1. Derrick from Philly says

    “He must be weeping inside constantly”

    Yeah, cryin’ in the toilet aint going to help. Come out in the open and cry!

    Well, you can cry me a river…oh, baby, cry me a river

    I cried a river over you

  2. JeffRob says

    “Yeah, cryin’ in the toilet aint going to help. Come out in the open and cry!”

    You know, Derrick, that’s exactly right. One day maybe this fool will realize that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission, and he could be spending all of this time, energy and money into fighting real injustice from outside the closet.

    How glorious would it be if Larry Craig had an epiphany tonight, came out tomorrow, and went ahead creating the “Fund for Justice”, a fundraising organization to help house, clothe and feed LGBT youth living on the street. Now THAT would be a Fund for Justice.

    Sen Craig, get over your humiliation, forgive yourself, apologize again to your wife and kids for living a lie, apologize again to Idaho for continuing that lie, apologize to the cop for lying to his face and risking his job, and then COME OUT. Your self-respect and honesty are far more important than your political career.

    Not holding my breath, but seriously, it may come sooner than we think. How much public knowledge of his cock-lust can one publicly-self-hating man take?

  3. JJ says

    There’s a special place in hell for anyone who gives him money to fund this absurd legal folly.

    That money could be better spent feeding hungry children around the world — and there are many. That’s what God thinks.

    I appreciate you providing ongoing coverage. I want to know just how low he can sink and just how far down he can drag all those around him in his denial of his hypocrisy.

    He’s a U.S. Senator, as he told the arresting officer. He knew what he was doing when he pleaded guilty. That’s it. Live with the consequences. Does he or anyone close to him believe everything will be all right if he just pursues this?

    Enjoy the time you’ve got left you old fool!