1. jason says

    How do you slam dunk a liberal? Easy. Point to the bisexual double standard of liberals. It exposes the hypocrisy and dishonesty of liberalism. It’s the defining hypocrisy of liberalism: sexually fluid women “hot”, sexually fluid men “gross”. It’s a spine-chilling hypocrisy designed to prop up the privileges of sleazy male liberals and their patriarchal values which they cleverly disguise as progressive.

    Memo to Sarah Palin: bring it up. Point to porn’s bisexual double standard and then say that the Democrats are no different.

  2. Tex... says

    Jason…what a lovely douchbag you have, er, are, er….yeah. Jason’s a douchbag with a big blunt nozzle.

  3. Gregus says

    Jason – please take your issues elsewhere. If you’re bi, I’m exceedingly happy for you. I’ve done it a couple of times and can take it or leave it. The fact that straight guys get off on girl on girl action, while being disgusted by a bit of man on man really has nothing to do with any of the posts you place your spam on.

    Stop spamming and get counseling for your ‘bi’ issues.

  4. St. Theresa of Avila says

    (cue twilight zone music)
    You are traveling to another dimension, not only of sight and sound, but pure paranoia. A distant land where comments make so little sense that the Sarah Palin quote generator will be your only source of reason.

    You are now entering the Jason zone.

  5. nickbilz says

    i’m not sure i see the connection between the “bisexual double standard of liberals” and Sara Palin. those are two very disconnected subjects being pointed out in such a way as to sound intelligent, but upon further inspection have no substance.

    oh wait, i think i see the connection now!

  6. CJ says

    Andy, please, I beg you, block the IP address for “jason”. His comments are completely unnecessary and he’s hijacking almost every single thread on your blog.

  7. says

    Guys, let’s all let Jason rant on about this imaginary bisexual phenomenon. We all know that ‘bisexuality’ is a delusional tactic for a self-loathing homo and that it doesn’t exist. Let’s allow him his few sentences per post and ignore him. I believe he feeds off the negative comments that we leave him, thus actually believing that his gobbledygook gets to us. Which it shouldn’t.

    If he believes there’s any validity to the hilarity he spews, good for her…I mean him. Yeah…him. Responding only gets him off.