News: Guy Ritchie, Senegal, Matt Foreman, Dubai, Rufus Wainwright

road.jpg Page Six: MSNBC hiring “glam squad” for Rachel Maddow, forcing her to doff glasses, wear skirt?

Lance_laceyroad.jpg Lance Bass and his dance beard Lacey Schwimmer.

road.jpg London hotel records Josh Hartnett on sex tape.

road.jpg The Guardian on Guy Ritchie’s ‘gay movie’: “I’ve never seen a gangster thriller punctuated by quite so much homoeroticism. Gerard Butler plays One Two, a rugged beefcake who steals millions of euros from a Russian oligarch and football club owner, Uri Obromavich (Karel Roden). When One Two is not tied to the bed and tortured by Uri’s humourless Soviet henchmen – stripped down to their leather pouches – he is being hit on by his best friend and fellow gang member, Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy).” Madonna and Guy glam it up at premiere…

road.jpg Gay couple turned away from guesthouse in South Africa.

road.jpg Senegal jails Belgian retiree and Senegalese partner for marrying in Belgium.

road.jpg Lesbians jailed for kissing on beach in Dubai: “The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the one-month jail sentence handed down by a lower court to the women, a 30-year-old Lebanese national and a 36-year-old Bulgarian who both pleaded not guilty, 7Days newspaper said. Prosecutors had charged the women with kissing, groping each other and “indecent acts in public,” the paper said, adding that this was the first case of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven states including Dubai.”

Foremanroad.jpg Former NGLTF Chairman Matt Foreman marries partner Francisco Adex De León in San Francisco: ” Mr. De León, 46, is the owner and president of FADesign, a graphic design firm in New York. He graduated from the University of Houston. He is a son of Josefina De León and Francisco A. De León of Houston. Mr. Foreman, 53, is the director of gay and immigrant rights programs at the Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund in San Francisco.”

road.jpg NYT Poll of Republican delegates: “The only surprising finding was that 6 percent believe in gay marriage and 43 percent believe in civil unions for gay couples, compared to 46 percent who believe there should be no legal recognition. Thus more Republican delegates support some kind of domestic partnership for gay couples than oppose it.”

Radclifferoad.jpg Daniel Radcliffe on dream role: “I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.”

road.jpg ABC orders gay-inclusive family doc pilot: “Untitled laffer will revolve around a traditional married couple and their three kids; an older guy, his younger wife and their adopted son; and a gay couple who have just adopted an Asian infant.”

road.jpg New York Metropolitan opera turns down French libretto by Rufus Wainwright about day in the life of an opera diva: “The Met reaction turns the tables on the French-speaking world and its increasingly desperate official attempts to stem the global linguistic hegemony of English. ‘Presenting a new opera that is not in English at the Met when it could be in English is an immediate impediment to its potential success with audiences,’ Met manager Peter Gelb told the New York Times. ‘I hoped he would switch over, but he was determined to do it in French,’ he said.”

road.jpg Italy’s security forces to launch association for openly gay officers: “The Open Polis association will launch in the northern Italian city of Bologna on 26 September. Membership is open to gay men and women from the police, the paramilitary Carabinieri and tax police, as well as the army and the air force. ‘For many of us in uniform, the worry is not violent physical attacks, but blatant discrimination, and daily ‘macho’ jokes and language,’ said Open Polis President Nicola Cicchitti, who serves with Italy’s tax police, quoted by Italian daily, Corriere della Sera.”