1. Tom says

    Good. Just in time for the election. No charges for Congressman Foley? Really?! He should be forced to turn over his computer records and face the music. I hope Obama uses this to drive home the malfeasance of the GOP…again.

  2. gr8guyca says

    On the NBC show, “To Catch a Predator”, they arrest and prosecute those who have had email contact and discussed explicit sex with minors. They are not arrested because of actual contact. In some cases, the people are arrested even if they never come into the house to meet the minor. They are prosecuted for their intent. Why doesn’t this same standard apply to Foley? He approached the underage pages, made overt sexual advances, and his intent to have sex with a minor was clear. This makes a mockery of our judicial system; a politician can hide behind “legislative privilege” to evade arrest.

  3. anon says

    Well, congressional immunity prevents them from accessing the computer that they can be sure he used, thereby tying him to the juveniles. So, it’s a question of lack of evidence. He was never entrapped in a sting, so it’s not like the NBC stuff.

  4. bosie says

    OUR Goverment seems to be above our LAWS…Why the fuck? what makes them so special? Oh yeah their political buddies and CASH….THE PEOPLE’S MONEY…Fckrs

  5. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    Why would you want anyone to be prosecuted for getting randy with older teenagers? Lighten up, Puritans! Oh wait, Puritans weren’t categorically opposed to sex with teenagers. Lighten up, you’re worse than Puritans!

  6. Markankhamen says

    Everyone keeps calling these pages “underage” because they are under the age of 18. The reason he won’t face charges is because 16 is the age of consent in both D.C. and Florida where the youngest page in question lives.

    Underage of 18, not underage of consent.

    In the “To Catch a Predator” series the “investigators” posed as minors under the age of 16 in most cases. By the way, the vast majority of those arrests were overturned.

    It would only have been a crime under federal law if Foley had tried to solicit actual sex acts across state lines.

    I have to agree with Chad, people are too uptight about the idea of sex. We need to stop criminalizing sex just for being sex and focus more on the circumstances. Now if Foley had been trying to lure these guys into a dark alley to rape them, that should be punished.

    Just texting/talking with someone who is at least partially willing… which the conversations suggest… I just don’t see the problem.

  7. Tyler says

    I just hope America doesn’t think we are all creepy letches like Foley. How dilusional are you to think for one minute that a 16 yo would be into you. This reminds me of the trolls on Craigslist that want guys 20 years younger. Young studs do not like wrinkles and yellow teeth.
    The parents should still sue in civil court.