Palin lied about her involvement with the Bridge to Nowhere? Why has Palin refused to allow her staff or husband to testify about Troopergate? Yeah, two “maverick” reformers who hide from the press and the public.

  14. patrick nyc says

    Well said NOAH but debating the QUEEN or any of the other GOP trolls is like pissing in the wind, unless you are into water sports all you’ll do is get your legs wet.

  15. dc8stretch says

    IMHO the press have botched this election from the get go. They crucified Hillary Clinton, they canonized Barack Obama and they had John McCain DOA. The media has determined from day one that Sarah Palin is not ready to be “a heartbeat from the presidency” Charles Gibson was lying in wait like a terrorist with his “Bush Doctrine” gotcha- and we all know how that backfired on him. The media can no longer wag the dog- Responsible voters will tune into the debates and draw their own conclusions on the candidates.

  16. noah says

    “Charles Gibson was lying in wait like a terrorist with his “Bush Doctrine” gotcha- and we all know how that backfired on him.”

    What a crock of sh@t. Anyone who aspires to the presidency should have known what the Bush Doctrine is. The whole interview showed Palin for the lightweight she is.

    As for the media giving Obama a free pass, there was that whole Rev. Wright thing that disproves your argument. But, facts? Who cares about facts? You obviously don’t.

    Palin is clueless. Anyone who claims to have foreign experience because she’s governor of Alaska and its proximity to Russia is full of sh@t. Read a frickin’ book about American government structure. Governors have no real military or foreign relations authority.

    Let’s just dismiss Palin’s history of cronyism or Troopergate or belief that girls and women who are the victims of rape and incest should not have access to abortion. Yeah, why not also add on Palin’s charging rape victims for rape kits. How about Palin’s refusal as governor to hire any people of color on her staff? Yep, let’s forget about Palin trying to ban books from her library. Why don’t we forget about Palin being a Creationist who believes the Earth and Universe are only 4,000 years old?

    Facts? Who needs them! I love how Republicans actually think there’s nothing wrong with having someone who went through 5 to 6 colleges before graduating being a heart attack away from the Oval Office. But these are the same people who thought George Bush, a C-student, was qualified to run the presidency. So, how does an extra trillion dollars of national debt sound to you??

  17. Jimmyboyo says


    The press conference was Aug 19th (so I might just have to let you slide with your getting info from an Aug 16th article)

    Patrick NYC

    Watersports can be fun. :-)

    Anyway; the media has finally grown a pair of balls

    “The networks have just voted to BAN any use of the photographs/video in protest.” due to not being allowed to be present at her meetings at the UN.

    The mcshame campaign wants the pics with her shaking hands but no one catching her f up. trying to legitimize her and the MSM isn’t drinking the kool aid.

  18. says

    Oh wow, now the press was let in on Palin’s high level meeting with Karzai — or at least the preliminaries.

    They talked about children. She asked Karzai what his son’s name was. He told her. Then the press was escorted out.

    Amazing foreign policy acuity demonstrated there! I’m sure everyone was wildly impressed.